BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 477

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After Chen Mo came out of Queen Medusa's room, he planned to find Song Qingjun and the others, and planned to accompany them one by one.

But I didn't realize it, I ran into sisters Han Yue and Han Xue on the way.

Han Yue wore a light cyan tunic long skirt, his face was like a silver plate, his eyes were like water apricots, and his lips were jade cheeks, and his silver hair was draped over his shoulders, making him slim.

Han Xue wears a white dress, her dark hair is tied into a wishful bun, and only a plum blossom white jade hairpin is inserted. Although simple, it looks fresh, elegant, beautiful and alluring.

The two sisters have their own autumn colors. They walked together to make Chen Mo's eyes shine.

The two sisters bumped into Chen Mo and were also taken aback. They looked at Chen Mo, and the two girls seemed to think of something, and their faces blushed inexplicably.

"It's only been a long time since I saw you, your two sisters are a lot more beautiful."

Chen Mo didn't feel embarrassed and walked over.

Feeling Chen Mo’s breath approaching, the sisters’ heartbeats speeded up, and they were a little nervous. They lowered their heads subconsciously, pinched the skirts tightly, and blushed a little hot, and they whispered softly. Original poster.

"What's the matter with you, am I so scared?"

Chen Mo came to the two sisters, laughed, and immediately said: "You don't need to call me the host, just talk to Ya Fei is the same as them. Just call my name."

" does this work." Han Xue didn't know what happened. Meeting Chen Mo in North Sky City before will not look like Like this, but after coming to Sacred Pill City, she felt that her courage had become smaller.

"Why can't this work?" After looking around, Chen Mo gave Han Xue "Yeah", put her in his arms, raised her chin, and said warmly: "Since Coming to Sacred Pill City, doesn’t it mean that you have made up your mind? Why are you still so shy?"

The strong man breath assaults the senses, Han Xue heard Chen Mo's words again, and his whole body suddenly He was soft, and he was helpless in Chen Mo's arms, his face was red as blood, and he couldn't say a word.

Han Yue next to him saw Chen Mo holding the younger sister in his arms. He was a little shocked. Although he had already expected it in his heart, when it came, he was still a little unexpected. and.

"Where do you live?" Chen Mo asked.

"Huh? Ask me?" Han Yue looked at Chen Mo.

"en. "

"It's on the eighth floor of Pill Tower..." Han Yue hesitated.

"I came to you that night, remember to wash for nothing."

Pinching Han Xue's buttock and chin, Chen Mo smiled and loosened it when he felt the softness coming from it. Had Han Xue and left.

Han Yue and Han Xue are left in place with surprised faces.

For Han Yue and Han Xue, Chen Mo just felt like the settlement of a transaction. Chen Mo didn’t plan to spend a lot of time to cultivate feelings, but like a dessert after a meal, simply Just a taste of the income in the harem.

After all, if every woman wants to treat Queen Medusa like that, then Chen Mo will be exhausted.


Wen Qingwan’s room.

Wen Qingwan learned from Ya Fei that Chen Mo had left the customs, so she prepared a bucket of hot water to wash it.

After Ning Shuang'er learned that Wen Qingwan had become Chen Mo's woman, her thoughts were tangled, and after she figured it out, she lived with Wen Qingwan.

She just woke up and saw her aunt in the bath. Without much thought, she took off her dress and stepped into the barrel.

She didn’t wash it yesterday. At the moment, seeing her aunt seriously washing for nothing, she hesitated a little and asked: "Auntie, are you going out later?"

We all know each other's affairs, and at this moment we are honest with each other. Wen Qingwan didn't conceal it. She gently lifted the splash and poured it on her conscience, saying: "Chen Mo is out."

Ning Shuang'er understood immediately, glanced at the sunlight in the window, and said, "Auntie, are you going to go to bed in broad daylight?"

Such direct words directly made Wen Qingwan a blushing face. Coughed, and said: "Are you going?"


Ning Shuang'er hasn't seen Chen Mo for a long time, and the two of them also confirmed their joy. I miss it a bit, but after all, I haven't been eaten as cleanly as my aunt. If this is followed, it must be eaten up.


Wen Qingwan glanced at her niece with a smile, leaned forward and teased:

"Let’s go together. , Didn’t he promise you that he will eat you when he gets married? Nothing will happen."

Ning Shuang'er pursed her mouth, a little moved, but if she really followed , Even if you haven’t been eaten, you’ll be stripped: "Forget it, auntie, go, and I’ll go back to sleep later."

"Let’s go, let Chen Mo relax you Click."


"Husband is not with you?" Wen Qingwan was taken aback when she heard Die's words.

"You go to Ya Fei younger sister to see, maybe it's her." Die said with a slight smile.


"Not with you either."

Looking at Ya Fei's room, there is no Chen Mo's voice, Wen Qingwan is frowned.

"You must have gone to Qingjun, where will you go to see her."



Chen Mo was in Song Qingjun’s room. The two nephews and nephew walked through the corridor and stopped in front of the door. Wen Qingwan listened to the door. There was no movement inside. When he was about to knock on the door, the door suddenly Open.

At the sound of the two "Ah", a big hand pulled them in.

In the room, Song Qingjun, cos lying on the bed with Liu Erlong, saw Wen Qingwan and Ning Shuang'er come in, his face flushed with a sigh, and he pulled over the thin blanket next to him. On one's own body.

"Why are you here?"

While Chen Mo was putting on silk stockings for Song Qingjun, he heard the sound of footsteps outside the door, so he went out and put The two pulled in.

The blush on the cheeks of the two can hardly hide the blush on the cheeks. Wen Qingwan came to Chen Mo dilly-dallying. It was a coincidence that she was tall, and she raised her head slightly and kissed Chen Mo, showing it with her actions. Her purpose.

To this point, Chen Mo naturally gave a strong response.

After a while, he peeled off Wen Qingwan's eggshell and threw her on the bed.

Ning Shuang'er didn't dare to look at it, she opened her eyes and glanced at the sound, her face suddenly became redder:

"Well, I'll come here... walk away, you guys Busy."

After speaking, I plan to slip away.

Chen Mo directly sealed the space in this room, said with a smile: "I’ve come here, so anxiously walk around! Let’s watch by the side so that Qing Wan can give it to you Give some experience."

"Huh?" Ning Shuang'er didn't react for a while, and when she saw the next scene, her face suddenly blushed.

"You guys are shameless."


That’s what I said in my mouth, I also covered my eyes with my hands, but the actual situation is, Ning Shuang'er opened her hand a bit, looking through the gap between her fingers, her face became redder and red.

As soon as Chen Mo picked her up, she didn't respond until she was thrown on the bed by Chen Mo.

Ning Shuang'er was shocked, and said: "You promised me, three media and six certificates will marry me after entering the door, and then you will be round...the room."

"Don't worry, I have a count." Chen Mo stroked Ning Shuang'er's delicate cheeks, said with a slight smile.

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