BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 493

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"Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils? Women?"

When Chen Mo heard this news, he thought of Qing Lin in his mind.

Because in the original work, only Qing Lin has Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils.

More than five years later, Qing Lin, who was a girl at the time, must now have grown into a slim girl.

I think it is most likely Qing Lin.

Chen Mo immediately found Cheng Huai and asked him to go to the Beastland to find the girl from Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils. If it is Qing Lin, help me take her to Pill Tower. Come.

Cheng Huai is nodded.

This was the first thing Chen Mo arranged for him. Cheng Huai naturally had to do it beautifully. After agreeing, he left Pill Tower, split open space, and headed towards the beastland. NS.

As for Chen Mo himself, he asked Supreme Elder to report that he wanted to hold an internal meeting of Pill Tower, and he wanted to form an alliance with Pill Tower.

Chen Mo didn't say before, but he didn't find a suitable opportunity. Now the Alchemist of Pill Tower has been killed by Soul Palace.

Chen Mo knows, the opportunity is here.

Now is the right time to propose an alliance.


The internal conference hall of Pill Tower.

The ten Elders who can participate in the internal decision-making of Pill Tower, except for Xuan Yi, are all included.

Chen Mo is also one of these ten Elders.

When Chen Mo talked about the alliance in the conference hall.

All Elders in the lobby, including Supreme Elder, frowned.

When I saw this, Chen Mo, who had anticipated that this would not happen so easily, still felt a little sinking in his heart.

However, he had prepared his words long ago, and immediately said: "Now Soul Palace is in Central Plain tyrannize, killing my Pill Tower’s Alchemist wantonly. His behavior seriously harms my Pill Tower’s interests and it’s for me. Pill Tower is a serious provocation.

This is no longer the one or two times that Pill Tower’s Alchemist has been persecuted by Soul Palace, but Soul Palace has no fear or cease to persecute my Pill Tower Alchemist. Therefore. , Pill Tower can’t bear it anymore. If things go on like this, Pill Tower’s prestige against the people in Central Plain will also decrease. We must take up weapons to resist..."

Speaking of later, Chen Mo did not forget to give Pill Tower buttoned a big hat.

The Elders in the Conference Hall are all startled. Didn’t expect the young Elder who has just joined the Elder seat in front of him, so he would say that he immediately looked towards Supreme Elder.

However, Supreme Elder sits still like an old monk, silent.

Helplessly, an Elder who has always maintained neutrality immediately said: "Is this matter as serious as Elder Chen said?"

"Of course, it is even worse than what I said. It’s much more serious. If I form an alliance, Soul Palace’s power is too strong, and neither of our powers alone can compete with them. If things go on like this, it will be impossible to escape Soul Palace’s claws.

I have destroyed I have passed the Side-Branch Palace of Soul Palace, so I also know that if they grab soul, they must be brewing some great conspiracy."

Chen Mo said solemnly.

The Supreme Elder, who is like an old monk, is also slightly nodded at this moment. He can also guess that Soul Palace will not grab so many soul bodies for no reason without violating the world. If there is no confrontation, the harm in the future will indeed increase.

But in the absence of Old Ancestor, he must take care of the overall situation of Pill Tower, that is, the opinions of other Elders, so he said: "If you have no other opinions, follow the old rules and vote by show of hands. If you agree with the alliance, raise your hand. If you disagree, you don’t have to raise it."

"Then we will start to vote with a show of hands."

The word falls, Supreme holds one seat in Elder Elder raised his hand.

Seeing Supreme Elder raised his hand, three more Elders from the small Pill Tower also raised their hands.

Chen Mo also raised his hand.

Chen Mo immediately won five votes, and the alliance succeeded.

Heavenly Lightning abstained.

Behind, there is a Elder raised his hand again.

The two Elders disagree.

Because this is Pill Tower’s rule, you can’t agree with everything, and someone must disagree.

See the aftermath of the alliance.

Supreme Elder finally expressed his opinion.

"Soul Palace is indeed the public enemy of all Alchemist, but due to their strength, we have not been determined to fight with them, because that kind of loss will be even greater.

But this kind of grievance and seeking for completeness obviously only makes Soul Palace more and more rampant. This time, it happens to use the alliance to deter Soul Palace. If they dare not know how to converge, then I Pill Tower can only go up again. , I'm fighting them to the end."

The words fell, and the hearts of all Elder present sank.

The last bloody battle was a long time ago. Pill Tower joined forces with Xiao Clan, Gu Clan, Burning Flame Valley and many other Super Influences to set off an all-out battle.

In that battle, Pill Tower suffered heavy losses, and even the creator of Pill Tower could not avoid it.

It took hundreds of years for Pill Tower to recover.

Since then, Pill Tower has remained neutral and no longer participates in any power competition.

"Great Elder can rest assured that at that time, it will not only be Pill Tower who will shoot. My Ink Studio, Burning Flame Valley, Flower Sect and even the Ancient Void Dragon clan will also participate. "Chen Mo said solemnly.

Hearing this, there was a smile on the faces of Supreme Elder and Elder who supported the alliance.

As a powerhouse of his level, it is natural to see that Zi Yan's body is Ancient Void Dragon.

Supreme Elder nodded, immediately said: "When will the alliance begin?"

"Zi Yan went to Ancient Dragon Island and gave me a token to contact her. I will send If someone contacts her, she will be notified as soon as possible."

Chen Mo said.

"Well, I will be there in person at that time."


The alliance is all formed.

After the meeting, Chen Mo immediately sent someone to notify Burning Flame Valley and Flower Sect to inform Pill Tower about joining the alliance, so as to stabilize their confidence in the alliance.

Because things are too secretive, Chen Mo sent his own woman.

Burning Flame Valley is Tang Huo Er.

Flower Sect is a butterfly.

And specifically instructed them to tell Tang Zhen and Yun Yun or Flower Sect Great Elder.


1 month later.

Tang Huo Er and Die are both returning.

And Die told Chen Mo an important news.

After Yun Yun mastered Flower Sect, she gradually became aware of the hidden power of Flower Sect.

Flower Sect even hides a high level Half Sage and a middle level Half Sage.

Chen Mo was not surprised when he heard the butterfly.

There are descriptions in this original work.

In addition, when the competition was in Flower Sect Square, the system was also detected.

If Chen Mo remembers correctly, of the two Half Sages, one of them is also related to Yao Chen.

Chen Mo can't help but secretly marvel at Yao Chen's romantic debt.

Because there are a lot of things to deal with recently, Chen Mo can't retreat, so he has to take the baby again, and start the journey of making a baby again in the evening.

But somehow, Chen Mo had sowed so many seeds and did not deliberately control it, but he never saw Butterfly and Ya Fei's belly move.

This makes Chen Mo a little puzzled, and at the same time regrets the original control...

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