BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 481

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The Medicinal Pill is suspended above Chen Mo's palm. Layers of pill fog diffuses from the Medicinal Pill, rippling around it, and it looks extraordinarily magical.

After receiving this Divine Pill, Chen Mo only slowly fell from the sky.


Sacred Pill City.

With Lei Yun's retreat, everyone whispered and talked about Chen Mo's refining of Tier Nine Medicinal Pill.

Everyone knows that once this event spreads today, Chen Mo will be pushed to a new height.

As for Chen Mo, who is himself, it is naturally clear.

After landing, Chen Mo called Ya Fei to spread the news that he could help people refine Tier Nine Medicinal Pill.

The condition is that those with realm of Peak and above should prepare their own medicinal ingredient, become the Guest Official Elder of the Ink Studio, and stay in the Ink Studio for five years.

For this level of powerhouse, five years is nothing but a closed time.

"Well, I will tell the Elders to send the news." Ya Fei said.

Chen Mo nodded, immediately asked: "By the way, Zi Yan is gone, why didn't I see her in Pill Tower?"

"She was expelled by Pill Tower Go out." Ya Fei didn't conceal it, and said: "Not only she, Han Yue, Han Xue and others have also been driven out of Pill Tower."

Hearing this, Chen Mo frowned: "This What the hell is going on?"

Ya Fei thought for a while and told the whole story.

"Xuan Yi..."

Chen Mo eyes slightly narrowed up, she didn't trouble her, but she came to trouble herself.

"Understood, I will solve this matter." Chen Mo took Ya Fei into his arms and immediately said: "Where does Zi Yan live now? I have something to find her."



Fuquan restaurant.

Chen Mo is now in Sacred Pill City, but he is a celebrity, unless he is a newcomer to Sacred Pill City. If not, who does not know Chen Mo in the city?

So when Chen Mo came to the restaurant, it caused a sensation.

"It's Chen Mo!"

"It's really him!"

"I heard that he just made a Tier Nine Medicinal Pill "

"Yes, yes! How come such a great character comes to this little restaurant."

The people in the restaurant discuss spiritedly.

In the room, Zi Yan heard the movement outside, and suddenly opened the door. He looked at Chen Mo downstairs, Lenovo’s black demonic thunder just now, and he must have come to find himself. Chen Mo waved his hand: "I'm here."

Chen Mo was just about to use the power of soul to explore, and when he saw Zi Yan greeted him, he hurriedly moved towards her location and flew away.

Everyone was stunned when they saw that it was a little girl who was wearing a purple clothed, like a porcelain doll.

When Chen Mo and the two entered the room, everyone started talking in low voices.

"Where did that little girl come from?"

"Looking at the age, shouldn't it be Chen Mo's illegitimate daughter or something?"

"Very It is possible that Chen Mo is 28 years old, and this little girl looks like eight or nine years old. It is normal to have a child around 20 years old."

"I can’t live in Pill Tower, Living in a restaurant, let alone, there is a high probability of being an illegitimate daughter."

"No, in his capacity, he can be just and honourable on the surface. How could there be an illegitimate child? Female."

"You don't understand..."


"Chen Mo, why are you here." Although roughly Knowing where Chen Mo came from, Zi Yan still asked something like a scene.

"Originally promised to refine Divine Pill within one year, but I was a bit sorry for the delay."

Chen Mo lifted his palm and spread it out with his fingers. The rays of light of the Storage Ring flashed, and a white jade bottle appeared in his hands: "Fortunately, the refining was successful today, here."

Chen Mo passed the jade bottle over.

Zi Yan didn’t pick it up, but said: “In fact, those medical ingredients of the big guy are not worth a Tier Nine Medicinal Pill.”

“Since I have agreed , There is nothing worthless, and are we friends?" Chen Mo grabbed Zi Yan's hand and put the jade bottle in his hand.

"...friend?" Zi Yan blushed and muttered.

"Well, my friend."

"Thanks...thank you, Chen Mo, you will be my best friend." Zi Yan blinked, earnestly Said.

Chen Mo let go of her hand, laughed, and said nothing.

After pursing his lips, Zi Yan thought for a while, and finally said: "Chen Mo, I have an important thing to tell you."


"Have you heard of the Ancient Void Dragon family?"

"Of course I have heard that, one of the Three Large Clans of the Magic Beast world cream of the crop is also the most mysterious Magic Beast race. "Chen Mo said.

"Actually, I am a member of the Ancient Void Dragon family." Zi Yan said seriously.

"What?" Chen Mo opened his mouth wide, pretending to be surprised.

"Hehe, I was scared. Actually, I only found out after I came to Central Plain. Later, I recovered my memory and remembered that I ate a Body Transformation Grass by mistake. It looks like this now..."

Zi Yan and Barabara talked to Chen Mo.

"Oh, didn't expect, you are still the Royal Clan Bloodline of the Ancient Dragon clan." Chen Mo looked surprised as he had just learned about it.

"Now you can tell me how you learned about my body, right?"

Zi Yan remembers that when he asked him, Chen Mo replied secretly.

"I am Alchemist, and the soul is so strong, I naturally perceive it." Chen Mo said.

"Really?" Zi Yan is still a little suspicious.

"How about it?"

"Well, I believe it." Zi Yan accepted Chen Mo's answer.

"Refining the Divine Pill, I will Custodian for you."

Chen Mo touched Zi Yan's head and said.

Zi Yan nodded, took out a blanket from the Storage Ring and placed it on the ground, then sat up on the spot, opened the jade bottle, a strong fragrance of medicine and majestic Danwei, suddenly Which spilled out.

Chen Mo isolated this room to prevent breath from being detected by the outside.

Took a deep breath, Zi Yan opened his mouth and swallowed Divine Pill into his abdomen.

Suddenly, a severe pain came, causing Zi Yan's body to tremble, and his face was a little distorted.

"Hold on, this is Divine Pill to help you shape your bones."

Chen Mo invented a reason, which is actually the blood essence that Chen Mo dropped in Divine Pill. It worked.

Although it is not the Ancestral Dragon blood essence of the complete mastery, it has a great effect on the middle-level dragon bloodline like Zi Yan.

Zi Yan has a firm expression on his small face, gritted his teeth and perseveres.

Soon, two days passed like this.

In the room, the energy is getting more and more violent, but Zi Yan's breathing is extremely stable, a powerful breath, quietly released during Zi Yan's breath.

Finally, when the time comes to night, when the guests in the restaurant have to rest.

“bang! ”

A powerful breath was released. The room where Zi Yan was located suddenly burst and sawdust fluttering. Although the breath was cut off by Chen Mo, the room was The mortal thing, under this powerful force, exploded.


With a roar, Zi Yan stood up, the dress on his body suddenly burst and opened, and a thick purple light enveloped his whole body.

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