BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 501

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In the black sea of ​​thunder and lightning, there is a vortex-like existence, one after another black thunder roars entrenched, surrounding that place tightly, but , No matter how fierce they impact, that area is like a bottomless pit that is dissatisfied.

No matter how many black demonic thunders come in, in the end, they are all in a flash, disappeared...

In the center of this vortex, a silhouette sits volley, one After another black thunder arcs burst out of his skin from time to time, setting off the black hair and white robe, an image of a worldly expert.

Swallowing like this is destined not to be short-lived. After countless years of evolution, this Void Space Lightning Pond has reached a very terrifying point in the number of thunders. Only black demonic thunders are relatively small. That's it.

Void Space Lightning Pond is hidden in the vast empty space. There are few people. Even some Dousheng powerhouses who occasionally break into this place do not dare to enter it easily.

Therefore, Chen Mo's cultivation progressed very smoothly without being disturbed.

During cultivation, time is not easy to detect and dazzling is fleeting.

One month later, Chen Mo's realm successfully broke through to 3-Star Dou Zun.

This is the effect he achieved by swallowing all the black demonic thunder in this area.

From this, we can see how powerful Chen Mo needs every breakthrough 1-star.

A glance at all around, the black demonic thunder has been swallowed up by him, and the rest are just some ordinary thunders. Although these thunders are difficult to deal with even the powerhouse of Dou Zun, but for the present For him, the effect has been small.

I want to break through 4-Star again, It's definitely impossible.

Chen Mo shook the head, ready to fly away.

Suddenly a book of Heaven Class middle level Dou Technique of Thunder Attribute came to mind.

This is the reward given by the system by capturing goodwill when getting along with Queen Medusa.

It's just that Chen Mo was lingering with Queen Medusa and Die at that time, so he forgot the Dou Technique behind his head and forgot to give it to Wen Qingwan to practice.

Now there happens to be the Void Space Lightning Pond, Chen Mo can try it.

His cultivation is too high and has no requirements for Dou Technique's attributes.

Any Dou Technique of attribute, he can cultivation, and there is no speed effect compared with Thunder Attribute cultivator.

Dou Technique's name is very rough, just two words "thunder burst."

And there is only one trick: Thunder Wanjun!

Call Wan Lei to do it for me.

Chen Mo's mind came up with the "thunder burst" cultivation method. He immediately closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and took the accumulated sudden enlightenment time it takes to burn a stick of incense one after another. Used it out.

He hopes to be able to "explode" cultivation success in the shortest time.

Currently, Chen Mo’s high-level Dou Techniques are only Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique and Buddha's Fury Flame Lotus. (The Great Sun Immortal, Great Sage Jue, Battle Saint Art, etc. are not counted...)

The Great Star Technique is a divine ability.

It's too single, it doesn't hurt to learn one more thunder technique.

Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique is only Heaven Class primary level.

If Lei Bang is perfected by his own cultivation success, the formidable power is definitely stronger than Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique.

Cultivation has no years.

A month in the past.

If you count the age, Chen Mo is over thirty.

Opening his eyes tightly closed for a month, Chen Mo’s pupils also had indifferently black lightning flash flickering. With his mouth slightly opened, there was a deep thunder coming down his throat:

"Smash Darkness with thunder!"

"Thunder is awesome!"

A thunder-like breath comes out from Chen Mo's mouth. , He stood up, his robe burst suddenly, and there was a burst of crisp thunderbolts in his body, a sense of majestic and infinite strength, like a giant dragon lurking in the muscles of his chest and arms.

The thunder of the Void Space Lightning Pond is densely packed around Chen Mo at this moment, his hair slams up, and there are thunder snakes in his hair.

A giant dragon-like black thunder appeared at Chen Mo's feet, raising that haughty head, and a bucket-like black thunder pillar roared from the giant dragon's mouth.

"Thunder burst, complete mastery..."

Chen Mo slightly sensed his lower body, muttered: "If Kun Huang appears in front of him again, he will never let him Run away, and cooperate with Third Stage's Great Sage Art. Even if it is 2-Star Fighting Saint, I should be able to fight it..."

"It's time to go out, Elder Zhang, they may be waiting I'm anxious..."

Chen Mo's mind moved, the rays of light flashed between his fingers, and a slender black robe enveloped his body, stature moved towards Void Space Lightning Pond.

When he came to the periphery of Void Space Lightning Pond, Lu Chenggong advanced into Heaven Monster Puppet.

After two months of thunder forging, the strength is around 2-Star Dou Zun.

Collect Lu into the Storage Ring and Chen Mo moved towards East Dragon Island.


When Chen Mo returned to East Dragon Island again, the almost completely new island made Chen Mo slightly stunned.

In addition, under the detection of system, there are seven or eight people in the powerhouse of East Dragon Island alone. No wonder it has been able to support it for so long before.

This is only East Dragon Island, if the four islands are unified.

I am afraid that the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan would not dare to join Soul Palace to attack...

But the Ancient Dragon clan wanted to be unified.

It's not that easy.

According to the description of the original book, North Dragon King is a wild ambition generation, and it also holds an ancient great spell. In addition, the Ancient Dragon Island is split so that the hearts of the people are uneven.

If you want to be unified, only martial power can solve it.

And the current East Dragon Island does not yet have the unified strength...


The sky above East Dragon Island is more defensive than In the past, there was a lot of strictness, and a pair of Ancient Dragon guards with dragon wings shaking behind crossed patrolling.

When Chen Mo passed by them, he was immediately one after another, his guarded gaze swept, and his weapons were all clenched. When he discovered the identity of the visitor, the vigilance on his face suddenly turned into respect. After giving a salute to Chen Mo, he retreated.

Chen Mo rescued East Dragon Island, and they heard that he was still Zi Yan's partner, and their respect became even greater.

After asking the location of Zi Yan, Chen Mo silhouette flickered and appeared in a secluded courtyard.

"Chen Mo."

Zi Yan’s injury was very serious. He came to find himself with a surprise smile on his face.

"How is your injury, is it all right?" Chen Mo looked at Zi Yan, said with a smile.

When I heard Chen Mo’s first sentence, he was concerned about his injury. Zi Yan felt warm in his heart, but when Chen Mo’s eyes were faintly discernable, his face was inexplicable. Yihong, then curl one's lip said: "What are you looking at!"

"You didn't hurt it, let me see if there are any scars..." Chen Mo teased after landing.

Hearing this, Zi Yan's face flushed a little, and he said in embarrassment: "Is there any scar left, none of your business, and can you see this place casually?"

"You are my woman, don't you let me see who can?" Chen Mo laughed.

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