BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 500

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That large area of ​​space is all the Darkness voids that burst into pieces in this instant. On the ground, terrifying winds are pouring down, wind and sand and rocks.

The surrounding powerhouses are all involved. Jiu Feng, Chen Mo and Zi Yan are no exception.

Chen Mo flew away with Zi Yan.

Jiu Feng is sheltered by the powerhouse of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family.

In this brief moment, everyone can clearly see that the ground within thousand zhang is being scraped away at a speed visible to naked eye, huge Cracks, like an earthquake, continue to spread from the depths of the earth.

Looking at the devastating storm that swept across at that moment, together with the East Dragon Island Great Elder who was fighting against the Great Heavenly Venerate, they all looked surprised.

Heavenly Demon Phoenix family and Soul Palace’s powerhouse, their complexion is even more ugly. They are really unimaginable. With the strength of Chen Mo’s 2-Star Dou Zun, they can actually perform such a terrifying experience. attack.


The flame storm filled with destructive energy filled the sky, and Ying Huang, who was suffering a heavy blow at the center of the storm, suddenly turned into a huge Sky Phoenix, moved towards rushed out of the storm.

But even so, the huge energy was still poured out on Ying Huang's huge body, and then there was a violent tremor, even in the many horrified eyes, it burst with a bang. , Changed into a human form again, like a meteor, fiercely smashed to the ground.

"pu chi!"

That Ying Huang directly a mouthful of blood was sprayed out, his face was pale, and it was obviously affected by quite strong influence.

And Chen Mo is not comfortable with them.

Although it was immediately swept away.

But it has been affected by the flame storm and suffered a blow, but it is not as serious as Ying Huang.

"pu chi!"

Jiu Feng was severely injured by Chen Mo with a sword. At this moment, he was affected by the flame storm. After a mouthful of blood was shaken out, Fainted directly.

See this scene.

Whether it is the powerhouse of the Ancient Dragon family.

It is still the powerhouse of Soul Palace and Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, both complexion slightly changed, unbelievable.

Great Heavenly Venerate complexion ashen, looking at the three more Half Sages on the battlefield, Ying Huang also suffered heavy losses there.

Soul Palace and other powerhouses of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan are besieging other Dragon Island, so they must not be able to come to help.

Heavenly Venerate knows that if we continue to fight, we won’t get the results we deserve, and we might even overturn the car.

The unwilling fiercely clenched the teeth, glanced resentfully at Chen Mo, and ordered a retreat.

The people at Soul Palace didn't dare to ask why, they began to withdraw and retreat one by one.

The Heavenly Demon Phoenix family saw Soul Palace withdrawn.

Ying Huang and Jiu Feng were seriously injured again and they had to withdraw.

The Ancient Dragon clan and Chen Mo did not chase them either.

Even if it can be chased, there is no result, and it may cause the enemy to anxiously cause an accident.

"Won it?"

Looking at the evacuation of Soul Palace and Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, Clan Leader of Ancient Dragon clan opened his mouth and looked at each other. After a while, he was ecstatic The color finally quickly emerged from his eyes, and the cheers resounded like thunder in this void.

"Then Chen Mo is so extraordinary, he can beat the 1-star Dousheng Middle Phase's Ying Huang with Dou Zun's realm..."

East Dragon Island Those Elders who have avoided a catastrophe are also delighted.

Without Chen Mo’s help, East Dragon Island would definitely be destroyed by Soul Palace and Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan.

The gap in East Dragon Island will be opened, north and southwest. The time when the three empty islands are destroyed is not far away.

"Clean the battlefield and build fortifications to prevent the Soul Palace and Heavenly Demon Phoenix from sneak attacks."

The Great Elder of East Dragon Island did not relax his vigilance. After a glance, he ordered Go down.



After arrangement, the Elders of East Dragon Island, led by Zhu Li, came to Chen Mo’s before.

"Mr. Chen Mo, this is my Great Elder Kurosu from East Dragon Island, Second Elder is here to solve..."

Zhu Li one after another introduced.

"Hello, just call me Chen Mo." Chen Mo said weakly and pale.

"Mr. Chen Mo is the great benefactor of my Ancient Dragon clan, and he is worshipped by the old man." Kurosu moved towards Chen Mo with a respectful voice.

The current Chen Mo can't help but accept it with a wry smile.

After all, Chen Mo and Zi Yan are both deeply injured.

Hei Qi didn't talk much. After saying a few words, he arranged for someone to take Chen Mo down to heal his injuries.

The place where Chen Mo healed his injuries was the Void Space Lightning Pond of the Ancient Dragon clan.

According to the description in the original book.

Void Space Lightning Pond is a thunder gathering place near East Dragon Island. It is extremely dangerous, and even Dou Zun powerhouse dare not enter easily.

In the depths of the Void Space Lightning Pond, there is a black lightning area, and this black lightning area is composed of black demonic thunder that can only be induced by refining the Tier Nine Medicinal Pill .

It is even mentioned in the original work that in the deepest part of the Void Space Lightning Pond, a Nine Black Gold Lightning was born.

Nine Black Gold Lightning, if there is a lightning ranking, Nine Black Gold Lightning can be ranked second or third.

Only when Tier Nine Golden Core is refined, this Nine Black Gold Lightning will appear in the world. Every time this Thunder comes out, it is heaven shaking, earth shattering, Heaven and Earth trembled for it.

Fighting powerhouses are all insignificant under their thunder power. In some ancient books, there is no shortage of Alchemists who have reached the Peak. They recruited them when they refined the Tier Nine Golden Core. Here comes the World Mysterious Anomaly.

Tier Nine Medicinal Pill is divided into Precious Pill, Black Pill and Golden Core.

Tier Nine Golden Core, that is only the existence of Emperor Dan.

This kind of thunder, Chen Mo now dare not touch it.

I can only absorb black demonic thunder.

As for why the ancient people brought Chen Mo to the Void Space Lightning Pond.

Chen Mo asked specifically about East Dragon Island and there is no place for thunder to gather.

That's why I brought him here.

Chen Mo placed Lu, who is still the Earth Monster Puppet, on the periphery of the Void Space Lightning Pond, allowing him to absorb the Power of Thunder advanced Heaven Monster Puppet.

And he himself walked towards the depths of the Void Space Lightning Pond.

I came to the black demonic thunder area and sat down directly.

The black demonic thunder will not stop surging because of someone coming, and will directly move towards Chen Mo.

Chen Mo directly operated the Taishang Hunyuan Jue, condensing an invisible black hole on the head, and Saint Physique Second Layer used it to directly absorb the refining.

And in his body, one after another unusually pure and vigorous energy began to flow into his body. While replenishing the spiritual power in his body, it nourishes his body, and Chen Mo also stimulates Human at the same time. Sovereign bloodline, restore the injury in the body.

One day has passed.

With the help of black demonic thunder, Chen Mo's injury gradually became fully recovered.

And there are not many black demonic thunders in this area.

Chen Mo took a deep breath and planned to take another external force to swallow all the black demonic thunders in this area and strive for a breakthrough to the 3-Star Dou Zun.

Chen Mo closed his eyes and began to absorb refining again.

In the depths of the quiet Void Space Lightning Pond, thunder bursts, and several python-like black demonic thunders, whizzing and moving, with such momentum, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

This kind of landscape, even if Dousheng came, he would feel sigh.

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