BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 494

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Chen Mo knows that in some fantasy or fairy-xia novels, knowing that the stronger the bloodline, the harder it is to have children.

Although this is not explicitly mentioned in the original work.

But it doesn’t make sense.

If it is true, then Chen Mo will pay attention.

Because the current realm is not so high, at least before reaching the fighting sage, another child is required.

Chen Mo doesn't want much, just one man and one woman.

But Chen Mo doesn't dislike a few more. Anyway, he can't afford it.

Thinking of this, Chen Mo took action.

Considering that it might have been too expensive to play before.

Recently, Chen Mo is gentle with these women alone.

I hope that one of them can give birth to another big fat boy for himself.

At the same time, Chen Mo did not forget the sisters Han Yue and Han Xue.

Sacred Pill City has ushered in winter again.

But it didn't snow.

Chen Mo, who took a baby for a day, lay on Han Yue's big bed after washing.

Han Yue wore a blue and white tulle nightdress, spread the bedding over Chen Mo's body, then took off his high heels and climbed to the innermost side.

Han Xue has just finished taking a bath, by candlelight, you can see the proud phoenix light under the cloth, pure and lustful.

Song Qingjun understands Chen Mo's character more and more.

Every time Chen Mo comes to her to make clothes, Song Qingjun always uses skin-like high-level fabrics, but this kind of fabric is still very thin, and it’s kind of imaginative to wear on her body. A sense of haziness.

Han Xue got into the bed and took the initiative to forget Chen Mo's arms. He hugged Chen Mo's waist and said: "What's the situation with Sister Ya Fei, are you pregnant?"

Chen Mo extend the hand embraces Han Xue's soft body, adjusts her posture to let her lie down, by the way, she can embrace Han Yue's shoulders, and say, "It's still the same, let it be."

This kind of thing can't be forced.

"Oh." Han Xue nodded, and did not say any more.

The relationship between myself and Chen Mo is definitely not as deep as that of Ya Fei and others, so I don't know what to talk about.

Chen Mo didn't want the two women to be so formal. He didn't do anything that night, so he chatted with them all night.


The next day.

Just when Chen Mo thought he was going to repeat yesterday's life again, the Ancient Void Dragon clan sent someone to come.

Elder from Pill Tower personally came to inform Chen Mo.

It seems that this person who came here is not low in the Ancient Void Dragon clan.

Pill Tower's reception room.

Chen Mo saw this man.

This is an old man wearing a white robe. Under the detection of system, his strength lies in Dou Zun Peak.

The moment Chen Mo came in, the opponent cast a glance at Chen Mo from top to bottom.

After a while, the other party took the lead to speak: "You are the current Chairman of Pill Tower, Mr. Chen Mo, right?"

Chen Mo nodded, politely said: "I don't know what Old Mister is called "

"I am Third Elder from the East Island, you can call me Zhu Li. Zi Yan told me about you, Mr. Chen Mo really is a talent."

When I saw Chen Mo with my own eyes and learned that Zi Yan's words were true, a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes, and his voice immediately said with some respect.

Chen Mo was politely laughed. He didn't know how much he had heard of such remarks. He immediately said with a smile: "Zhu Li Elder, I don't know if you came to me. Did something happen to Zi Yan? "

Hearing this, Zhu Li raised his brows: "Mr. Chen Mo knows?"

"Guess, when Zi Yan left in a hurry, he said he wanted to deal with the clan In the matter, Zhu Li Elder is here in person now, so I have a guess." Chen Mo said.

Zhu Li nodded, even though Xuan was silent, after a while, he lightly sighed and said: "Since Zi Yan is determined to be yours, I must have told you about the situation of our Ancient Dragon clan."

Chen Mo nodded.

"The reason why we notified the Huis of Zi Yan that day was because the three dragon kings of the northwest and south had already known that Zi Yan had a rich Royal Clan Bloodline, so they joined forces to force the palace. But at this time , The Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan knew where our Ancient Dragon clan was from nowhere, and they came up.

But in such a crisis situation, the Three Dragon Kings did not join forces with the outside world. Instead, they had different thoughts and powers. I was united, and soon I was defeated. But the heritage of my Ancient Void Dragon clan is still there after all. The Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan impossible to occupy the entire Ancient Dragon Island, but East Dragon Island is different, becoming Heavenly The Demon Phoenix clan broke through, so Zi Yan sent me out to find Mr. Chen Mo for help..."

Zhu Li told the story exactly.

"Heavenly Demon Phoenix family?"

Chen Mo was taken aback, Heavenly Demon Phoenix was eaten by Ancient Void Dragon before. According to the original description, it was almost finished. When Heavenly Demon Phoenix sees Ancient Dragon, they are afraid that the retreating bloodline is suppressed. How can the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family dare to hit the door?

Seeing Chen Mo’s puzzled face, Zhu Li quickly answered: "Heavenly Demon Phoenix family did not know when they got a Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit, which made Heavenly Demon Phoenix family give birth to a Dragon. Phoenix, for this reason, Soul Palace has attracted. This time it attacked Ancient Dragon Island, Soul Palace also made a big effort behind it."

"The original Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit of Ancient Ruins was Heavenly The Demon Phoenix clan took it..."

Chen Mo was startled secretly, and immediately frowned: "Soul Palace? How come there is it everywhere?"

Zhu Li also looked angry, and immediately said angrily: "That is to say, the king of my Ancient Dragon clan has suddenly disappeared. If the king is still there, which round will be the Soul Palace in front of us, even if it is Hun Clan behind it, There is no such guts."

This is true.

The king of the Ancient Dragon clan is a person of the same age as the Ancient Emperor Tuo She.

It is the treasure of the ancient Emperor Tuo She, who was designed by the Ancient Emperor Tuo She to watch the door. After being trapped for thousands of years, it is really a miserable person.

Chen Mo nodded, immediately said: "Zhu Li Elder, I will summon people to go to Ancient Dragon Island."

Zhu Li nodded.


Because Supreme Elder is going to sit in Pill Tower, Chen Mo only brought three Elders from Pill Tower, that is, three heroes, and two others. Zun Peak, and Zhu Li rushed to Ancient Dragon Island.

Inside Space Crack, there is a strange passage filled with indifferently silver light. The passage extends to an unknown end, while Chen Mo and the others are flying fast in this passage.

"As expected of the Ancient Void Dragon, he was able to build this long-distance Spatial Teleportation passage with the help of one person."

Looking at the surrounding space passage, a little Pill A little amazement appeared in Tower's heart. Even the ordinary peak powerhouse, this kind of ability, may be somewhat difficult to do. It is possible to do this, and I am afraid that those who are fighting the powerhouse and the power of space can get it. The Ancient Dragon clan of Major Perfection.

In the front, Zhu Li is leading the way with the facial expression grave. Along the way, he just briefed a few people on the situation of the Ancient Dragon clan, and didn’t speak any more, browse tightly. knit seems to be worried about the battle on Ancient Dragon Island.

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