BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 476

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Die stood up from the soft couch, then quickly plunged into Chen Mo’s arms, hugging him tightly, Pouting: "Why did you come?"

"After dealing with Pill Tower, stay with Ya Fei and Xiao Yi Xian for a while." Chen Mo gently rubbed the butterfly's buttocks. There is no concealment.

"Then you know how to come."

Queen Medusa on the bed spoke, as cold as ever.

Chen Mo laughed, without explaining, he picked up the butterfly and lay down beside Queen Medusa, stroking Queen Medusa's belly and said: "It's almost three years, are there any signs of giving birth."

When it comes to Zijin, Queen Medusa is more attentive, saying: "No, I don’t know what’s going on. It stands to reason that three years is enough. During the period, I asked the younger sister to ask Supreme Elder. I have come to diagnose once..."

"What did Supreme Elder say." Chen Mo put his ear on Queen Medusa's belly, trying to hear the baby's movements.

"Supreme Elder said that there are some ancient Magic Beasts, in order to make the bloodline of the fetus stronger, they will choose to let it absorb more essence in the fetus. In addition, some fetuses with strong bloodline should also The stronger the bred."

Queen Medusa thought for a while and said: "So I guess that Zijin may inherit your Ancestral Dragon bloodline."

"Ancestral Dragon bloodline Huh..."

Chen Mo thought, although the Human Sovereign bloodline in his body does not have a complete mastery, it also has genetic probability.

But to know the details, you have to wait until the baby is born.

"Qingmo, how long do you think Zijin was born."

Queen Medusa is pregnant with her, I must be able to feel it more or less.

"I'm not sure, maybe one to two years." Queen Medusa's tone was a little uncertain.

Chen Mo hugged Queen Medusa, but then kissed her again.

Although Queen Medusa has a cold attitude towards Chen Mo on the surface, she did not refuse to kiss him, but responded enthusiastically.

People’s personalities are complex and changeable.

This is particularly prominent and obvious in Queen Medusa.

A second ago, Queen Medusa decided to chill Chen Mo.

Can be a second later.

Forget it, the baby is pregnant, look away.

After the kiss.

"Don't think you're fooling around like this." Queen Medusa said coldly.

Chen Mo: "..."


However, Chen Mo has long been accustomed to Queen Medusa's arrogance and turned around and gave Die a meal After the kiss, Chen Mo put away Queen Medusa's book, and then don't untie Queen Medusa's dress.

Queen Medusa is ashamed to refuse: "Is still pregnant with a baby?"

"Be good, don't be afraid, it won't affect you."

"Then you First and younger sister..."

"It's all the same, besides, you are the sister, you have to take the lead..."

"strictly speaking, she is the sister, I just It's a younger sister."


Hearing this, Die directly has a bad music. Although the nominal sisters have been settled, Die wants to hear Queen Medusa calls her own sister, which is harder than heavenly ascension.

From the day it was set to the present, there are no more than three sentences in total...

Queen Medusa is like this, Chen Mo had no choice but to bully Die.

Die is worthy of Chen Mo's most intimate baby, and she is cooperating with him wholeheartedly.

The butterfly is like a sweet to the heart, the kind that can be melted by a little taste.

Queen Medusa is a sugar wrapped in ice. After it has been frozen, it has a layer of icing. When you eat the sugar, you will taste the sour first, and then the sweet. Then it gets sweeter and sweeter. When you feel the sweetness and greasiness, the sour taste suddenly emerges, which stimulates you.


In two hours.

The two sisters lie sorely in Chen Mo's arms, one on the left and one on the left.

Chen Mo tightened his arms, and his face was filled with happy smiles. At this moment, there was only one thought in his mind, that is, he must guard the beautiful people around him.

One can't be less...


The next day, the morning light began to show.

The sunlight coming in from the window awakened the men and women between the curtains.

Chen Mo opened his eyes and turned his head to look, Queen Medusa leaned on her arm, to close eyes was sleeping quietly, and there was still a bit of blush on her face, the right hand five fingers and Chen Mo's left hand five fingers buckle.

Since pregnancy, Queen Medusa's sleepiness has been a common occurrence, not to mention that she was bullied by Chen Mo last night for a while. At this moment, she is so tired that she doesn't want to get up.

Chen Mo tilted his head and glanced, then looked back towards the butterfly on the other side.

Die was holding Chen Mo's arm, squeezing her courage, and woke up a long time ago, but noticed that Chen Mo was looking over, and hurriedly closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Morning is when a man is most energetic.

Queen Medusa can't stand the toss, Chen Mo had to wake up the butterfly...



Gu Realm.

Chen Mo won the Pill Competition in one fell swoop, and it was only the news that he was twenty-eight years old, and it was naturally passed to Gu Clan.

Because Chen Mo was young, and also the Chairman Xuan Kong who killed Pill Tower, there was an uproar in Gu Clan.

Even their Clan Leader sometimes sighed:

"This innate talent, even Xun'er, is inferior."

"Unfortunately, it would be nice if he was from Gu Clan."


In a beautiful pavilion in Pill Realm, one of them has been completely revealed as an allure The woman in the posture looked towards the direction of Pill Region, muttered:

"Have you grown to this point?"

"It seems that Xun'er has to work hard, too , Or you will be left behind."

"I have completely disconnected from Xiao Yan big brother. In a few days Heaven Tomb will be turned on, Xiao Yan big brother will come to Heaven Tomb to end Gu The agreement between Clan and Xiao Clan. At that time, Xun'er will have nothing to do with him..."


Northwest region.

After a year of fermentation, the news that Chen Mo won the Pill Competition was also spread throughout this area.

Hidden the Snake-People Tribe somewhere in this area. After hearing this news, the whole clan celebrated and cheered for many days.

On a back cliff of the Snake-People Tribe, a tall and plump woman, jade hand gently stroked her slightly raised belly, a gust of wind blowing, purple skirt The pendulum flew slightly, not knowing what was thinking.


Tian She Empire.

"Palace Lord, Lu Man, White Fang, thank you for your cultivation of Qing Lin over the years. Qing Lin keeps it in his heart and will never forget it."

In the middle, the young girl in Tsing Yi wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and left the place where she had been nurturing for several years.

"Dragon, after all, is going to take off. She doesn't belong to this place, Central Plain is the stage where she travels."

Upon the high buildings, the palace lord of Heaven Snake House looked at The azure robed girl's back gradually disappeared, and she couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

"Hey, how many years have passed since, didn't expect, he is already a Tier Eight Alchemist, such an innate talent, he does have the charm that Saintess will never forget." Lu Man faintly said.

"We have stayed in this place long enough, when will we go to Central Plain to break through?"

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