BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 490

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"The Ink Studio is a force created by me."

See the Flower Sect Great Elder with a face of doubt, Chen Mo standing behind Yunying , Said with a smile at this time.


Hearing this, Great Elder became interested, and the other Elders in the conference hall also listened upright.

"The Ink Shadow House is a force I created in my early years. Now its power is huge. It is above the Four-Way Pavilion. There are twelve Dou Zun powerhouses, two Tier Eight Alchemist, and Dou Sheng. One, a few fighting sects..." Chen Mo said slowly.


Hearing this, Flower Sect Elders including Great Elder took a breath.

Even Dousheng Powerhouse has one.

Such strength is not only better than Four-Way Pavilion, even if two sects are in front of it, it is much inferior.

But they also know that Chen Mo, as Tier Nine Alchemist, can bring in a powerhouse, but it is not surprising.

Great Elder pressed his emotions and asked: "Your power is already so strong, why do you need an alliance?"

Chen Mo did not hide it, he will offend the power. It's all said.

After listening, Great Elder's heart sank. He browsed tightly knit and looked at Chen Mo, his eyes still carrying a little surprise.

Dare you even provoke Soul Palace?

"Great Elder..." Seeing Great Elder pondered up, Yun Yun, who was a little worried, couldn't help but screamed.

Hearing this, Great Elder sigh, said: "Sect Master, it's a big deal. The alliance between Flower Sect and Ink Studio is not enough to fight against the behemoth Soul Palace, let me think about it. "

"Great Elder, not only Flower Sect. Burning Flame Valley, Ancient Void Dragon clan, but also promised to join me in the ink studio alliance, when I return to Pill Tower, I will try to persuade Supreme Elder, let Pill Tower has also formed an alliance with the Ink Shadow Tower. At that time, it will be able to fight with Soul Palace with all the power."

Seeing Flower Sect Great Elder's hesitation, Chen Mo walked back and forth twice. Step, said.

Hearing this, Flower Sect Great Elder suddenly eyes shrank: "Ancient Void Dragon?"

Yun Yun is also shocked.

The Ancient Void Dragon clan is the most mysterious clan in the Magic Beast clan. In its heyday, it was eaten by the Heavenly Demon Phoenix.

However, the Ancient Void Dragon clan is also particularly mysterious. How did the Husband find them and form an alliance with them?

"I can’t tell you the details of the alliance with Ancient Void Dragon for the time being, but I want to say that this is true. I will take you to meet her if I have the opportunity. As for Burning Flame Valley... "

Chen Mo will discuss the details of Burning Flame Valley alliance.

"Marriage?" Great Elder listened to it, secretly frightened, and immediately said slanderously: "That old fellow has such a vicious vision. He took a Tier Nine Alchemist's son-in-law early."

As a peer, Flower Sect Great Elder naturally knows Tang Zhen.

Chen Mo smiled and stroked his nose.

After that, it’s easy to talk about the alliance.

But Great Elder has one request, and that is to refine a Bodhi Great Revitalizing Pill for her.

Bodhi Great Revitalizing Pill: Increases the chance of being promoted to Half Sage by 50%.

At that time, all members of Flower Sect will advance and retreat together with Ink Studio.

"Great Revitalizing Pill is easy to say, but I don't have medicinal ingredient, especially Bodhi Seed, which is a rare thing." Chen Mo said.

"Don't worry, the medicinal ingredient Flower Sect is ready." Flower Sect Great Elder took out a Storage Ring, and then slowly said:

"This was originally old Sect Master prepared it for himself, but Dou Qi Continent Tier Nine Alchemist is scarce. Only one Super Influence has Tier Nine Alchemist. The Supreme Elder of Pill Tower has not even refined Tier Nine Medicinal Pill for a long time.

The cost of hiring a Tier Nine Alchemist is no less than the value of the Bodhi Great Revitalizing Pill, so I did not wait for the Bodhi Great Revitalizing Pill until the old Sect Master left..."

After speaking, Flower Sect Great Elder gave a long sigh.

"Since the medicinal ingredient is ready, I will try my best to successfully refine the Bodhi Great Revitalizing Pill." Chen Mo responded.

For the refining of Bodhi Great Revitalizing Pill, Chen Mo is still more concerned.

After all, Yun Yun is the Sect Master of Flower Sect. Refining the Bodhi Great Revitalizing Pill for Flower Sect is equivalent to doing it for yourself.

When Yun Yun masters Flower Sect thoroughly in the future, it will be a complete family.

I have the experience of refining Tier Nine Medicinal Pill the first two times.

This time, the Bodhi Great Revitalizing Pill was refined.

Chen Mo is handy.

In just forty days, the Bodhi Great Revitalizing Pill was successfully refined.

The black demonic thunder that came down was still absorbed into the body by Chen Mo.

Flower Sect Great Elder witnessed the appearance and retreat of Tier Nine Pill Thunder and the birth of Tier Nine Medicinal Pill with her own eyes. With her concentration, she was also full of dignity and shock at this moment.

After all, the feelings of hearing and seeing it in person are completely different.

Tier Nine Alchemist who is less than thirty years old.

Looking at the continent as a whole, who can be invincible.

"Sure enough, it is the rear waves of the Yangtze River drive on those before. Compared with your outstanding youngsters, we old fellows, we are really a little embarrassed."

When Chen Mo appeared in front of him, Flower Sect Great Elder sighed.

Chen Mo laughed politely and gave her the Bodhi Great Revitalizing Pill packed in a jade bottle.

Flower Sect Great Elder took the jade bottle, opened the cork, looked at the round Medicinal Pill inside, and secretly said: "Since my son, my achievements will be more extraordinary in the future. Yun Yun is his partner. Sect takes to a new height..."


After refining the Bodhi Great Revitalizing Pill, Chen Mo stayed in Flower Sect for another month.

During this month, Chen Mo and Yun Yun stayed in the same room and never went out.

Chen Mo has two black demonic thunders in his body.

Yun Yun has Grandma Hua’s lifelong Dou Qi in his body.

Under the fusion of Azure Dragon Onmyoji, Chen Mo reached 2-Star Dou Zun in just one month.

Yun Yun has never been pregnant.

After returning to Pill Tower, Chen Mo gave Zi Yan another blood draw after the pass, and he entered the cultivation.

In the boring quiet room, Chen Mo quickly sat cross-legged, and as he gradually entered the cultivation state, a vast spiritual power gradually diffused out of his body, full of This whole quiet room.

This dead silence has lasted for more than two months. Chen Mo’s cultivation base has climbed a little bit, and it has come to the middle phase of 2-Star Dou Zun. It’s about to rise again. .

The cultivation was interrupted by a strong external force.

At the same time, the butterfly's voice sounded outside the quiet room: "Husband is about to leave the gate, my sister is about to give birth."


Chen Mo I couldn't sit still, ended the retreat directly, walked out of the quiet room, and hurriedly moved towards Queen Medusa's room.

At the same time.

A clear and long roar suddenly resounded from Queen Medusa's room and hit the sky!

Within the howling sound, there is an unusually powerful Dou Qi, so the howling sound is also like a thunder-like roar of anger, reverberating in the sky constantly, spreading to every place in Sacred Pill City corner.

Chen Mo who rushed to felt this breath, Chen Mo quickly asked the butterfly: "Who is delivering the baby?"

"Two midwives from the city, Xiao Yi Xian Responsible inside."

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