BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 482

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As the purple light dissipated, a slender shadow slowly appeared in front of Chen Mo.

She was impeccable, and Chen Mo was taken in the entire scene all over her body.

But even so, a kind of noble breath that cannot be concealed radiates from her body. Its lovable body is slender, and a long purple hair pouring down like a waterfall, rushing over that Yingyingyi She held her waist, and then dropped to her tender buttocks.

The woman's appearance is extremely beautiful, the original purple eyes, so transformed into purple, mysterious and enchanting, a coercion from the bloodline radiates from the eyes.

Such Zi Yan, from the original little girl, perfectly transformed into a devastatingly beautiful mature elder sister.

In other words, this is what Zi Yan really looks like.

"What happened?"

"Where did it explode?"

Don’t give Chen Mo a lot of appreciation, there is a voice from downstairs, Chen Mo also I heard Xiong Zhan's voice.

When Zi Yan slowly opened his eyes, Chen Mo's palm was slightly bent, and he sucked into the space on the inner side of the bedding, and Chen Mo immediately caught the bedding in his hand.

Chen Mo raised the bedding and wrapped it tightly around Zi Yan.

After that, the people downstairs also walked up.

The room has burst, and Chen Mo and Zi Yan suddenly appeared in everyone's eyes.

Soon, those eyes became indescribable one after another.

There is also a suspicious look in the eyes.

Isn’t this room a little girl living in?

How did you become a devastatingly beautiful beauty?

Where did Chen Mo get it?

"Hurry up!"

Chen Mo's starry eyes condensed, and he screamed immediately. The powerful breath swept out of his body.

Everyone was shocked and hurriedly retreated, but in their minds they were thinking that tomorrow’s talk was available.

The theme is, Pill Competition champion a golden house to keep one's mistress, destroy the house in excitement.

Only Xiong Zhan stayed, staring at Zi Yan wrapped in the bedding dumbstruck, and tentatively said: "Little...little ancestor?"

"Well, yes Me."

Zi Yan is gently nodded, she has changed into a stature now. It seems that her character has become completely different from the past. Indifferently in the cold, there is something like Heaven and Earth. Comparable noble breath.

Xiong Zhan immediately felt a tremor from the depths of the bloodline.

The person in front of me is Zi Yan. That's right.

"little ancestor." Xiong Zhan said.

"Xiong Zhan Uncle, you call me Zi Yan from now on." Zi Yan glanced at Xiong Zhan and said.

After transforming into Yujie, the way of speaking has changed.

"...Yes." Xiong Zhan's tears of excitement almost came out, and Ancient Dragon Island is afraid that a new Dragon Phoenix will be born.

"Xiong Zhan Uncle, I have something to tell Chen Mo." Zi Yan said calmly.

Xiong Zhan immediately understood the meaning and said: "Then I will leave first."

Zi Yan nodded.

After Xiong Zhan left, Zi Yan immediately looked towards Chen Mo, with a bit of chill on his cheeks, and stared directly at Chen Mo's eyes without saying a word.

Chen Mo touched his nose a little awkwardly: "How do you feel?"

"Does it look good?"


"Let me ask you if my body looks good?"

"Cough cough..." Chen Mo coughed, but he is who, with countless women, he is still scared and commented "It’s not bad. If it’s a little bit more meaty, it’s a bit bigger, then it’s perfect."

"Do you like it?"

"What?" Chen Mo scratched Scratching his ears, suspecting that he had heard him wrong.

"Did I say you like it?" Zi Yan said again.

"Uh...I like it. I like a girl who looks good and has a good figure. I like it all."

Be honest. Chen Mo naturally answered honestly.

"Then I will be your woman, OK?"


Hearing this, Chen Mo froze and said: "What are you kidding about?"

"I'm not kidding, don't you like it? And my real age is much older than you." Zi Yan said seriously.

"Are you sure you are Zi Yan?" Chen Mo felt that Zi Yan had changed.

"Of course I am Zi Yan, this is the real word, authentic." Zi Yan said.

"Then why do you want to be my woman?" Chen Mo expressed doubts.

"You are not afraid of the coercion of my bloodline, and I feel a breath of fear and suppression from your body. Your bloodline is restraining me and makes me feel acknowledge allegiance."


Zi Yan stared at Chen Mo's body, as if he wanted to see Chen Mo through.

Ancient Dragon bloodline, in addition to Dou Di bloodline, is the highest bloodline in this world.

"This is the reason why you want to be my woman?"

Although a beauty of Zi Yan's level is to be her own woman, Chen Mo should be happy to be tight, but always You have to ask more clearly.

"This is just one of them, and one more thing. I feel that your blood is of great use to me. I am your woman. How about you give me a breath of blood every day?" Zi Yan said.

Chen Mo: "..."

Good guy, are you going to be a vampire?

"Not very good." Although Zi Yan's proposal is very exciting, Chen Mo is principled.

"Don’t think about it again. I can be the queen of the Ancient Void Dragon clan. In the future, if I become the Dragon Emperor of the Ancient Void Dragon clan, you will make a lot of money."

The reason why she wanted to suck Chen Mo’s blood, when Zi Yan became what she is now, a major mission was on her shoulders. When she was a little girl, she didn’t take it seriously, but now, She felt that this important mission must be accomplished.

That is to unify Ancient Dragon Island.

At present, she has not unified the strength of Ancient Dragon Island, so she wants to become stronger.

"Okay, I promised."

Chen Mo said quickly, he forgot about Zi Yan being the prince of the Ancient Dragon clan, how he planned to deal with The Ancient Void Dragon clan has formed an alliance, so there is no need to worry about it now.

This is Zi Yan's turn, startled, and immediately she took a deep breath, loosened the bedding, slowly closed her eyes, and said: "Come on!"

"Come on What?"

"Be your woman!"

Chen Mo: "..."

Chen Mo slowly walked over.

Aware of Chen Mo's approach, Zi Yan's breathing was hurried. After all, she has no experience in this area and is not nervous, it is impossible.

But the imaginary scene did not happen. Chen Mo took out a robe from Storage Ring and put it on her body, saying: "I'm not so anxious yet. This matter, wait Let's talk about feelings between us."

Zi Yan opened his eyes and looked at Chen Mo in a little astonishment. It stands to reason that this should be a good thing, but he was a little bit disappointed in his heart.

The reason for the loss is that my charm is not enough to attract you...

"Let’s talk about the alliance between the Ancient Dragon family and Ink Studio."


Zi Yan didn't wear Chen Mo's robe, but a thought. As the golden light flickered, a set of Golden Battle Armor enveloped the whole body.

The exquisite and elegant lovable body outlines a beautiful and sexy curve.

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