BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 497

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Hearing this, the cold noodle complexion greatly changed, in comparison, his strength is not as good as Guyou.

Guyou was slashed by Chen Mo.

Then he is not a matter of Yijian.

I'm scared of the cold face.

But Chen Mo wouldn't stop because he was scared. He swept in a flash and slashed over.

This sword is pure domineering power.

Seeing this, cold face eyes shrank, the first reaction is to want to run, silhouette like a thunder, running towards Kun Huang, I want to use him to resist Chen Mo.

But at this moment, Chen Mo's silhouette suddenly disappeared strangely.

Next moment, the completely unprepared appears in front of you.

The black long sword, like death, contained a horrible wind, and fiercely's head was chopped off against the cold face.


The words are not finished yet, such a swift lightning attack directly chopped the cold side's body in half, a sword intent that raged out, Swallowed all his vitality.

The second half Sage fell.

Zhu Li looked at Chen Mo dumbfounded, with an unbelievable expression on his face.

The dignified Half Sage, in the hands of Chen Mo, is like a chicken, duck and dog, with one move.

When was Half Sage so weak?

No, when should Dou Zun be so strong?


Seeing Guyou and Lengmian dying one after another, Kun Huang's face gradually became heavy, and at the same time, looking towards Chen Mo, his gaze was also full A touch of dread.

All Dou Zun cultivation base can kill Half Sage.

If it is not resolved as soon as possible, it will definitely become the enemy of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan in the future.

This thought flashed through Kun Huang's mind, and immediately wanted to ask Zhang Xuanqing to entangle him and kill Chen Mo.

And this Xuanqing trio is also known as the Pill Tower Three Sages. After practicing a combined Dou Technique, the three of them work together to perform, even if they are fighting against the real Sage, they can also fight against one of them.

Although Kun Huang cannot be defeated, there is no problem without him.

Chen Mo also saw the killing intent in Kun Huang's eyes. Without hesitation, he raised his sword again and killed him.

After Zhu Li swallowed the Medicinal Pill and adjusted some, he also killed Kun Huang.

Five players joined forces to fight Kun Huang alone.

The so-called two fists are hard to beat four hands, Chen Mo's desperate close fighting, also brought him a threat.

This made Kun Huang look very heavy. He lowered his head and looked at his embarrassed appearance at the moment. After a while, extremely angry laughed: "Okay, okay, okay, we have to fight the old man, that old The man will do you all."

Chen Mo Hearing this face is calm, but he is vigilant in his heart. He can feel that the vast Dou Qi in Kun Huang's body is fluctuating violently at this moment. One of the Heavenly Demon Three Phoenixes was also furious.


As the vast Dou Qi in Kun Huang's body is boiling, the empty space also trembles, and there is even a sound of thunder, which is amazing.

"Demon Phoenix Sacred Image!"

Kun Huang roared fiercely towards the sky, and immediately his body swelled and opened rapidly. The golden light burst into the room. thousand zhang The huge monster phoenix is ​​covering the heavens, shielding the sun appearing in the void space.

One after another The terrifying coercion spread out like a mountain, causing Zhang Xuanqing and the others to be terrified.

This Kun Huang turned into a body...

Magic Beast, which reached this level, once changed into a body, its strength increased by at least three levels.

"Take it to death!"

The giant Great Demon Phoenix transformed by Kun Huang, with its wings flapping lightly, the violent wind between Heaven and Earth is a masterpiece, his sharp beast eyes stare at Looking at Chen Mo, a cruel look flashed across his eyes. He wanted to kill this kid with the greatest potential first.


The thoughts flashed, Kun Huang had huge wings like thousands zhang, and suddenly shook. Suddenly, this empty space was about to shatter.

That huge giant shadow, at an astonishing speed, Tearing Space, so a huge black Space Crack flashed and hung horizontally in the empty space.

Soon thunderously tore to Chen Mo, even though it was still far away, the terrifying wind pressure was close to Chen Mo's body, the turbulence was like a wind blade, fiercely swept towards Chen Mo go.

"bang bang bang!"

Zhang Xuanqing and the three hurriedly resisted, and jointly resisted the powerful wind pressure.

But when Kun Huang's physical body arrived, feathers resembling iron essence on the body were scraped on the bodies of Zhang Xuanqing and the three of them, and they flew out.

"pu chi ..."

Under this impact, Zhang Xuanqing and the three directly drenched with blood, and even the eardrums were pressed by the violent approaching wind. The shock of blood flowed.

After flying off the three of them, Kun Huang's body was about to hit Chen Mo's body.

A golden giant of hundreds of feet, appeared behind Chen Mo's body, and forcibly collided with Kun Huang's body.


The huge body was hit, Kun Huang's body trembled, and the towering feathers were directly overturned.

"What is it?"

After Kun Huang was shaken back, he looked at the huge Golden silhouette with a dull face.

The golden giant stands in the empty space, the golden light shines, shining on Heaven and Earth, a mysterious and vast breath is also rolling out at this time, and the inexplicable coercion is shrouded in Heaven. and Earth.

The complexity of the people present was slightly changed.

They looked at the Golden Giant with facial expression grave, and saw that among the giants, there seemed to be rounds of Golden Days gradually raised.

After the retreat of Kun Huang, Chen Mo both hands forming seals, the next moment, loudly shouts in his heart:

"Nine Yang Power, Eight Suns Sky Wheel!"


The eight rounds of Golden Days gradually raised in the body of the immortality of the big sun, directly at this moment, crashed and violently broken, and suddenly the golden torrent swept past, following the immortal sun The body rushed past, and finally all was condensed on the giant palm of the immortal body.

The golden light shoots, even this empty space is illuminated.

Golden light quickly condenses on the giant palm of the indestructible to death. In the end, it turns into substance. The golden light spreads, directly condensing a golden light wheel about the size of a hundred zhang.

The Golden light wheel is like a golden plate, covered with mysterious and complex lines, simple and heavy, as if it has carried the years of Heaven and Earth, and it is far and vast.


Chen Mo stretched out his palm, facing the front, lightly pressing.


The golden light wheel, at this time, slowly turned, and the ancient lines on it also began to shine, and the surrounding space is even more in this way Under the rays of light, it twists sharply, as if it is about to shatter.

"dressed up as God, playing the Devil!"

Kun Huang looked at this scene, drank fiercely, his body was like a falling meteor from Nine Heavens, moved towards Chen Mo and pounced past.


Under the gaze of Zhang Xuanqing’s shocked eyes, Kun Huang’s huge body of the Demon Phoenix directly hit the Golden Light Wheel fiercely. Suddenly, there was a loud sound of heaven shaking, earth shattering, It was suddenly resounded from the sky, and the entire empty space trembled under this violent impact.

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