BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 499

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Chen Mo helped Zi Yan up, and after giving her a lower pulse, he frowned involuntarily.


Between Chen Mo's frown, Zi Yan on the side coughed up a mouthful of blood, and his face was white as sheet. On the chest, the blood spread rapidly, eroding her body. Although there was a special physique resisting it, the waves of pain still made Zi Yan's face paler.

"You are here, trouble you."

Zi Yan wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, his pale face made people feel distressed, and even his voice sounded extremely weak.

"Don't talk." Chen Mo tapped the acupuncture points around Zi Yan's chest to stop the blood, then took out a high-end Medicinal Pill from the Storage Ring and fed it into Zi Yan In the mouth of Zi Yan, he immediately said, "Important exercises to adjust the breath."

This kind of tough attitude made Zi Yan's heart warm, and he felt lighter.

"He is Chen Mo?"

The Elders of East Dragon Island looked towards Chen Mo, and at the same time with a surprised look in their eyes.

Zhu Li went out to find the news that Chen Mo asked for help. They also knew about it.

"Guyou, did they fail?" The great Heavenly Venerate of Soul Palace frowned at the sudden appearance of the silhouette.

At this time, Zhang Xuanqing and several others also joined the battle.

With the emergence of Zhu Li.

The people of Soul Palace and Heavenly Demon Phoenix knew that the ambush had failed.

"Not good, the great Heavenly Venerate, the second Heavenly Venerate and the third Heavenly Venerate's Hun Yu are broken.” The powerhouse of Soul Palace reported to the great Heavenly Venerate.


Hearing this, the great Heavenly Venerate look furious, a majestic Dou Qi pouring out from his body, shaking the surrounding East Dragon Island Great Elder Backed away, the face was a little distorted.

Guyou and cold noodles are Half Sage.

The death of the two, even for Soul Palace, is a great loss, the foundation of the shaken Soul Palace.

There was a touch of horror in the eyes of many powerhouses around, and immediately looked towards Chen Mo, Zhang Xuanqing and the others.

Obviously, the death of Guyou and Lengmian cannot be separated from them.

Heavenly Demon Phoenix’s facial expression grave, Ying Huang, who checked Jiu Feng’s injury, quickly took out a jade piece from the Storage Ring. This jade piece was well preserved and could not help but relaxed.

This is Kun Huang's Hun Yu. Since it is not broken, it means he is fine.

But if it's okay, as a 1-star Dousheng Late Phase, why did he put Chen Mo in?

Could it be Chen Mo who defeated Kun Huang?

In order to understand the doubts in happiness, Ying Huang narrowed his eyes to look at Chen Mo who was taking care of Zi Yan, and said solemnly: "Who is your Excellency?"

Chen Mo Stretched her arm to Zi Yan's mouth and asked her to take a bite. After seeing her take a bite of blood, Chen Mo stretched out his hand and wiped it on his arm. The wound healed instantly, ice-cold saying: "Chen Mo."

"Chen Mo?"

Hearing this, Ying Huang's eyes suddenly flashed a touch of surprise.

Recently, the name Chen Mo has been making a lot of noise throughout Central Plain.

Pill Competition champion.

Pill Tower Chairman.

Tier Nine Alchemist.

Dou Zun powerhouse.

Ying Huang is naturally a little heard.

Such an innate talent, given time, aspirations to the battle will be just around the corner.

"It's him."

Soul Palace entire group complexion greatly changed.

Chen Mo's name, in theirs, but like thunder piercing the ear, even Palace Master has personally mentioned the existence several times.

It is one of Soul Palace's number one enemy.

Didn't expect, he unexpectedly appeared here.

The heavy eyes of the big Heavenly Venerate swept towards Chen Mo, his voice was low and cold: "Old Fourth was planted in your hands?"

Chen Mo's sweep indifferently He glanced at him and ignored it. Instead, he mobilized the spiritual power in Zi Yan's body to spin around in Zi Yan's body to help her speed up her breath adjustment.

With the help of Chen Mo and the effect of the Medicinal Pill swallowed into the body, Zi Yan's complexion has also recovered a little rosy, but still looks extremely weak, relying on Chen Mo's body.

The big Heavenly Venerate that is ignored is complexion sank. He who can’t get away can only command Ying Huang and say: "Kill him."

"No need You say."

Hearing the tone of Heavenly Venerate, which was like calling his subordinates, Ying Huang was very dissatisfied. He immediately replied, and immediately looked towards Chen Mo:

"Boy , This water is not something you can mix with. Since you have broken in, don't leave."

Kill, Ying Huang is definitely going to kill.

Today, no one can stop them from capturing East Dragon Island.

Chen Mo raised his eyes lightly. He still didn't say a word, but he was vigilant. When dealing with Kun Huang before, Chen Mo consumed a lot.

The big day is immortal, so there must not be so many spiritual power used.

In Ying Huang's eyes, Chen Mo had a record of killing Xuan Kong, but he didn't care too much.

He is a 1-star Dou Zun Middle Phase, how can he not deal with a trifling Dou Zun?

Ying Huang's eyes flickered, and after instructing the people around him to take care of Jiu Feng, he stepped out abruptly, and the stature moved towards Chen Mo as fast as lightning.

The sharp claw, grabbed Chen Mo's head directly.

"Burning Heaven Array picture, go."

As soon as Chen Mo's handprints are knotted, a red glow suddenly shoots out, forming a fire sea immediately, enveloping Ying Huang .

And he is also raising the right hand lightly, a group of black and blue flames rises up, a hot temperature and devastating breath spreads away.

"Heavenly Flame?"

Many people around have never seen Heavenly Flame. At this moment, looking at the black and blue flame in Chen Mo's hand, a touch of astonishment appeared on his face color.

But Chen Mo didn't care about the eyes of people around him, his left hand was raised slightly, and a group of Golden flame rose from his palm.

Then the two groups of flame were shot together and merged.

After the integration, Chen Mo mobilized Three Thousand Raging Fire again, and Bone Chilling Flame merged with it.

The four groups of "Heavenly Flame" fuse together, what people around you see.

One person is carrying four kinds of Heavenly Flame, what kind of perversion is this?

As the fifth Heavenly Flame rose from Chen Mo's palm, the eyes almost fell out.

Just after Chen Mo merged the Fallen Heart Flame in again, he was about to mobilize the Sea Heart Flame to fuse.

The Burning Heaven Array picture trapped by Ying Huang, was beaten back to its original shape by Ying Huang and returned to Chen Mo's body.

Seeing this, Chen Mo knew that it was too late to reintegrate.

Chen Mo slaps both palms fiercely, and a head-sized, multi-colored fire lotus is suddenly condensed.

At the moment it was condensed, a breath of death diffused from the Fire Lotus, making everyone's heart tremble.

Chen Mo gently pushed, Fire Lotus turned into a beautiful trail, moved towards Ying Huang and swept away.

The speed seems to be slow, but in fact it surpasses lightning.

Fire Lotus spins rapidly.

Ying Huang's inexplicable eyes shrank did not resist, but wanted to escape.

Chen Mo saw his behavior. When the Fire Lotus was approaching him, the knots in his hands quickly knotted, and he spit out:


The voice fell, and the Fire Lotus exploded.

The devastating gorgeous flame storm swallowed Ying Huang in an instant.

An energy wave with an explosion range exceeding a few thousand zhang, moved towards all around swept out.

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