BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 496

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"It seems that you are the Chen Mo."

An old hoarse voice was spit out from Guyou’s mouth, and his eyes glowed with special enthusiasm. Staring at Chen Mo tightly, he said: "If you take your soul body back, the Palace Master will definitely remember the old man's great work."

Chen Mo raised his eyes and said slowly:" Soul Palace’s second Heavenly Venerate, Half Sage powerhouse, if you slaughtered you, even Soul Palace would be very distressed."

Then, Zhu Li, Guyou and cold noodles are all startled. , Guyou said sternly: "Old man is not Old Fourth. It seems that you still don’t know the difference between Half Sage and Dou Zun." Claw-like withered palms, moved towards Chen Mo, grabbed them in the air.

At the same time, Kun Huang also launched an attack on Zhang Xuanqing's three Half Sage.

Kun Huang is a 1-star Dousheng Late Phase.

Even facing the three Half Sages, they have the confidence to beat them.

The cold face attacked Zhu Li.

Zhu Li is the tenth turn of Dou Zun Peak, only one step away from Half Sage, but this step is also very different.

Faced with Guyou's fierce offensive, Chen Mo's complexion was calm. When that claw force was about to catch his body, the mark of Golden Crow between the eyebrows was bright, and it had already condensed to a total of 180 handles. The Divine Sword flew out in a flash.

Like ten thousand arrows, it broke the claw force that arrived in front of you, and moved towards Guyou enveloped it.

"soul attack!"

Guyou frowned, immediately shouted loudly, the black air on the billowing black mist surging out, and a huge black skull condensed in front of him , About ten meters long.

The knot was quickly formed in the hand, and the knot moved immediately.

The black skull opened its mouth suddenly, trying to swallow Chen Mo's Divine Sword as much as possible.

Seeing this, Chen Mo's mouth turned into a sneer.

Thoughts move, 180 soul swords, swept all into the black skull's mouth.


A loud noise, the black skull, was forcibly pierced by the soul sword, and the most important thing is that the location of the cave entrance was pierced. It was dissipated a little bit like a virus.

Guyou's muddy eyes slightly shrink, horrified: "Can swallow the power of soul..."

Chen Mo coldly smiled, the soul sword can swallow the power of soul, for Soul Palace For people, it is a natural nemesis.

Immediately with a finger move, the 180-handled soul-shaking sword squirmed slightly, and two more soul-shaking swords were born, with 182 at the moment.

Chen Mo sarcastically said: "Many thanks for the gift."

After speaking, Chen Mo raised his hand and moved his five fingers together. The 182 Shaan Soul Swords quivered slightly. I got up, moved towards Guyou and shot away.

On the way out of the burst, the 182 Soul Soul Swords gradually merged.

When I was still three feet away from Guyou.

The 182-handed soul sword condenses into a huge invisible sword, with a strong death chill, moving towards Guyou's heart pierced.

Guyou facial expression grave, I found that I looked down on Chen Mo a little, the silhouette fluttered, hiding behind the black skull again, and then took a deep breath lightly, and then vomited it out slowly.

"Ten Thousand Soul Bone Armour!"

Along with a hoarse cold, Guyou's mouth was drinking from ancient times, a thick black mist suddenly hiding the sky and The covering the earth surges out violently from its body, and the mournful scream resounds across the sky. The black mist is actually formed by countless soul bodies.

As soon as these souls appeared, they all adhered to the black skull. With the adhesion of countless souls, those riddled with holes were instantly repaired, and the black light surged. Bone Armor with black gloss appeared on the black skeleton.

On the Bone Armor, there are countless small bone fragments. Above these bone fragments, there is a hideous face. From a distance, these hideous faces are faint. Converged into a huge huge face.

The hideous color is terrifying.

When Chen Mo controlled the huge soul sword to turn around and stab it, this huge face opened a hideous mouth and even swallowed it.

But when the huge soul sword actually pierced in, Chen Mo suddenly felt something wrong, the power of destruction, and the extraordinary difficulty.

Chen Mo concentrated one's mind, spreading his palms and lifting them, pressing them down fiercely, as if Young Master used his own sword to break Sun Wukong's Golden Cudgel.

"break for me!"

Chen Mo screamed, on the huge body of the soul sword, an extremely hot Golden flame burst out, burning blazingly After that, it was like a big day.

It is Supreme Yang Divine Fire.

The Soul Sword was hidden by myself between the eyebrows. Naturally, it has undergone the warmth of Supreme Yang Divine Fire. After a long time, it is naturally stained with the power of Supreme Yang Divine Fire.

At this moment, under Chen Mo's mobilization, he burst out.


There was a loud noise, the empty space was silent, even the sound of the surrounding two great circles disappeared in an instant, but this silence only lasted For a moment, the earth-shattering explosion that made Heaven and Earth tremble, suddenly in the empty space, exploded...


Huge face After the explosion, the huge soul sword penetrated again from the black skull, carrying the Supreme Yang Divine Fire, fiercely piercing into Guyou's heart.


Chen Mo's lips lightly opened, and the Supreme Yang Divine Fire on the huge Soul Sword surged again, and in a short moment , Completely enveloped Guyou.

The wailing voice burst out from Guyou's mouth with exhaustion.

"second brother ..."

Seriously injured Zhu Li's cold face, originally wanted to give Zhu Li a final blow, seeing this situation, hurriedly flew over, A majestic black mist surged out of his body and enveloped Guyou's body.

"chi chi ..."

The weird sound of corrosion sounded, and the Supreme Yang Divine Fire went out a little bit.

And Guyou took the opportunity to grab the hilt of the huge Soul Sword and pull it out of the body little by little.

Chen Mo frowned, it seems that with this little method alone, he wants to kill a Half Sage, it is still a bit worse.

Chen Mo's palm was lowered, and countless black fragments swept out of his body, wrapped around his arm, and then moved towards the palm of his hand to converge little by little, and finally condensed into a black three chi long sword.

With a move of his stature, an afterimage of one after another burst out in the empty space, and finally he was in a posture of drawing his sword, and he cut out with one sword.

Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique's explosion of thousands zhang sword light, wrapped in the real power of slashing the sky, fiercely fell on Guyou's body.

There was no time to rescue the cold noodles.

There was a slight explosion.

Guyou, a Half Sage.

Just like this fell in this empty space.

Lengmian and Zhu Li looked dumbfounded.

Even Kun Huang and Zhang Xuanqing couldn't help but looked over, a little unbelievable.

Dou Zun cut Half Sage!

This also isn't this too ridiculous.

All this is so unprepared.

Chen Mo points to cold noodles, gloomily said: "It's your turn."

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