BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 488

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In the secluded courtyard, the fragrance of flowers is overflowing, and the colorful flowers make the courtyard full of vitality.

In a wing room of the courtyard, a tall lithe and graceful silhouette nestled in Chen Mo's arms, with a happy tender smile on his face.

Chen Mo stroked Yun Yun’s jade back, teasing: "When the time comes, I will see Xiao Yunyun you protect it."

"What Xiao Yunyun , Don’t be disgusting, beg.” Yun Yun’s small punch hammer Chen Mo’s chest, white teeth biting Chen Mo’s shoulder and said: “I heard that the original Pill Tower Chairman is not your opponent. Abnormal cultivation speed, which round will come to my protection."

"Of course I need your protection." Chen Mo turned over and pressed Yun Yun under his body, stroking his slender legs Said: "Come and massage again."

"No." Yun Yun quickly refused.

"Really don't want it..." Chen Mo kissed it and planted a strawberry on Yun Yun's neck.



In the past two days, Chen Mo and Yun Yun have been together, telling each other about each other. The longing between the two is inseparable.

Soon, it’s the day of the competition.

In the depths of Flower Sect, there is a towering mountain rising from the ground. The peak is extremely wide, and buildings stand on it. At the top of the mountain is a huge Grand Plaza that cuts across. The square is made of bluestone, and there are flower petals around it, shrouded with fragrant fragrance.

At this time, a clear bell chanting was resounded over the entire Flower Sect.

At the moment when the bell's sound started, a silhouette of one after another flew out from the all around buildings, but Ling stood around the square, looking towards the field.

In the center of the square, there is a man and a woman. The women are dressed in gorgeous brocade robes. On the brocade robes, there are flowers sewn with silk threads of various colors, which look respectable and luxurious.

As the Sect Master of Flower Sect, her appearance is also good. Although she can't be called beautiful, it is also considered a good asset.

Beside the woman, a man stands leisurely, holding a folding fan embroidered with a beautiful figure in his hand. The man's slender figure is quite soft, and there is a bloody blood between the eyebrows. The bright red dot makes the whole person look quite strange.

"Yun Yun, the time has come, so I don’t want to show up soon. If you are afraid, hand over the old Sect Master’s jade token and lifelong Dou Qi early."

When the bell ringing slowly disappeared, the lady in brocade looked towards the mountain where Yun Yun was in the distance, coldly shouted.

As her voice fell, the two figures also fell in front of her hand in hand.

The same man and woman.

The woman is dressed in white clothed, she has a beautiful face, a pair of limpid autumn water eyes with cold stars, but when she looks towards the man next to her, she turns into tenderness in an instant.

The end is peerless grace and elegance, ink hair pouring down like clouds, scattered around the waist, with a few scattered, elegant temperament, as gentle as jade, pure as Fairy in the sky.

And the man next to her is also a perfect match for her, who can be called Divine Immortal's partner.

The man wore a dark black robe, a dignified body, sword eyebrows and star eyes, handsome and masculine, a pair of eyes slowly scanned all around, with an indifferently smile at the corner of his mouth.

For a while, the gazes between Heaven and Earth were all attracted by the two who arrived later.

Such treatment made the strange man's eyebrows frown, and the woman's jade hand clenched tightly, with a deep color of hatred in her eyes, said with a sneer:

"I thought you didn't dare to come. You are like a fairy in plain fashion. I thought you didn't want to get mortal, but you didn't expect to raise a wild man secretly, I think..."


Before the woman spoke, an invisible slap was slapped on her face, drawing her out of the field, with blood overflowing from the corner of her mouth.

"If you want to try, just try, and if you want to behave again, I will smoke you."

Chen Mo raised his eyes, and cold light shot out from his eyes.

"you are courting death!"

The woman in Jinpao was covering her mouth, feeling the pain from her face in disbelief. This wild man brought by Yun Yun unexpectedly Dare to beat yourself.

"Soul power, are you Alchemist?"

The partner was dragged to the ground, but the man next to him was very calm.

If it is a normal partner, let alone fighting Chen Mo, at least he will be angry now.

"Play if you want, don't talk nonsense, I'm in a hurry." Chen Mo said in a tone that didn't put the two of them in his eyes.

Hearing this, the face of the strange man suddenly changed, and his eyes were chilly. The closeness between Chen Mo and Yun Yun originally made him a little uncomfortable. At this moment, he was completely irritated by this remark. He, ice-cold saying: "I am the Demonic Flower Evil King. Whoever waits, you will be named Bao Shang first."

"When I defeat you, you will naturally know."

"Oh, do you rely on your 1-star fight?"

"If it is talk big, I really can't compare to you." Chen Mo indifferently said.

Hearing this, Demonic Flower Evil King complexion sank, the woman in the brocade robe who has stood up coldly said: "What a sharp-tongued kid, Yao Lang, let's go together and defeat Yun Yun first. , And then tore the boy's mouth."

"That's what I meant." The Demonic Flower Evil King fanned his folding fan, his eyes cold.

Hearing this, Chen Mo slightly smiled, and said to Yun Yun next to him: "You step back a little, and deal with these two people. I am alone."

Yun Yun nodded , She believed Chen Mo and immediately took a step back.

Seeing Yun Yun's movements, the Elders and Flower Sect's dísciple watching the game around him, there was a burst of surprise.

"one against two?"

"Since you have negotiated properly, then the competition is the beginning. Whoever wins is the Sect Master of our Flower Sect."

A Flower Sect Elder saw the atmosphere with swords drawn and bows bent on the court and waved his sleeves, loudly said.

As his voice fell, the silhouette of the brocade-robed woman and the Demonic Flower Evil King turned into a ghost, moved towards Chen Mo, and the latter's vast Dou Qi swept through her body. Out, coldly shouted: "Arrogant kid, see how I teach you."

"With you two, you don't have this strength yet."

Chen Mo looked at them. Swept in a flash came, his complexion was calm, his body was completely motionless, when the two were about to arrive in front of him, Chen Mo lightly shouted: "get lost!"

The words fell, the mighty power came from Chen Mo's body swept out, hiding the sky and covering the earth moved towards the two people.

"bang! bang!"

Everyone saw only saw a flash, next moment, Demonic Flower Evil King and the brocade robe woman flying upside down, hitting the square heavily Above.

"pu pu!"

Along with the sound of vomiting blood, both of them suffered heavy injuries.


Everyone burst into an uproar directly.

A 4-Star Fighter and a 6-Star Fighter.

The two of them didn't even touch Chen Mo's body, and they were just knocked out.

It's a joke.

"Really strong soul power."

There is also the Powerhouse of Flower Sect. At this moment, I can see the reality of Chen Mo.

"Who are you?" Demonic Flower Evil King's face was terrifying heavy, staring at Chen Mo.

"Chen Mo." Chen Mo said slowly.

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