BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 504

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Hearing this, Qing Lin had to blush and nodded, and when he came to the bed, with his back facing Chen Mo, he quickly took off his clothes.

Soon, a smooth white jade back appeared in front of Chen Mo.

Seeing this Mu, Chen Mo didn't have any ripples in his heart. The so-called experience, alone, can't shake Chen Mo's heart.

"It hurts a little bit, I hold it back."

After coming to the bed and sitting down, Chen Mo right hand lightly lifted, undying the magic flame suddenly rose from the palm of his hand, The hot temperature suddenly spread in the room.

Even the girls in the courtyard outside felt it.

It seems to be really detoxifying...

Qing Lin is un'ed like a mosquito and fly.

Chen Mo took a deep breath to control the undying magic inflammation, the right palm seal was on Qing Lin’s jade back, the undying magic inflammation on the palm suddenly penetrated Qing Lin’s skin and entered her body .

A huge pain hit, causing Qing Lin's white teeth to bite tightly.

At this moment, behind Qing Lin, a mysterious tattoo appeared.

The tattoo, when you look closely, it seems like an entrenched python.

But this python has nine snake heads...


Suddenly, one of the snake heads of the Nine Headed Snake closed tightly The snake boy suddenly opened and let out a roar. Suddenly, an aggressive breath moved towards Chen Mo rushed towards Chen Mo.


When the thought moves, soul power surging out from between the eyebrows, condenses into an invisible shield around the body, resisting this aggressive breath Down.

“bang! ”

At this time, the nine snake-headed snake pupils on the tattoo were all opened. Suddenly, a fierce breath poured into Chen without warning. In Mo's mind, wanting to control Chen Mo's consciousness, a majestic spiritual power swept out of his body.

peng peng peng!

There was a sudden explosion in the room, even the windows and doors were broken open, and the powerful breath rushed out of the room.

The girls who were talking in the courtyard heard the movement, and the complexion was suddenly changed slightly. The faces of Queen Medusa and Dieji were worried, and they hurriedly went over to check.

Such movement is caused by Chen Mo dispelling the tyrannical aura in his mind.

In the room, Chen Mo's robe agitated and temporarily stopped detoxifying Qing Lin.

A pair of star eyes staring at the tattoo behind Qing Lin.

"Husband, are you okay?" Queen Medusa and the others rushed into the room and quickly asked about Chen Mo.

When they saw the tattoo behind Qing Lin, their expressions were shocked.

"This is?"

"Don't come."

Chen Mo screamed.

At this moment, a huge silhouette rushed out of the tattoo behind Qing Lin, opening his huge mouth like lightning, and biting at Chen Mo.

"Mysterious Tortoise Art!"

Lightly shouted, a strand of azure glow bloomed from Chen Mo's body, and immediately condensed into a huge azure tortoise shell phantom.

The huge silhouette that was bitten down suddenly seemed to hit an invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable wall.


The powerful force spread out and the bed burst instantly. Chen Mo and Qing Lin sat cross-legged in midair. Because of the shelter of the huge silhouette, Qing Lin was fine.

This huge silhouette is a giant snake with nine ferocious snake heads. The entire body of the giant snake is red, as if the blood has been deposited for countless years. The fiendish qi described as skyrocketing is diffuse and open.

At this moment, it was biting an azure tortoise shell phantom, and it almost broke its tooth just now.

Seeing it is still fierce.

Queen Medusa yelled: "impudent!"

The voice fell, and a scarlet python rushed out of Queen Medusa’s body and appeared on top of Queen Medusa’s head, a pair The dragon wings eject from behind the python, like covering the heavens, shielding the sun, and roar at the Hydra.

Like thunder, it exploded in the room, causing the entire courtyard to tremble fiercely a few times.

With this roar, the huge body of Nine Headed Snake was also a meal. In the blood-red eyes, a struggling color suddenly appeared. After a while, the blood-redness quickly faded and returned to Qing Lin's tattoo. .

And Qing Lin also passed out suddenly and fell into Chen Mo's arms.

Chen Mo pulled the bedding over Qing Lin's body and stood up.

"Husband, are you okay?" Queen Medusa retracted python and came to Chen Mo's side, worried.

"It's okay, it can't hurt me."

Chen Mo brows slightly wrinkle, if you don't guess wrong, the nine snakes should be Ancient Heavenly Snake.

By mobilizing Heavenly Flame into Qing Lin's body, it should think that it is not good for Qing Lin, so it comes out to protect the lord.

This guy, an ancient Remnant Soul in the original book.

But at first, it was not controlled by Qing Lin, but when he grows up, he can fight against the powerhouse of Dousheng.

Hearing this, the worries on Queen Medusa and the others' faces disappeared, Queen Medusa asked: "Husband, what happened just now?"

Chen Mo tells what happened and guesses Told them.

Hearing this, Queen Medusa looked stunned.

Ancient Heavenly Snake, that is the ancient Magic Beast that has been extinct since ancient times.

Existence comparable to ancient Sky Phoenix and Dragon Phoenix.

In ancient times, serpent race really had the royal bloodline Peak Magic Beast, and there were only two types, one is Ancient Heavenly Snake, and the other is Heaven Swallowing Python.

Current Peak serpent race, such as Nine Underworld Python, are just their descendants.


When Qing Lin woke up, Chen Mo told her what had happened before.

After her confirmation, Nine Headed Snake is Ancient Heavenly Snake.

Qing Lin began to talk about the history of her obtaining Ancient Heavenly Snake.

"If this Tian She has a body, I can't control it at all, but this guy is just a soul, and I don't take the initiative to control it, but it depends on me for being here." Qing Lin's With helplessness on his little face, he said:

"However, as my strength increases, the resistance of this thing is getting weaker and weaker. I must be able to control it easily in the future."


Chen Mo nodded.

"Worries you." Qing Lin said with a blunder.

"It's okay." Chen Mo rubbed Qing Lin's head, and immediately said: "Then you can communicate with it. I want to detoxify you. It's not the same thing that it still runs out."

"en. I see."

Qing Lin casts Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils. In the pupils filled with dark green colors, three small dots quickly Enlarged, and finally turned into three monster dark green flowers, rotating around the pupils fast.

Looking at these three weird dark green flowers, Queen Medusa suddenly shook, and then shook her head violently, dispelling the thought.

This Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils has an impact on herself...

Queen Medusa can't help but stunned secretly.

After communicating with Ancient Heavenly Snake, Qing Lin blushed and said to Chen Mo: "Okay, it won't come out again."

"Then I will come again Now."

"en. ”

After removing the poison for Qing Lin, Die and Wen Qingwan also made dinner.

With Ning Shuang'er, Han Yue Han Xue beat him and cooked more than 20 dishes.

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