BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 486

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Chen Mo had long thought that Yaoye and the others would be exposed one day, it was purely a matter of time.

If the two of them were taken in, it was indeed moved. At this moment, Chen Mo's thoughts have faded.

This can be seen from the time he and Yaoye agreed, and Chen Mo did not go to them.

After all, Chen Mo's vision has improved.

I worked hard to please Queen Medusa's forgiveness. Somehow, after coaxing Queen Medusa well, Chen Mo went to see Yaoye and Yaoyue.

Yaoyeyi wears a moonwhite silk and satin dress with silver trim on the skirt and cuffs. The skirt is embroidered with big purple mandarin flowers and a pair of bright pink embroidered shoes. , The eyebrows are not drawn, and the skin becomes white and greasy without applying powder.

Seeing Chen Mo coming over, the lovable body shuddered subconsciously, and took two steps back. A pair of eyebrows were raised and then frowned, probably because he remembered that Chen Mo said that he would eat as soon as the time is up. After hearing the words of myself and the younger sister, I was flustered, and tremblingly said: "You...what are you here for?"

Speaking, the hands condensed into a Dou Qi long spear, Guard Yaoyue behind, hostile to Chen Mo.

Chen Mo laughed, shook his sleeve robe lightly, Dou Qi long spear in Yaoye's hand collapsed instantly, and the tremendous strength made her fall to the ground.

"Sister." Yaoyue bit her lip and quickly helped Yaoye get up.

Yaoyue wears a noble purple and white silk brocade robe, her skin is as light as snow, her face is extremely beautiful, her face is not as unearthly as before, and there is a breath of scroll between her brows. There is also a hint of hostility towards Chen Mo in his eyes.

"didn't expect, after so long, your cultivation base still has no breakthrough to Dou Huang. If you continue like this, you will have to take revenge in the year of the monkey."

No Chen Mo Concerned about the gazes of the two women, they passed by and sat down on a round stool in the room.

Hearing this, Yao Ye was deeply unwilling and decadent in her heart. Of course, she did not show up on the surface, her face was stubborn.

He was right. Even at the moment Chen Mo was promoted to Dou Zun, Yao Ye was already in despair. Gradually, the idea of ​​revenge faded away, and his cultivation stopped working. .

Think about it and let it go...

She thought about suicide, but she couldn’t do it...

She even found it for herself The reason is that if he and his younger sister are also dead, the Imperial Family lineage of Yao's is really broken.

I even thought about it, or I would succumb to him, wait for his child to be conceived, and then kill his child. This can be considered revenge.

But soon the absurd idea was dispelled by myself.

"What...what do you want?" Seeing her sister did not speak, Yaoyue bit her white teeth and stared at Chen Mo closely, her voice was like the blue bird in the woods.

"Not very good, I want to say, from now on, you are free. If you want to leave, hand over the token in your hand and you can leave at any time..."

After speaking, Chen Mo left, leaving the stunned sister in the room.

Shortly after Chen Mo left, Yaoyue said softly: "Sister, is what he said is true?"

"I don’t know what he sold in his bottle gourd What kind of medicine, but with his strength, what he wants us to do, we can't resist, so he doesn't have to play us." Yao Ye said with a complex expression.

"Sister, shall we go?"

"Go, where can we go?"


"Don't go now."


Somewhere in the Central Plain is far away from the Gu Shan pulse.

"Well, your naughty little girl, how dare you snatch our things and don’t want to live anymore? Don’t let me catch you! Chase me!"

In the jungle, count Dao mercenary dressed middle-aged man, looking at the azure shadow fleeing ahead, shouted one by one.

"I saw the lark lotus leaf first, then...there is something to rob you, you...if you chase it again, don't blame me for being rude to you." Azure Qianying swept in a flash in the jungle, while responding to behind.

"You're welcome? You are polite to show me?"

A mercenary with a rough face looked at the girl's exquisite body with fiery eyes.

"You...Don't force me!"

"Forcing you, what happened to you?"


The mercenaries didn’t put the threat of the girl in their eyes at all, and laughed heartily with a grin.

At this moment, a huge snake-shaped skeleton appeared in front of the girl. Look A few people were still pressing behind, and suddenly stopped and looked back.

Suddenly, a weird eye pupil the size of a head emerged out of thin air in front of the girl. In the dark green eye pupil, three small dots quickly enlarged, and finally turned into three. A spooky dark green flower revolves rapidly around the pupil.

next moment, a huge silhouette swept away from the pupil of the eye.

Soon, in this mountain range, the mercenary's horror and wailing sounded.

As the mountain range returned to calm, the huge snake-like silhouette returned to the dark green eye pupils.

"It' forced me."

The girl couldn't bear it. Looking at the bloody scene in front of her, she quickly turned around, and just then, that Three strange dark green flowers are just facing the huge snake-shaped skeleton.

A soul body was revealed by summon.

The girl was startled.

This is an entrenched python with nine huge snake heads.

After a while, the girl received a message.

"Ancient Heavenly Snake..."


Pill Tower.

Chen Mo, who was wearing high heels for Xiao Yi Xian, suddenly frowned.

"What's the matter?" Seeing Chen Mo's movement stopped, Xiao Yi Xian looked down and looked at the lover's frowning brows and asked in confusion.

"The jade piece I gave to Sister Yun Yun was crushed by her. It seems that she is having trouble with Flower Sect."

Chen Mo puts on high heels for Xiao Yi Xian , Kissed her on the forehead, said with a smile: "It seems that I can't eat you today."

"Go, sister Yun Yun matters." Xiao Yi Xian's face is slightly red The way.

"en. ”

Chen Mo wanted to take Cheng Huai to Flower Sect, but in case Xuan Yi comes back suddenly, it would be troublesome to deal with Queen Medusa and others, so He didn't bring it, let him sit in the Ink Shadow Tower and head to Flower Sect by himself.

Sacred Pill City has space passages connecting various places, and naturally there are those going to Flower Sect.

Of course, it is not directly to Flower Sect, but near Flower Sect.


Flower Sect.

In the northwest boundary of Central Plain.

When Chen Mo arrived, what appeared in front of him was an endless mountain of flowers. These peaks were planted with brightly colored flowers. From a distance, it looked like a flower ocean with a breeze. Moving, gorgeous petals are flying in the sky.

Chen Mo is not in the mood to appreciate the beauty in front of him. He can see that this flower ocean is a magical formation. In the flower ocean, extremely majestic energy is hidden.

Chen Mo soul contacted Si.

Soon, as the energy swept in the flower ocean, in midair, there was a sound of breaking wind, a beautiful white shadow, swept out from the magical formation, and then the jade feet gently Fell in front of Chen Mo.

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