BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 487

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Women’s white clothed white dress, three thousand green silks that are as black as ink, tumbling down like a waterfall, hanging down to the slender waist, that stunning face, like the Fairy that does not ask the world Generally, full of moving ethereal color.

This class of women can only be described with the four words peerless grace and elegance.

However, Fairy is such a dusty person. At the moment when she saw Chen Mo, she seemed to fall into the mundane world, and threw at him excitedly: "Husband."

"Sister Yun Yun." Chen Mo hugged her tightly into her arms, greedily sucking her breath, buried her head in the hair of her fragrant neck, and said emotionally: "Yun Er, I think You're dead."

After finishing speaking, before Yun Yun answered, she held her face in one hand and kissed her red lips like peach petals fiercely.

Warm and soft.

Like that deep underground brew, Chen Mo is extremely intoxicated.

Yun Yun also hugged Chen Mo's waist tightly, and responded enthusiastically.

Those eyes full of tenderness are full of thoughts about Chen Mo at this time.

In the flower ocean, the two embraced each other warmly, and the petals that fluttered all over the sky, like a testimony of their love.

Until they were almost out of breath, they let go of each other reluctantly.

Chen Mo hugged Yun Yun and fell into this flower ocean like this, grabbed her jade hand tightly, looked at her eyes, and said affectionately: "You are not here Every day around me, I feel like I am living."


"Of course."

"Then you let me Come to Flower Sect." Yun Yun's head lightly rubbed Chen Mo's chest, a touch of sly flashed in his eyes.


"Okay you, Yun Er, you are not behaved, you dare to play with Husband." Chen Mo caught the cunning in Yun Yun's eyes, and was immediately in it. groped on the lovable body.

The two quarreled for a while, Yun Yun broke free from Chen Mo's arms, and said: "This is outside, don't mess around."

Chen Mo put Yun again. Yun took her arms into her arms and kissed her lips, said with a smile: "Don't worry, I have a sense of measure."

Yun Yun nestled in Chen Mo's arms and looked at the sky flying all over the sky. Petal said: "I heard that you won the Pill Competition this year and became the Chairman of the Pill Competition..."

Chen Mo nodded: "You know too."

"No, many dísciples of Flower Sect treat you as an idol. When I talk about you, there are stars in my eyes." Yun Yun flatly said.


"A little bit."

"Then have you told them about my relationship with you, so take the opportunity to show off. "Chen Mo scratched the bridge of Yun Yun's nose and teased.

"I have a little girl, I can't do such a naive thing."

"Who said that, in my heart, you are a little girl." After that, Kissed again.

"Don't kiss, you are almost swollen." Yun Yun pretended to complain.

"I can't kiss enough for the rest of my life." Chen Mo rubbed Yun Yun's cheek and said seriously: "Sister Yun Yun, I love you."

"Me too." Yun Yun nestled in Chen Mo's arms, feeling that there was nothing to make her happy at this moment.

The two talked about business affairs after they had talked again.

Yun Yun said: "Didn't expect, the old Sect Master of Flower Sect that I took care of day and night in that cave turned out to be the old Sect Master of Flower Sect, did you know it a long time ago, so I let me do this? Yes."

"I do know, but I didn't expect that he is the old Sect Master of Flower Sect."

Chen Mo is the truth, he remembers Yun Yun in the original book He got a chance in a cave in Flower Sect, so he arranged Yun Yun to enter Flower Sect and let her sit on the throne of Flower Sect Sect Master in advance.

"The old Sect Master was called Grandma Hua. When her life was about to come to an end, she could not help but used a strange method to seal her life Dou Qi in my body and gave it back to me A jade token, let me be the Sect Master of Flower Sect."

Yun Yun looked up at Chen Mo and continued: "According to your arrangement, I agreed, but it didn’t take long for Flower Sect's Sect Master came over and asked me to give her the jade token and Grandma Hua's lifelong Dou Qi. I naturally refused, so she wanted to grab it.

Fortunately, you gave her the demon puppet. She dispelled the idea of ​​robbing her, so she thought of a new way."

"What way." Chen Mo asked.

"Flower Sect has a peculiar rule, that is, Sect Master competition. Because I have jade token, if I become a Sect Master, I have to compete with the current generation Sect Master. , Will become the Sect Master of Flower Sect. She said it was 3 months later, and counted it down, which is the day after tomorrow.

There is also a rule for this competition, that is, both men and women face the enemy at the same time, in order to obtain After the victory, she found her male companion...Demonic Flower Evil King?"


"Demonic Flower Evil King is from Sky Abyss Sect , The strength lies in 6-Star Dou Zun, and the demon puppet and I are not their opponents, so I crushed the token you gave me and found you." Yun Yun said.

"How strong is that generation of Sect Master?" Chen Mo asked.

"4-Star Dou Zun."

"Is there a saint in your clan?"

"No." Yun Yun shook the head.

"That's simple, you have decided the position of Flower Sect Sect Master." Chen Mo played with Yun Yun's hair, and said with a smile: "Flower Sect Sect Master is my woman , Think about it, I'm still a little excited."

"Virtue." Yun Yun groaned Chen Mo.

"Yanran, how is she?" Chen Mo asked casually.

"Yanran is in retreat, her progress is so fast, she is about to enter the realm of Douzong." Yun Yun said.

"That's not bad."

After talking about business, Chen Mo's hands and feet became dishonest again. After being pushed away by Yun Yun, Chen Mo kissed her on the cheek and said : "Take me to where you live and take a look."

Yun Yun responded with a flushed face.


The interior of Flower Sect is an extremely majestic mountain range. The clouds and mist on the mountain range are shrouded, and bright flowers dot it. On the sinister peaks, most of them are There are some buildings standing, faintly, some moving shadows and women's laughter can be seen.

And among the most magnificent peaks in the center of the mountain range, there is a very magnificent building, and inside the building, a conversation rang.

"My people are here to report, then Yun Yun, he also found his man."

"didn't expect, that slut is extremely pure on the surface, secretly, He also raises a man. What is his cultivation base for that man?"

"1-star Dou Zun is nothing but a climate."

"That's good, wait until I become a Flower Sect Sect Master, Flower Sect and Sky Abyss Sect will join forces, just around the corner."


In the room, Yun Yun is lying in Chen Mo’s arms, with fingers drawn on his chest. In circles.

Chen Mo took out a jade bottle from the Storage Ring and handed it to Yun Yun, saying: "There is a Zunji Pill inside. After taking it, you can improve your strength a lot. "

"I shouldn't use this, Grandma Hua has sealed my lifelong Dou Qi in my body. I haven't finished refining yet. When I am completely refining, let alone reach the level of Grandma Hua, 9-Star Dou Zun, there should still be some."

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