BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 478

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I have to say that after the breakthrough Supreme, Chen Mo’s body has been fully sublimated, even though he experienced Xiao Yi Xian, Ya Fei, Butterfly, Queen Medusa last night, and now Wen Qingwan, Song Qingjun, Chen Mo still feel full of energy, with endless energy.

Chen Mo stayed with the three daughters until night fell before Chen Mo left.

Then follow the address given by Han Yue, moved towards their room.


In the brightly lit room, Han Yue Han Xue is wearing a creamy white satin nightdress.

The two sisters were a little fidgeted sitting on the steps of the room, breathing slightly, and the bulging skirts followed up and down.

Two hours ago, the two sisters had washed their bodies white, and after a little dressing and dressing, they sat down till now.

"Sister, are you...are you nervous?" Han Xue took a deep breath and asked.

"No, I'm not nervous."

Han Yue, who is the eldest daughter of Huanghua, has no emotional experience. How can she not be nervous when she learns that Chen Mo is coming back tonight.

"I...not nervous." Han Xue glanced at the window with a trembling sound, and then said: "Sister, it's already... it's dark."


"Will he come?"


"Crunch... "

Suddenly, the door suddenly opened, and seeing Chen Mo coming in, the two lovable bodies of the sisters suddenly tightened, and the jade hand tightened the corners of the nightgown.

Chen Mo saw the appearance of the sisters and said with a smile: "Don't be so nervous, relax."

However, these words made the sisters even more nervous.


"Come here, accompany me for a drink and chat."

Although I plan to eat two sisters tonight, Seeing the nervousness of the two women, Chen Mo decided to take his time and took out two cans of fruit wine from the Storage Ring, said.

The two sisters walked over, but they walked across from Chen Mo.

"Don't be afraid, take out the courage that you were in front of me at the beginning and say that I will give me sleep." Chen Mo said with a smile.

Hearing this, the two sisters remembered how they were undressing in front of Chen Mo, their faces instantly reddened to the roots of their ears, and there was no sign of spreading toward their necks.

"Come, sit here."

Two places beside Chen Mo patted.

Han Xue didn't move, but glanced at her sister.

Han Yue took a deep breath, after some internal conditioning, thinking that he had already lost his heart, Han Yue got up and walked over and sat down next to Chen Mo’s right hand: "Chen. .. Chen Mo, I'll pour you wine."

"Is this right? This is the chance to look like Han Da Young Miss." Chen Mo directly put his right hand on Han Yue's beautiful leg Go up, caress gently, pick up the wine glass with his left hand, and take a sip of the fruit wine.

Han Yue's body suddenly tightened, feeling like ants crawling across his body. He straightened up and said to Han Xue: "younger sister, don't come here soon."


Seeing my sister taking the lead, Han Xue had no choice but to sit down and sat down on Chen Mo's left hand, but when she saw the big hand on her sister's leg, his face was sigh. It's red at once.

Before waiting for what she thought, Chen Mo's left hand was also placed on her lap, gently stroking.

Like Han Yue, Han Xue’s body stiffened a bit, but she said: "Don’t... Different."

Chen Mo seems to have not heard Similarly, he made a slap in the face of Han Yue.

Han Yue understood, took the Chen Mo wine glass, and handed it to Chen Mo's mouth.

Chen Mo took a sip and said to Han Xue: "Xue Er, pour the wine."


Such an intimate title, let Han Xue's heart trembled.

Chen Mo smiled and said: "Yue Er, give me wine, Xue Er, you will get me wine."

"Oh..." Han Xue's reaction arc was a bit big .

After pouring the wine, Chen Mo said again: "Xue Er, let me drink it first."


I have been drinking for three rounds.

Everything next is so where water flows, a canal is formed.


In the next half a month, Chen Mo will be women who match her.

After half a month, Chen Mo pacified the girls and Chen Mo retreats again.

In the secret room, Chen Mo sat down and took out a jade bottle from the Storage Ring, which contained the soul of the earth, which was a must for Chen Mo to break through to the Heaven Stage .

Chen Mo took out the medicinal cauldron again, the heart of the earth and the soul of the earth are combined with some Heaven and Earth Treasure to achieve the best effect.

Flame arises and throws in the medicinal cauldron into Heaven and Earth Treasure. After time it takes to burn a stick of incense, Chen Mo throws into the soul of the earth.

In one hour.

Chen Mo swallowed the blended earth heart and soul marrow into his mouth, running the chaos meditation technique, and stepping into the Heaven Stage.

Time passes day by day.

During this period, Die, Queen Medusa and Xiao Yi Xian stepped into Dou Zun in turn.

For Queen Medusa, who is pregnant and has little cultivation, steps into Dou Zun, the women are a little weird.

You can step into Dou Zun while lying down, which is too fucking.

As for Xiao Yi Xian, condensing Wan poison pearl, she can swallow poison without restraint for cultivation, and she doesn't need to deliberately slow down the cultivation speed like before.

So for her, cultivation is like eating.

Dan Chen and Qing Hua made a large number of Medicinal Pills for the Ink Studio during this time, and they have contributed to the Ink Studio. Therefore, they became the core Elder of the Ink Studio. Law.

In addition to these good news, there are also some bad news. Xuan Yi, one of the Big Three, used his power in Pill Tower to expel all the people in the Pill Tower.

Queen Medusa and the others are Chen Mo’s family members, they have not been expelled, but Ning Shuang’er, Mo Ye, Mo Yue, Han Yue, Han Xue, and who have not yet been placed on the surface Chen Mo's friends Zi Yan and Xiong Zhan were kicked out of Pill Tower.

In addition to these, Xuan Yi will also embarrass people related to Chen Mo in other aspects.

Because Xuan Yi is in charge of medicinal ingredients, Xiao Yi Xian applied for some lethal poison medicinal ingredients, which was rejected by Xuan Yi.

This is within the rules, and Elder of the small Pill Tower does not care.


3 months later.

A huge soul force surged out violently from the inside of Pill Tower. It spread so fast that within a few breaths, it enveloped the entire Sacred Pill City.

Because of the strength of soul, people under Spirit Stage or Dou Zun are not aware of this soul power and can only be probed by this soul power.

"This Husband." Die instantly noticed it.

There are only Queen Medusa and Xiao Yi Xian, the former muttered: "Has he reached the Heaven Stage?"


The mountainside of Pill Tower.

A beautiful woman in a cheongsam who was to close eyes cultivation noticed this powerful soul power, her complexion suddenly changed, and her voice trembled and said, "Heaven...Heaven Stage, what? Maybe, how old he is."

Little Pill Tower.

Supreme Elder and the six Elders of the small Pill Tower gathered together and sipped tea.

Suddenly a powerful soul force was used, and the six Elders suddenly stood up, shocked and said: "Heaven Stage soul..."

Supreme Elder felt a turn. Immediately he was surprised and said: "He has been promoted to Heaven Stage."


"Who else do you think?"

"Chen Mo?"


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