BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 489

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"Chen Mo?"

The calm voice was resounded in this square.

After hearing Chen Mo's registration number, the complexion of the woman in the brocade robe and the Demonic Flower Evil King were all taken aback, and then they changed wildly.

This name is so familiar.

"Chen Mo?"

"The champion of the previous Pill Competition was also named Chen Mo, right? Then Chen Mo is so young."

" Is it the Chen Mo?"

"They are not the same person, are they?"

"It should be, with such a strong soul power, it should be one person."


The Flower Sect dísciple around the square is also whispering to each other, one after another curious eyes converge on Chen Mo.

Flower Sect are all female disciples, so they are naturally interested in young talents like Chen Mo.

"What is the relationship between Pill Competition champion Chen Mo and you?" The Demonic Flower Evil King looked at Chen Mo with a gloomy expression, still holding a trace of luck in his heart.

"He is me, I am him."

Chen Mo took out a token from the Storage Ring and hung it on his chest.

The Elders of Flower Sect swept away their eyes.

As a senior executive of Flower Sect, he naturally knows what this token symbolizes.

That is the identity mark of Pill Tower Chairman.

"Pill Tower Chairman?"

"He is the one who passed the rumors some time ago, the champion of Pill Competition Chen Mo."



Hearing this, the Jinpao woman and the Demonic Flower Evil King who had just stood up suddenly fell to the ground.

This person is really the words of Chen Mo.

That means that with his identity, it is like a saint coming, and he has to be a little bit thin.

"It's over." The Jinpao woman has a miserable face. This Flower Sect Sect Master has no chance with her.

The female disciplines of Flower Sect have starlight in their eyes.

Pill Tower Chairman.

Pill Competition champion.

Little Pill Tower Elder.

Tier Nine Alchemist.

These identities, no matter which one, can make them feel admired.

Not to mention, from the previous news, Chen Mo is still under 30 years old.

This can be described as a real young talent.

Make them obsessed.

Feeling that one after another gaze focused on her Husband, Yun Yun flattened her mouth a little tastefully, and then took a step forward and took Chen Mo’s arm, as if she was announcing Chen Mo It is the same as own sovereignty.

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and the heavy terrifying of Demonic Flower Evil King's complexion, the eyes shot from everywhere, like needles, made him feel uncomfortable.

The most uncomfortable thing for him is that this one must never be recovered.

As Chen Mo, let alone him, even if the Sky Abyss Sect Sect Master comes, you have to bow your head.

"Will you still fight?"

Chen Mo looked at the two with a smile.

It feels good to pretend to be in front of many women with good looks.

According to the words of the previous life, I have obtained the right to choose a spouse in advance.

"I give up!"

Chen Mo's strength, Jinpao woman is still slightly heard, even if he is not the Chen Mo, the current strength he shows, she and Demonic Flower Evil King is not his opponent either.

If you continue to fight, you can only invite humiliation to oneself.


As she surrendered, an old sigh resounded slowly in the sky, and immediately a silhouette flashed abruptly, landing on the woman in the brocade robe Between Chen Mo and Chen Mo.

Is also a white-haired old woman.

When the Jinpao woman and the surrounding Flower Sect dísciple and Elder saw the old woman, they all said respectfully: "Great Elder!"

The Great Elder nodded, sigh, look looked towards the woman in Jinpao, indifferently said: "Hua Jin, since you have lost, according to what you said before the test, you will automatically give up the position of Flower Sect Sect Master."

Hearing this, Hua Jin The palm of his hand suddenly clenched, and he glanced at Chen Mo and Yun Yun beside him, fiercely bit his lip, nodded unwillingly.

Seeing Hua Jin nodded, the square instantly became quieter, and a line of sight shifted from Chen Mo's body to Yun Yun's body.

Great Elder also turned his attention to Yun Yun, slightly smiled, and said: "I believe in the eyes of the old Sect Master, Yun Yun, from now on, you will be the new generation of Sect Master of my Flower Sect. "

"Meet Sect Master!"

Flower Sect dísciple and Elder all around the square immediately congratulated Yun Yun.

Although they are all female voices, they gather together.

Its voice is also resounding in the sky.

And this also made Hua Jin's face darkened again.

Seeing that the position of Flower Sect Sect Master was completely hopeless, Demonic Flower Evil King no longer put his mind on Hua Jin's body, said nothing, and left Flower Sect without saying anything.

And this also caused Hua Jin's heart to sink, and he was quite shocked. Looking towards Demonic Flower Evil King's leaving back, his eyes were full of resentment.

But for all this, everyone did not pay attention to it. Their eyes at this time were all concentrated on Yun Yun and Chen Mo.

Although he lost an ally of Sky Abyss Sect, he gained a powerful Alchemist like Chen Mo.

For Flower Sect, it is a huge profit.

Great Elder turned his attention to Chen Mo: "didn't expect, this Pill Competition champion turned out to be Yun Yun's partner."

Looking at Yun Yun: "Are you hiding quite deep?"

Yun Yun laughed: "I didn't intend to hide it, but no one asked."

Chen Mo Stand aside silently.


Yun Yun’s appointment as ceremony is not too grand, but with Flower Sect Great Elder hosting and Chen Mo present on behalf of Pill Tower and Ink Studio, everything They all seem quite formal.

When the ceremony is over, Yun Yun will truly become the next-generation Sect Master of Flower Sect.


In a courtyard on the peak of Sect Master.

After a while of joy, Chen Mo put Yun Yun in his arms and kissed her earlobe, said with a smile: "Bullying Flower Sect Sect Master, it feels completely different in normal times."



Hearing this, Yun Yun was very embarrassed and angry, with a flushed face and fiercely biting Chen Mo's arm in front of him, fiercely said: "I Let you bully me, I will bite you to death."

Chen Mo asked her to vent for a while, playing with her hair and saying: "After that, you want the ink studio to form an alliance with Flower Sect. , Talk to Great Elder and them."


Yun Yun nodded, immediately looked up at Chen Mo and said: "Are you leaving?"


Chen Mo shook the head, saying: "No hurry, I'll stay with you for a while."

Hearing this, Yun Yun's heart is elated, and it's crooked in Chen Mo's arms For a while, it seemed to remember something: "Has your Queen Your Majesty been born?"

"Not yet."

"Not yet? It's almost four years, right?"


Chen Mo nodded: "But it's coming soon. It is estimated that the baby will be born in the first half of next year."

"Then Husband, I will give you a child, okay?"

"Didn’t you just inherit the Flower Sect Sect Master? How can you have time?"

"en? Do you want me to give you a child?"

"Okay Okay, give birth."

The current days have also stopped. Since Yun Yun wants to give birth, let her give birth.

Chen Mo thinks it is necessary to find a date to arrange the marriage.


The next day.

Flower Sect's conference hall.

"Ink Studio? Form an alliance?" Great Elder felt a bit strange when he heard Yun Yun's Ink Studio.

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