BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 498

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“bang! ”

Under the impact of Kun Huang’s fiercely, the Golden light wheel actually cracked one after another huge gap, and immediately, the light wheel The surface exploded and turned into thousands of light spots in the empty space.

And Kun Huang also flew out due to the explosion of the Golden Light Wheel.

His physical body was also hit fiercely, and it broke the blood.


Zhang Xuanqing, Zhu Li and the others couldn't help but take a cold breath, and their eyes were full of look of shock.

"Of course it was blocked, and it hurt him..."

Everyone was unbelievable.

"Damn it!"

Feeling the pain from the body, the beast's pupils swept twice, looking at the many blood holes in the body, the huge eyes In the pupil, there was also a touch of shock and anger, and a sharp shout from the sky.

The dazzling golden light, hiding the sky and covering the earth shoots out from its body, and under the rendering of the golden light, the feathers on Kun Huang's body actually shoot out, as if invulnerable. , indestructible and impregnable.

moved towards Chen Mo, Zhang Xuanqing and the others shrouded away.

Zhang Xuanqing's trio and their faces were shocked.

As soon as I was about to resist, Chen Mo's hand prints changed rapidly, and he lightly shouted:

"Nine Yang divine ability, nine Yang God flags!"

In the place where the great sun is immortal, the golden light surging suddenly, in that golden light, there is a golden flag forming, above the golden flag, there are nine rounds of golden great sun, a kind of strange wave, exudes, there is Swallowing The Sky Breath like the earth.

Looking at the blade approaching, Chen Mo's seal moved, only to see the huge golden flag, it shook fiercely, and brushed gently at the thousands of feather blades.


It is as if the golden light ripples visible by naked eye, rippling out of the void, that golden light seems to have a mysterious and incomparable power, any attack with the golden light brushing, it will be Be forcibly turned into nothingness.

Thousands of blades shot out suddenly, under this brush, instantly annihilated.

Kun Huang saw such a change, his pupils suddenly shrank, waiting for a strange attack, causing him to feel a trace of fear.

The beast pupil looked at Zhang Xuanqing and the others, and Kun Huang's heart sank. Under a few surprised eyes, he turned his head, flapped his wings, and ran away...


Zhang Xuanqing, Zhu Li and the others opened their mouths. The shock on their faces was unverbal. They didn't know what to say.

When Kun Huang's silhouette disappeared completely.

The day behind Chen Mo is immortal. Obviously, Chen Mo's face is slightly white.

It seems that this 1-star Fighting Saint is more difficult to deal with than he thought.

As for chasing, Chen Mo certainly can't catch up with Kun Huang.

Although his strength is comparable to him, his speed is far behind.

Zhu Li flew over, looked towards Chen Mo's pupils, with awe, and immediately said: "Mr. Chen Mo, you really shocked my chin!"

Chen Mo took out a Medicinal Pill from the Storage Ring and put it in his mouth. While refining, he said: "It's a fluke, take me to Zi Yan. So, Soul Palace and Heavenly Demon Phoenix can Sending a saint to ambush us, presumably she is not optimistic."

Hearing this, Zhu Li complexion greatly changed, and immediately anxiously said: "Come here..."

Regardless of the shock in my heart, the safety of Zi Yan is the top priority.


In the depths of empty space, a huge island floating in nothingness.

The periphery of the giant island is full of scarlet colors, as if it is soaked in blood, it looks quite gloomy.

One after another silhouette fought back and forth, as if to break through the defenses on the periphery of this huge island and rush into it.

And the defense of the giant island is composed of one after another densely packed silhouette and clusters, and the water around all directions of the giant island is blocked. These people look terrified and heavy. In their eyes, there are unyielding and unyielding. Strong fighting intent.

And in one of these battle circles.

"haha, your Ancient Dragon clan has oppressed me Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan for so many years. Today, I am finally returning to it."

Jiu Feng attacked Golden's Battle Armor , A pair of majestic wings moved slightly behind him. The most important thing is that as Heavenly Demon Phoenix, there is a dragon tail behind him. He looked at Zi Yan in front of him and licked his scarlet tongue. Mouth, gloomily said: "Hehe, Royal Clan Bloodline, if you eat you, my Dragon Phoenix body will definitely enter the complete mastery."

Zi Yan's palm holding Slaughter Dragon Sword is in Dripping blood, her condition is not good now, her cheeks are pale, her breath is sluggish, and her realm is not as good as Jiu Feng.

Not to mention, now Jiu Feng has evolved into Dragon Phoenix after devouring Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit.

This is an extinct species in ancient times. It has both Ancient Dragon bloodline and Heavenly Demon Phoenix bloodline, and its strength is multiplied.

"Zi Yan..." Elder of East Dragon Island screamed, but after the battle between Soul Palace powerhouse and Heavenly Demon Phoenix family powerhouse, he couldn't survive at all.

"jié jié, die."

Jiu Feng has already seen that Zi Yan is in an arrow at the end of its flight, so naturally he will not delay any more time, moved towards She killed it.

Zi Yan clenched her silver teeth and supported it firmly.

However, she couldn’t even escape Jiu Feng’s attack. Jiu Feng’s silhouette suddenly appeared in front of her like a ghost-like face. There was a hideous color on her face, directly It blasted on Zi Yan's chest like lightning.

There is still her heart.

"pu chi!"

I'm afraid the power rushed into the body from the chest, and that powerful force instantly caused Zi Yan to feel pain in his body. , The mouth spurt blood spit out, and the lovable body also flew out under the anxious gaze.

If it weren't for the physical fitness and the Golden Battle Armor body protection outside, I'm afraid it would be dead at this moment.

"Everything is over!"

Jiu Feng moved towards Zi Yan. She caught it, her flesh and blood, to herself, is a supplement.

When the powerhouse of East Dragon Island in other battle circles saw this scene, he was shocked and his eyes became blood red.


Jiu Feng has already given out a triumphant smile in advance, his palm speed is not reduced, however, just when his palm is about to fall on top of Zi Yan's head, a wave of invisible The hugeness of Jiu Feng was vented on Jiu Feng's body, and the huge Soul Power blasted Jiu Feng out.

"Who? Get out of me."

Jiu Feng fell to the ground and climbed up, a mouthful of red blood spurted from his mouth, his complexion was also very heavy, slowly raising his head, Looking at the void around him, a sorrowful color sounded.


But this word just fell, an invisible giant sword suddenly pierced Jiu Feng's behind his body and flew over, blood Shooting out from the body, Jiu Feng slowly lowered his head, looking at the blood hole in his chest, with an unbelievable expression on his face.

"young head of the clan." Seeing this scene, a powerhouse of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan flew over to Jiu Feng's side and found Jiu Feng's injuries.

"My woman, can you bully too?"

A white silhouette suddenly walked out of the void and came to Zi Yan's side.

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