BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 480

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The six Elders of Little Pill Tower are all sucked in a cold breath. Among them, Second Elder of Little Pill Tower said: "This guy is a pervert. If you are an ordinary person, how can you just Once you reach the Soul Heaven Stage, you can refine the Tier Nine Medicinal Pill."

This sentence is recognized by the remaining elders.

Supreme Elder within both eyes flashed a gleam, and slowly said: "This innate talent, even the Old Ancestor back then, can't reach it!"

"Pill Tower rise greatly ..."


Sacred Pill City, Cao Family Manor.

As a Tier Eight Alchemist, Cao Ying is naturally familiar with the huge Lei Yun above the Pill Tower, and she secretly surprised: "black demonic thunder! Supreme Elder is refining pills again?"

Dan Clan Manor.

Dan Clan's Family Head looked at the thick and deep black cloud, frowned, and said solemnly: "It turned out to be a black demonic thunder, isn't Supreme Elder without refining pills for many years?"

"Is this the legendary black demonic thunder?"

Sacred Pill City is the place where Alchemist gathers. The most indispensable is Alchemist, as an Alchemist , I still have some understanding of all kinds of Pill Thunder.

These information will be recorded in the classics of Alchemist learning.

So it is natural to understand what the black demonic thunder represents.

Somewhere in the Pill Region.

On a mountain that soars into the sky.

"This breath demonic thunder."

"Weird, it wasn't made by the old fellow..."


The appearance of the black demonic thunder made the entire Sacred Pill City boiling.

Countless people walked out of the house. They will have to take a look at that time. Who will cause the black demonic thunder?

The black clouds are constantly squirming, an extremely terrifying destruction energy, slowly permeating out, this energy is so powerful that it can even destroy a 9-Star powerhouse.

The entire space between Heaven and Earth is silent, there is no sound of thunder, and the darkness is oppressive, which makes people feel depressing and terrifying.

Along with the continuous squirming of the black clouds, about ten minutes later, the center of the cloud suddenly cracked a circular cavity slowly. In the cavity, there was still a dark appearance, as if the most It's like a deep black hole.

At the moment when this black hole appeared, as if the end had come, the entire Sacred Pill City was plunged into Darkness, a monstrous breath like destroying heaven and extinguishing earth, and there was nothing from the black hole. The reservations swept out.

At the same time.


In the black hole, a black lightning with the thickness of a thigh violently shot out, and then quietly struck the Pill Tower below. .

Although the lightning is black, it still brings a little light to this piece of Heaven and Earth.

Looking at the black lightning whose Dao Body is not very large, the Alchemists around Pill Tower looked shocked and hurriedly avoided.

Even Xuan Yi avoided it.

Just when the black lightning is about to hit Pill Tower.

A silhouette broke out of the tower. He was wearing a scarlet Battle Armor, holding a black long sword, and rushing up against the black lightning.



"Chen Mo!"

"It turned out to be him!"

One after another There was a panic sound, and when everyone saw the true face of this silhouette, it immediately exploded.

"Isn’t he a Tier Eight Alchemist? How could he provoke Tier Nine Pill Thunder!"

"Oh my God! This is incredible. How long has passed since you can Refining Tier Nine Medicinal Pill."

At this moment, everyone's eyes are about to pop out of their sockets.

Those people think that this black demonic thunder should be caused by Supreme Elder of Pill Tower.

But it is never expected that it was Chen Mo who caused this Pill Thunder.

"How is it possible?"

Cao Ying looked at Chen Mo's silhouette with shock on her face.

Tier Nine Alchemist, is already at the top of this world.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that as long as you can find all the medicinal ingredients, most of the Medicinal Pill and Tier Nine Alchemist can be refined.

At the same time, Tier Nine Alchemist's influence is huge.

If one of the forces has Tier Nine Alchemist, it can even be pulled to the powerhouse.

After all, only Tier Nine Alchemist can refine the Medicinal Pill that the powerhouse needs.

And this piece of Tier Nine Alchemist between Heaven and Earth, all added together, do not exceed the number of hands.

This shows the status of Tier Nine Alchemist.

At this moment, Chen Mo is in their eyes.

It’s God!


This moment.

Chen Mo and black demonic thunder have been hard to shake together.


Above the sky, terrifying energy storm is raging crazily, and the space within thousand zhang is turned into pitch black in this brief moment , The space here has already collapsed under that kind of terrifying collision.

The terrifying energy is beyond the grasp of Dou Zun.

Looking at this scene, most people's complexions changed drastically. Even though they have lived for so many years, encounters of this level are still rarely seen. Everyone knows. Be involved in this kind of energy storm.

With their strength, no more than three breaths, they will even explain to the soul together.

"He even dared to fight the black demonic thunder."

Many powerhouses saw this scene and were muttered in astonishment.

Above the sky, the raging energy storm lasted for ten minutes, and then gradually receded.

Although the black demonic thunder is powerful, there are not many in number. Therefore, after a flash of lightning was shot, the thick Lei Yun in the sky slowly dissipated.

When the sun shines again on the earth.

A silhouette wearing a white robe, standing in the air holding a sword, with black hair scattered on his shoulders, although the breeze is flying between Heaven and Earth.


Sacred Pill City is boiling.

Looking at that silhouette in the sky, everyone cheered.

Just then.

A stream of light burst out from the Pill Tower, and finally, under the cover of the flaming flame, it dashed towards the sky.

If you have a sharp-eyed powerhouse, you can definitely see the round Medicinal Pill wrapped in the stream of light.

"Tier Nine Medicinal Pill!"

Many powerhouses are breathing quickly.

If it weren't for Chen Mo's strength, I'm afraid I can't help but grab it at this moment.

"Want to run?"

Just when the stream of light just swept out, Chen Mo put away the long sword, and the stature flashed, it was like ghost-like Before appearing in the stream of light, I opened my big hand and grabbed it.

“roar! ”

Faced with Chen Mo’s grasp, the stream of light swelled rapidly, and in a blink of an eye, it turned into a huge gigantic beast, huge With a violent sound of breaking wind from his paws, he slapped Chen Mo with a slap.

Tier Nine Medicinal Pill, spirituality is extremely strong, can be turned into Pill Beast.

If it escapes, it can still self-cultivation. If there is enough chance in the future, it is possible to set foot in the realm of fighting.

But now, it is not Chen Mo's opponent.


Chen Mo clenched his fist and bumped it against him, the hideous gigantic beast suddenly called out pitifully, and the huge body quickly flew out.

Seeing it fly upside down, Chen Mo grabbed it directly with seal art, as easy as blowing off dust, and grabbed it in his hands.

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