BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 484

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In a quiet room in Pill Tower, an old man wearing a gorgeous brocade robe looked at Chen Mo in front of him and started to measure.

While the old man is looking at Chen Mo, Chen Mo is also looking at the old man.

I said it was an old man, but his hair was jet-black, and there were no wrinkles on his face, but his eyes were vicissitudes of life, and his eyes seemed to have seen through the years.

Under the investigation of system, it was found that he was the 1-star Dousheng Initial Phase.

"It's really name is not in vain, it's really embarrassing to have such a great achievement at a young age." The old man spoke first, his old voice was full of sighs, just like himself Living so old is like feeding a dog.

Chen Mo laughed, tired of this kind of polite remarks, he didn't explain much, and said: "I don't know what senior is called?"

"Cheng Huai." The old man is indifferently road.

"Cheng Huai?"

Hearing this, Chen Mo first glanced around when he could remember the plot of the original story. After seeing that there was no such name, he was not surprised. This There are also many loose cultivators and hermit powerhouses in the world, nothing unusual, cupped the hands said: "Cheng senior."

Cheng Huai nodded.

"Since Cheng senior is willing to join the Ink Studio and become the Guest Official Elder of Ink Studio, I don't know what the conditions are?" Chen Mo straightened to the point.

He didn't think that Cheng Huai just wanted to join the Ink Studio.

Cheng Huai is no longer polite, and slowly said:

"In the early years, I loved to be aggressive and arrogant. It also includes some internal injuries. I had a bad reputation back then, so there was no Alchemist to treat me. I treated it myself. After all, I was just a Dou Qi cultivator. After the treatment, there were many hidden diseases that were not easy to detect.

At first I didn’t think much, but when I was promoted to Fighting Saint, these hidden diseases caused me a lot of trouble. Even after I succeeded in the breakthrough, I was hit by a backlash, which made me suffer a lot. Despite these years I relied on the powerful Dou Qi to suppress it, but whenever I wanted to enter the cultivation, it brought me a lot of torture..."

Chen Mo was a little speechless in his heart, just say what you want. Isn't it all right? I'm not interested in listening to such a lot of stories from you, but on the surface, I still listened with a smile.

After hearing that there is enough time it takes to burn a stick of incense, Cheng Huai finally said what he wanted:

"Over the years, I got a Pill Recipe, called the Holy Soul Cutting Bone Pill, can not only take advantage of my internal injury, but also reshape my skeleton, so that my cultivation base can be further improved... I wonder if Chen Chairman can later refine it?"

Hearing this, Chen Mo soul flipped through the Sacred Pill of Medicine and confirmed that it was Tier Nine Precious Pill, said with a slight smile: "Yes, but medicinal ingredient can be prepared by yourself, and the ink studio..."

"I understand the rules." After hearing that Chen Mo could refine, Cheng Huai's face showed a smile and said: "I have prepared the medicinal ingredient long ago, as long as Chen Chairman can practice it for me. It’s not difficult to make a saint soul cutting bone pill, let alone being a guest official elder in the ink studio for five years, even ten years."

Chen Mo nodded immediately said: "In addition, Cheng senior, I have to tell you in advance that for Alchemist, refining pills have a success rate. Although my refining pills success rate is currently 10%, it is inevitable that there will be accidents. You have to be prepared for this."

All scandals have to be said before.

Although Chen Mo has great confidence in refining Tier Nine Precious Pill, after all, he only refined one, and he dare not say that he is 100% successful.

In case of failure in the middle, it is not good to pull the calf.

"I understand, if it fails, Chen Chairman should not pay for the damaged medicinal ingredient. But I didn't say Chen Chairman about the Guest Official Elder of the Ink Studio." Cheng Huai said.

"This is nature." Chen Mo nodded, and then said: "That's it."

Cheng Huai nodded his head and raised his palm. Pill Recipe and the required medicinal ingredient are suspended in front of Chen Mo.

Chen Mo held the palm of his hand and put all these into his Storage Ring, saying: "Then senior is waiting for my good news..."


After explaining Ya Fei and Die, Chen Mo started refining pills.

In fact, refining pills are also good for the improvement of Chen Mo soul body and the stability of the cultivation base. It can also improve your Alchemy skills. If the refining is successful, you can also win over a powerhouse. .

It can be said to kill three birds with one stone.

With previous experience in refining Divine Pill, I will refining Tier Nine Medicinal Pill for the second time.

Chen Mo's speed has increased a lot.

A month and a half later.

A huge and heavy Lei Yun of thousands zhang gathered in the sky above Pill Tower.

The deep black thunder rages in the surging Lei Yun.

The majestic thunder coercion enveloped the entire Sacred Pill City.

"Oh my God, it's black demonic thunder again!"

"In just a few months, I actually saw two black demonic thunders in my life. It's really the blessing of three lifetimes."

"Couldn't it be made by Chen Mo again?"

Everyone discussed spiritedly.

As the black demonic thunder slammed down and Chen Mo's silhouette rose to the sky, there was an uproar in the crowd.

Sure enough, it was Chen Mo who inspired the black demonic thunder again.

Cheng Huai looked at Chen Mo who was fighting against the black demonic thunder, and the whole person was excited.

The refining was really successful...

In this black demonic thunder, Chen Mo didn’t defeat it, but put all of it in the body, intending to refining Has been used.

Half an hour later, Chen Mo was holding a Medicinal Pill of dragon eye size. With a thought, a ray of soul power wrapped a fire seal and swept into the Medicinal Pill.

This is what Chen Mo did after fearing that Cheng Huai swallowed the Medicinal Pill.

At that time, once he fell out to become hostile after refining the Medicinal Pill, then Chen Mo could immediately activate the fire seal left by his thoughts.

Cheng Huai couldn't eat and walk around.


"Cheng senior, I finally fulfilled my mission and made me succeed in refining."

Chen Mo installed the jade bottle The saint soul cutting bone pill was given to Cheng Huai.

"many thanks, the original poster." At this moment, Cheng Huai has changed his name, using the original poster to match it.

Chen Mo nodded with a smile.

Fortunately, what Chen Mo was worried about did not happen.

Cheng Huai is refining the holy soul cutting bone pill, eliminating the dark diseases in the body, and after gaining a lot of cultivation base, he respectfully moved towards Chen Mo cupped the hands:

" The original poster, in the past five years, I will leave it to you."

It’s not that Cheng Huai never thought about falling out to become hostile, but thinking of Chen Mo’s current identity and influence, if he regrets it on the spot, I’m afraid trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off, so I dismissed this idea.

Thinking that five years will not be long, and it passed in the blink of an eye.

"Elder Cheng is polite, the assignment is not counted, the relationship between you and me is all a cooperative relationship."

Chen Mo laughed and gave Cheng Huai a purple token.

Actually, Chen Mo can give the red Elder Token to Cheng Huai’s strength, but he is only a temporary Guest Official Elder after all, so think about it and forget it.

From now on, Mo Ying Lou can be considered to have Dou Sheng in charge.

After separating from Cheng Huai, Chen Mo heard a frown.

Zi Yan, Han Yue, and Han Xue were kicked out of Pill Tower again, and Xuan Yi became a demon again.

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