BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 502

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"Last...Last time I let you see, you didn’t pretend to watch it. It’s too late now."

If you lose, you don’t lose, Zi Yan won’t Because of Chen Mo's words, I was embarrassed.

"It's not too late."

After more than two months of retreat, Chen Mo is inevitably a little itchy. Although he said before that he would eat Zi Yan when he got married, but It's always okay to take advantage now.

Immediately he hugged Zi Yan's waist and pulled her into the courtyard.

Since the change back to the original shape, Zi Yan's figure can be described as perfect, and none of the women around Chen Mo can match it.

Adding a small dragon woman has a bonus...

As soon as he entered the room, Chen Mo moved around the door with his feet and held Zi Yan’s head, which means he kissed her red lip.

"wu wu ..."

Zi Yan has only received one kiss in total, and he is obviously inexperienced. Which is the opponent of an old driver like Chen Mo.

After a passionate kiss, Zi Yan couldn't find Bei and was bullied by Chen Mo.

After teaching some musical instruments, he was beaten wildly by Zi Yan's fist.

Chen Mo sits on a chair, put Zi Yan in his arms, sits on his lap, rubbing her long legs, and saying: "What are you going to do on Ancient Dragon Island? Dealing with it?"

Zi Yan is not used to such an intimate move. After a few twists, he said:

"This time, the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family and Soul Palace used East Dragon Island As a breakthrough, East Dragon Island suffered heavy losses. I originally planned to unify the entire Ancient Dragon Island within five years, but now it seems that it may be delayed."

-Star Fighting Saint, North Dragon King I heard that it is still 2-Star Fighting Saint Late Phase. With the current situation of East Island, no island can deal with it.

"Do you want me to help?" Chen Mo said this last time, but was rejected by Zi Yan. She said it was a family affair for the Ancient Dragon family. She wanted to deal with it by herself and explained that it was not She doesn’t treat Chen Mo as her own person, but she wants to rely on herself...

Zi Yan took a deep look at Chen Mo, and immediately rested her head on Chen Mo’s shoulders. If she was last time And if capital refuses.

Now, if Chen Mo doesn't help, unify the Ancient Dragon Island, it will be a year of the monkey, un'ed like a mosquito and fly.

Chen Mo gently pinched the meat on Zi Yan’s thigh, and said immediately:

"Then, you let Great Elder move out from East Dragon Island, first let it to North Dragon King, they, go back to the Pill Tower with me, and wait for the Late Phase to gain strength, and then come back."

"The Soul Palace and Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan don’t know if they have left completely, I and Elder Zhang must not stay here for a long time, and Pill Tower also needs defense, so after Elder Zhang and I leave, East Dragon Island will not be safe..."

Hearing this, Zi Yan A dignified touch was found on the cheeks, and immediately said solemnly: "East Dragon Island is the root of the Great Elder, I am afraid they will not leave so easily."

"This has to persuade you to talk about the interests. Come out, the so-called Qing Shan is left, not afraid that there will be no firewood, and the location of Ancient Dragon Island has been exposed, Soul Palace may reinforce at any time."

Chen Mo said solemnly.

Hearing this, Zi Yan's face also sinks, and immediately purse one's lip: "I'll talk to Great Elder them later."



After struggling with Strength of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers, Zi Yan moved out of his Royal Clan Bloodline identity, and finally moved the Great Elder and the others, and they agreed to move.

In the square of East Dragon Island.

The clansman of the Ancient Dragon family gathered here. At this moment, their eyes are all on Chen Mo and the others in the center of the square.

"Taixu Gu Clan clan has always been rewarded for grace. You saved the Ancient Dragon clan in a moment of crisis. This kindness, each of our clansman will not forget, the Ancient Void Dragon clan, it will be you eternal friends."

See you again, Kurosu naturally did not forget to say a series of scenes, and then he started to talk about the business: "East Dragon Island thousands of Ancient Dragon clansman, if you want to completely transfer, Scored batches, if you transfer at the same time, the movement will be too big..."

"I have a way."

Chen Mo laughed, and immediately took out a palm from the Storage Ring The -size silver vessel is spread out on the palm.


Heiqi and Zi Yan are unclear about why.

"Look at it."

Chen Mo's boat was thrown into the sky, still saying mantra.

As a large shadow enveloped the entire square, a huge 5-Layer silver flying boat with several hundred zhang hovered in the air and appeared in the eyes of everyone.

Seeing this scene, the people of the Ancient Dragon clan in the square were all in an uproar.

Kurosu's face also flashed a touch of surprise, but after all, he was a person who had seen the big scene, and his eyes were still calm.

Zi Yan guessed: "Spaceship?"

People below Dou Zun, when passing through the space passage, must take the spaceship, otherwise they will be passed by the space. Swallowed.

The flying boat in front of you is indeed a bit like a luxury space ship.

It's just this size, and it's too big.

"Almost, but it is much more powerful than the space ship. It is called the Thor flying boat. It can absorb Power of Thunder to open the space passage, and it can also be used in water and air." Chen Mo briefly explained .

Hearing this, Heiqi and Zi Yan were a little shocked.

Compared with this, the role of the spacecraft is relatively single, and can only be used as a means of transportation in the space passage...

However, Kurosu did not ask much about this ship. Where did the clansman from the Ancient Dragon clan get on board after a glance with Zi Yan.

As for the space passage, Kurosu opened it himself.

In this regard, the Ancient Dragon family is good at it.


Back to Pill Tower again, Chen Mo first arranged for Kurosu and the others to meet Supreme Elder.

After saying hello.

Heiqi, as the powerhouse of the fighting sage, directly opened up a Small World in the inner void of Sacred Pill City, and then moved out a piece of Desolate Land and moved a mountain range as the land of Small World.

East Dragon Island this lineage, temporarily inhabits this small world.

After that, Chen Mo took Zi Yan to see Queen Medusa and the others, and let Zi Yan meet his daughter by the way.

Unexpectedly, I ran into Cheng Huai who had returned from the Beastland on the way, and...

"Original, fortunately, I will give you Qing Lin. Bring it back." Cheng Huai said to Chen Mo respectfully, and immediately moved a step aside, revealing the black clothed woman behind.

Seeing the big and slim beauty who is only one head lower than himself, Chen Mo is a bit unable to connect with the weak and weak little girl Qing Lin before, and his face is a little weird, but there is a kind of intuition in his heart. But telling him.

The current woman is Qing Lin.

"Qing Lin, how long has it been since I haven't seen you, didn't you know me? I haven't changed so much, right."

Chen Mo smiled and said.

The moment Qing Lin saw Chen Mo, his body trembled fiercely. A pair of beautiful eyes opened wide, just because of his introverted personality, he didn't take the initiative to speak.

At this moment, hearing Chen Mo's familiar voice, Qing Lin's unstoppable longing could no longer be suppressed, his eyes were moist, and he stammered: "Lou...Lord. "

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