BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 479

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The powerful soul power covers the entire Sacred Pill City.

The powerhouses in the city are all guessing about who this soul power comes from.

There are still some powerhouses who cannot bear their curiosity. They also rushed to explore with soul power, but they were crushed by a powerful soul power just when they approached the periphery of Pill Tower.

They suffered from backlash, and they vomited blood suddenly.

In a restaurant, Zi Yan and Xiong Zhan who were expelled from Pill Tower lived here.

Xiong Zhan felt such a powerful soul power, and was surprised: "It's the soul breath of the Chen Mo brother."

"Where is his breakthrough?" Zi Yan's In his eyes, a touch of surprise passed.


In the secret room.

Everything in Sacred Pill City is in Chen Mo's eyes. If Chen Mo wants to, he can easily squeeze a powerhouse below the peak.

This feeling is like a big fish running in the water.

After experiencing the power of Heaven Stage Soul, Chen Mo thought, Golden Crow between the eyebrows lighted up, Chen Mo slowly recovered his soul power.

"It’s been so long. It’s more than the time I promised. It’s time to refine the Divine Pill for Zi Yan."

slowly opened his eyes, Chen Mo took a deep breath, raise your palm with a light wave.

Suddenly, a medicinal cauldron of scarlet fell heavily in front of Chen Mo.

Divine Pill is Tier Nine Medicinal Pill.

Tier Nine Medicinal Pill is divided into Precious Pill, Black Pill and Golden Core.

And Divine Pill is at the level of Tier Nine Precious Pill.

With Chen Mo's current Heaven Stage soul, it can be refined.

As for the medicinal ingredient, I had it all at Pill Realm before.

The rays of light flashed between Chen Mo's fingers, and the next moment, continuous medicinal ingredient flew away from the Storage Ring, suspended around Chen Mo's body, with thousands of species.

flicks with the finger, a black and purple flame suddenly rose from between Chen Mo's fingers and moved towards medicinal cauldron.


The Three Thousand Raging Fire fell into the medicinal cauldron, and suddenly burned, and the fiery temperature instantly filled the entire secret room.

According to the steps of the Demon Sacred Pill Code, Chen Mo put in the medicinal ingredient blindly.


The moment the medicinal ingredient fell into the flame, the Three Thousand Raging Fire suddenly soared and swallowed the medicinal ingredient.

The power of soul is surging, Chen Mo always controls the temperature of the flame, and his spirit is also highly concentrated.

This is the refining of Tier Nine Medicinal Pill, Chen Mo dare not care for a moment.

If you care about it, it is possible to fry the stove.

The fryer ruined the medicinal ingredient, and Chen Mo had to look for the medicinal ingredient.

It takes time again, so Chen Mo tries his best to make a successful refining.

Because it is the first time to refine Tier Nine Medicinal Pill.

In terms of timing, it must be longer than Tier Eight Medicinal Pill.

Soon, a month has passed.


Gu Clan.

Gu Realm.

"The place where Heaven Tomb opened is in the depths of the Ancient Holy mountain range. It is generally considered a forbidden area in Gu Clan. Normally, it is not allowed to enter. But according to the agreement between me and Xiao Xuan, in the future, Xiao Family The descendants of here are all eligible to enter Heaven Tomb. Therefore, today I specially opened Heaven Tomb, Xiao Yan, you can go in."

Gu Yuan looked at the black robe youth in front of him, slowly said.

Xiao Yan is just nodded, moved towards Heaven Tomb in exchange for walking out.

Gu Yuan reminded:

"Heaven Tomb also has dangers. There are countless ancient powerhouses buried there. Although their souls have long disappeared, they are due to Heaven Tomb. The magic of the earth, so their energy before alive is transformed into their previous appearance. These energy bodies have extremely strong offensive power, and they also know the Dou Technique during their lifetime, which is quite difficult to deal with..."

Xiao Yan's step one stopped, and then continued to walk forward, and gradually disappeared from Gu Yuan's eyes.

"Okay, Xun'er, come out." Gu Yuan said, looking at Xiao Yan's back.

"father." A stunning and beautiful figure walked out from behind Gu Yuan.

"didn't expect, that piece of Tuo She Ancient Emperor's Jade is really on him, Xun'er, is your news well informed."

Gu Yuan looked at his hand Tuo She Ancient Emperor's Jade from Xiao Yan, muttered.

Although according to the agreement between him and Xiao Xuan, the descendants of Xiao Family can indeed enter Heaven Tomb, but opening Heaven Tomb in advance requires a certain price.

So according to the news from Xun'er, Gu Yuan had to leave a piece of the jade pendant in Xiao Yan's hand that was uploaded by the ancestor.

"Secret." Xun'er laughed, of course she wouldn't tell her Chen Mo.

"You this girl..."


It's another month in the past.

Pill Tower.

In the past few days, the Heaven and Earth energy of Pill Tower has rioted from time to time, and there is even a strong pill lingering around Pill Tower, making everyone in Pill Tower inwardly startled in one's heart.

What kind of Medicinal Pill is this refining that can cause such a turbulent Dou Qi riot.

Under everyone's speculation, half a month's time is fleeting in the blink of an eye.

In the square of Sacred Pill City.

"Li Ling!"


"You are in charge of the medicine field of Tingzi No.17 in Tazhong." Xuan Yi took a roster and looked One Tier Six Alchemist among dozens of Pill Tower Core Disciple on the square said.

"Yes." A woman named Li Ling replied with a respectful voice.

"Wang Kui!"


"You are responsible for the cultivation task of ambergris in medicine field No. 7 in the tower."



Xuan Yi just finished speaking, a loud and loud noise rang out in the sky, and immediately everyone felt that this piece of Heaven and Earth seemed to be dark all of a sudden After coming down, the clouds quickly condensed from all directions in the sky.

"This is Lei Yun!"

"Which adults made this Lei Yun really strong coercion?"

"What is that? Pill Thunder, why is Lei Yun the color of pitch black?"

This condensed cloud layer is not gray, but an extremely deep Darkness color.

Black clouds fill the sky, and there is no sound of thunder in it, but when people look at the clouds that are so deep that the line of sight can be sucked in, it seems that even the soul is at this moment. Shaking slightly.

Seeing this scene, many people's pupils shrink slightly, a kind of horrified thought, rise in the mind.

Xuan Yi's body trembled slightly at this moment, and said in shock: "Black...Magic Thunder..."


Square The crowd on the dísciple was shocked.

black demonic thunder, that is the iconic Tier Nine Medicinal Pill.

Only the refining of Tier Nine Medicinal Pill can trigger the black demonic thunder.

As for the entire Pill Tower, only Supreme Elder can refine Tier Nine Medicinal Pill.

"Could it be that Supreme Elder is refining pills..." someone said, and most people agreed.

But Xuan Yi doesn't think so. Recently, Chen Mo is the only person who refining pills at Pill Tower.

And this caused the black demonic thunder, it is most likely that he...

He was promoted to the soul Heaven Stage, and he has this ability to refine the Tier Nine Medicinal Pill.

Little Pill Tower.

"black demonic thunder...I haven’t seen it for many years."

Supreme Elder in linen, lifts the head at this moment, looking at the sky Seed a strange black cloud, surprised.

"Chen Mo again?"



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