BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 491

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"Are you ready... are you ready?"

Chen Mo has never been so nervous before, and he feels his breathing becomes a little bit faster, and his voice is a little bit Trembling.

"Ready. Ya Fei younger sister arranged it personally." Cho said.

"Ya Fei?" Chen Mo was taken aback, didn't she look at Qing Mo?

"Yeah, don’t look at Ya Fei younger sister who doesn’t care about her sister, but when her sister is about to give birth, Ya Fei is busy arranging for the Elders in the ink studio to stay with her sister. Guarding outside the delivery room, the midwife was also found by the younger sister of Ya Fei..."

Die's impression of Ya Fei has changed a lot.

"That's good." Chen Mo took a deep breath.

At this moment, the howling also dissipated. However, just as the howling dissipated, above the blue sky, suddenly layers of thick dark clouds, between Heaven and Earth, violent wind erupted, wu Wu's scraping keeps going.

The sudden scene made everyone stunned, with a dazed expression.

"This is..."

The face of Cheng Huai, who is in charge of the main defense, was filled with astonishment and said in amazement: "World Mysterious Anomaly!"

In general, World Mysterious Anomaly, in general, there are about four situations. One is the birth of high-end Pill Thunder, which will lead to the arrival of Pill Thunder.

Secondly, when cultivation reaches each realm, it will also cause this kind of situation. This kind of situation is rare. Even the breakthrough Supreme Fighting Saint, who wants to attract World Mysterious Anomaly, is also very rare.

The third is to create the Heaven Class Qi Method.

There is also a powerful bloodline.

The probability of causing World Mysterious Anomaly is lower than that of creating the Heaven Class Qi Method to cause World Mysterious Anomaly.

However, generally speaking, the stronger the bloodline, the more World Mysterious Anomaly caused.

But no matter how much it can cause, as long as it can cause it, it is as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

World Mysterious Anomaly was born, and the heavy coercion spread, and quickly enveloped Sacred Pill City.

More and more people have noticed this situation. When they looked up, the thick dark clouds had been broken apart.

Just when they thought World Mysterious Anomaly had disappeared.

The gorgeous rays of light bloomed from the dark clouds, and the huge lotus petals stalked in the sky, and in a short while, they formed a huge azure lotus.

Lotus Throne is blue, and the petals have seven colors.

At the moment when the colorful Green Lotus was formed, the coercion that enveloped Heaven and Earth suddenly strengthened a lot. The Dou Qi of Heaven and Earth is much richer.

"This is...spiritual qi."

Chen Mo was slightly taken aback because of this scene. After a while, he felt the spiritual qi that suddenly appeared between Heaven and Earth. , In his eyes, there was finally a touch of incredible color.

Although the content is not much, it is indeed spiritual qi.

"It's another World Mysterious Anomaly..."

Above the void, an old man in sackcloth emerged out of thin air, and his mouth was shocked.

"Supreme Elder." Pill Tower's disciples archway.

Supreme Elder nodded.

Such a World Mysterious Anomaly, even if it was him, it was the first time I saw him in this life.


bloodline Innate is inherited from parents.

From the current World Mysterious Anomaly, we can see how powerful Chen Mo or Queen Medusa bloodline is.

Supreme Elder was inexplicably excited in his heart.

But this is not over yet.

The colored Green Lotus that formed, all the petals were wrapped together, as if the lotus had not bloomed yet, it was still like a bud.

next moment.

The sound of a majestic dragon roar came from the bud, and then the lotus bloomed, and an endless golden five-claw giant dragon flew out.

This moment.

In the quiet room closed by Pill Tower Zi Yan.

"pu chi …"

A mouthful of red blood was spit out from Zi Yan's mouth, and Zi Yan was forcibly interrupted. After feeling it carefully, he said in surprise:

"Really strong draconic power, even me, also felt a strong suppression."


Five Clawed Golden Dragon After flying out, Chen Mo felt a spiritual qi again, which was much richer than before.

After Five Clawed Golden Dragon circled the sky for a few times, a pair of majestic dragon eyes stared at the delivery room produced by Queen Medusa.

At the same time, in the delivery room.

Queen Medusa wailed in pain.

One of the midwives said in shock: "Not good, bleeding..."

Hearing this, Xiao Yi Xian hurriedly walked over to check.

There is a sound isolation in the delivery room, so people outside cannot hear it.

A pair of surprised eyes stared at the Five Clawed Golden Dragon in the sky.

After the golden dragon's eyes stared for a few minutes, he suddenly turned his head and plunged into the clouds.

At the same time, in the sky, dark clouds are densely covered, thick dark clouds, covering the entire Sacred Pill City in.

A golden dragon shadow surging in the dark clouds.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Supreme Elder and Cheng Huai were dumbfounded.

The more the unusual form, the stronger the bloodline. This is true. After all, there are records in the ancient book.

But it's Lotus again and Golden Dragon's. What's going on?

Isn't the unusual form that can't transform creatures?

As the Golden Dragon rolls in the dark clouds more and more fiercely.

In the delivery room, Queen Medusa's pain is more intense.

On the other side, Chen Mo outside suddenly felt something and panicked inexplicably.

Ten minutes later.

"Give birth, give birth, is a girl..."


A loud cry came from the baby's mouth.

"Not good, Queen Medusa fainted!"

At the same time, in the dark clouds above the sky, the Golden Dragon stopped surging, its mouth opened, and its silhouette disappeared.

next moment, the downpour fell from the dark clouds shua~ shua~ shua~.

The rain fell on Sacred Pill City, on the unobstructed people.

"This rain is really strong energy."

"I have a breakthrough."

"Auspicious, this is auspicious!"

Every corner of Sacred Pill City, everyone cheered.

"His, this rain can actually increase soul power..."

Supreme Elder felt it, and then took a slight breath.

"Is this spiritual qi rain? The really strong spiritual qi is extremely pure..."

Chen Mo uses his spiritual power to condense into a huge The invisible funnel collected most of the spiritual qi rain.

But as Xiao Yi Xian walked out quietly from the delivery room, he said a few words in Chen Mo's ear.

Hearing this, Chen Mo complexion greatly changed, and he didn't care about collecting spiritual rain, so he walked out of the delivery room in a panic.

Enter the delivery room.

The butterfly is coaxing the baby.

Chen Mo hurriedly moved towards the bed and walked out, and saw Queen Medusa who had passed out on the bed and was embarrassed.

Chen Mo came to the bed, first gave Queen Medusa pulse, a little relaxed in his heart.

As Xiao Yi Xian said, Queen Medusa fainted due to pain, and her breath was a little sluggish, but it was not a big deal.

Chen Mo dared not relax his mind, and looked towards Queen Medusa's eyes, full of distress and tenderness.

At the same time, his frowned.

"9-Star Dou Zun..."

Queen Medusa went from 1-star Dou Zun to 9-Star Dou Zun in a blink of an eye.

This, this...

Chen Mo asked Die, how about Zijin's realm?

Die looked horrified and said: "Dou...Dou Zun!"

Chen Mo: "..."

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