BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 483

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The tall figure is wrapped in a set of dazzling Golden close-fitting Battle Armor. The Battle Armor is not bloated, it is tightly attached to the exquisite and lovable body, which outlines perfection. And the sexy curve, indifferently temptation, hides a bone-piercing coldness.

That exquisite face, at this moment, was added a touch of moving meaning because of the slightly raised eyebrows.

The look of Zi Yan now reminds Chen Mo of Martial Goddess in the Perfect World animation.

The difference is that Zi Yan's Battle Armor is Golden.

"Yes, make an alliance. I will help you unify the entire Ancient Dragon Island, help you sit in the position of the Dragon Emperor, and then your Ancient Dragon clan will advance and retreat together with my Ink Studio. My enemy is your enemy. Your enemy is my enemy."

After admiring Zi Yan for a few glances, Chen Mo suppressed the impulse in his heart and said slowly.

"Help me unify Ancient Dragon Island? It's a big tone, do you know the enemy I'm going to face?"

Hearing this, Zi Yan said with a smile.

Chen Mo knows it naturally, but it’s certainly not easy to say it face-to-face, so he said: "You can listen to it."

Zi Yan took a deep look at Chen Mo. Immediately, the explanation came slowly: "Since the disappearance of the old Dragon Emperor, thousands of years later, the Ancient Void Dragon clan has split internally due to the impure bloodline of the previous Dragon Emperor.

Island, West Dragon Island, North Dragon Island and South Dragon Island, the leader of the northwest and south is called the dragon king..."

Hearing this, Chen Mo nodded, basically the same as the original.

The only one who respects Zi Yan as the emperor, only East Dragon Island, the three islands in the northwest and south did not take Zi Yan in his eyes.

In the original work, even if Zi Yan became Dragon Phoenix, he still unified the Ancient Dragon island with martial power with the help of Xiao Yan.

"What is the strength of the three islands in the northwest and how many powerhouses are there?"

Chen Mo asked again, he forgot about this.

"There are more than ten Half Sage powerhouses. The three dragon kings are all 2-Star Middle Phase, and the Great Commander of Mishima are all 1-star Fighting Saints, so we have to count it, 20. Right?"

Zi Yan said with a solemn expression.

"It's all Dousheng Initial Phase? Is one of Middle Phase and Late Phase?"

Zi Yan shook the head: "Since the disappearance of the old Dragon Emperor, Ancient Dragon Island It’s gone. The Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan that we used as food is not afraid of us anymore."

Hearing this, Chen Mo wanted to tell her where father is, but one doesn’t know how to explain it, and the other is There is no complete Tuo She Ancient Emperor's Jade, nor can it be released, so he did not say, "If this is the case, it is not difficult to help you rule the Ancient Dragon Island."


Chen Mo said with a smile on his chest: "I am now one of the giants of Pill Tower, and I am also a Tier Nine Alchemist. When the news spreads, I will win over a few initial phases. I think it is still possible, and then we will develop for a while and unify the Ancient Dragon Island. It is just around the corner."

Hearing this, Zi Yan raised his eyebrows, and the waves in the beautiful eyes flowed, and immediately said, "Okay." "

"Then it's settled. Let's go, I'll change your place for you."


Chen Mo put Zi Yan and Xiong Zhan still arranged to come to Pill Tower.

In the room, after Chen Mo discussed the details of the alliance with Zi Yan, he stretched his arm to Zi Yan’s mouth and said: "Come on."


"Aren't you going to suck blood?"

"But I haven't become your woman yet?"

"Pay in advance."


"Are you not afraid that I will regret it then?"

"I believe you."

Hearing this, Zi Yan startled, after a moment of stunned face, A moving smile appeared, like the warm spring sun, bright and moving, and immediately covered my mouth lightly said with a smile: "I finally know why there are so many beautiful women around you."

" Why?"

"Because I realized that I actually like you a little bit now."

After finishing speaking, he bit Chen Mo's arm and sucked.

Chen Mo: "..."

The feeling is itchy, but there is no pain.

The cool evening breeze blew in from the window, Zi Yan's long hair fluttered and flicked on Chen Mo's face, very comfortable.

A few minutes later, Zi Yan let go of Chen Mo's arm, raised his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, glanced at the color of the blood, and said: "You really have a big secret hidden in your body."

Chen Mo laughed, did not explain anything, but got up and said: "You are refining, I will leave first."

"Do you really want me now?" Zi Yan Staring into Chen Mo's eyes, he said seriously.

"Following the previous sentence, wait until we have feelings between us."

After speaking, Chen Mo turned and walked out the door.



As soon as Chen Mo turned around, a fragrant breeze hits, and then a soft lips The petals are printed on his lips.

Touching points.

Zi Yan's face was slightly red, with a shy gleam in her eyes, and said: "Okay, you can go...wu wu..."

Chen Mo gave a hug He stayed on Zi Yan's thin waist and kissed it.

When the other party was about to suffocate, he didn't let go of her: "I will charge the interest first."

After speaking, Chen Mo left with a big laugh.

Leaving Zi Yan flushed in the room.


After leaving Zi Yan's room, Chen Mo went to Queen Medusa and talked about Zi Yan.

Queen Medusa's eyes widened immediately: "Beast, you don't even let go of..."

Chen Mo: "..."

"Qingmo, listen to me..."

Chen Mo told Zi Yan's true age.

Although the original book does not say how old Zi Yan is.

But it is definitely much larger than Chen Mo.

Hearing this, the anger on Queen Medusa's face dissipated a lot, and immediately said with a smile in a ridiculous tone: "Okay, you, even the ancient Void Dragon clan hooked up. Come on, are the methods very powerful?"

"That is, how else can you be your Husband of Qingmo." Chen Mo was not ashamed, but said with a smile.

After finishing speaking, I kicked off my shoes and climbed onto Queen Medusa's bed: "Qingmo, I will sleep with you tonight."

"Go away." Queen Medusa His face was slightly cold.

"Don't get out, I'll live tonight."

Chen Mo played a rogue.

Queen Medusa couldn't drive him away, so she let him go.

Actually, the will to drive him away is not very strong, just a temperament.


These days, Chen Mo has been staying with Queen Medusa and the others. Everyday, he gathers a few women’s goodwill coins, and then enhances his goodwill with Ning Shuang’er and strives for Reached one hundred, it is good to bind the next one.

Most of the rewards gathered from a few women have little effect on the current Chen Mo.

The so-called take it from the people and use it for the people, Chen Mo then distributes these rewards to the women.

In addition to these, handle some of the daily affairs of Pill Tower and the affairs of Ink Studio.

Chen Mo misses Yun Yun a bit.

If Yun Yun is there, he simply doesn't have to worry about the affairs of the Ink Studio.

So, after half a month.

Chen Mo became the Chairman of Pill Tower.

Now he, in Pill Tower, is really an under one person, above ten thousand people.

At the same time, with his influence, he finally attracted a fighting sage for the Ink Studio.

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