BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 505

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"The fish soup made by Qingwan younger sister is delicious, Husband, try it."

In the courtyard, there is a huge stone table. , Is full of delicious food, beautiful and alluring beautiful women in dress, sitting around the stone table, and among these beautiful women, sitting a handsome youth in a white robe.

Youth is Chen Mo.

His right hand is sitting with Queen Medusa holding Zijin, and his left hand is a butterfly.

At this moment, the butterfly is scooping a spoonful of fish soup and feeds it intimately to Chen Mo's mouth.

Chen Mo took a sip: "Well, yes, it's very fresh. Qingwan's cooking skills have gone up again."

Go ahead and glance at Wen Qingwan on the opposite side.

The women gathered at the table. After all, Wen Qingwan had a thinner face. At the moment, she blushed and lowered her head.

Chen Mo didn't add food to anyone, because it is inevitable that everyone would like to think she doesn't like me more.

Therefore, Chen Mo spoiled his good daughter while eating the food, and said: "Zijin, what do you like to eat? Daddy will give you a folder."

However, Zi Jin ignored his own father, staring at Ya Fei who was poking the trotters with chopsticks with small eyes, and cried out milkyly: "Aunt Ya Fei, what are you eating...what do you eat? Look. It tastes so good, and Zijin wants to eat too."

Hearing this, Ya Fei, who felt that he had been left out, raised his head and saw the cute face of Zijin, his eyes suddenly Exuding the brilliance of maternal love: "Zi Jin, come here to let Auntie hug and Auntie feed you pig's trotters."

Zi Jin did not immediately agree, but looked back and looked at his relatives with a dull expression on his face. Mother, Queen Medusa, who is the mother of her own, peeled the crab shell gracefully, and did not speak.

"" After speaking, Zijing opened his small hands and hugged Queen Medusa's arm.

Queen Medusa raised her mouth slightly, and immediately said: "Since your Aunt Ya Fei wants to hug, Zijin, you can go and hug her. It's not a problem to always stay here for your mother."


"Yes, mother." Zijin was nodded, released Queen Medusa, moved towards Ya Fei and flew away.

Seeing this, the women on the stone table felt a little bit pressured inexplicably.

Chen Mo's heart sank silently, and said in secret: "It's over, father and daughter were crushed by Qingmo."

Queen Medusa gave birth to a son for Chen Mo. Later, Chen Mo was distressed when he saw the appearance of Queen Medusa at the time, so from then on, Chen Mo spoiled Queen Medusa even more.

Queen Medusa's status at home is basically the kind of stand by one's word.

After the meal, Chen Mo noticed that he was kicked under the table. He raised his eyes to see that it was Ya Fei.

I saw her looking at herself with a grimace at the moment.

Helpless, Chen Mo could only get up and clip her a big pig's hoof.

But she is comforted here.

Queen Medusa stopped coughing here.

I asked what she likes to eat. When she was about to clip Queen Medusa, Die pulled Chen Mo's robe again, pouting at Chen Mo, as if to say: "I am Madam, and I'll feed you fish soup..."

No way, Chen Mo can only clip the butterfly first, and then Queen Medusa.

Take care of both, Chen Mo is not too cold, Xiao Yi Xian, Song Qingjun and others.

Originally a simple home-cooked meal, forcibly eating out the feeling of harem contention.

After eating, Chen Mo slipped away.

No matter how late it is, maybe it won’t take it anymore.


Flower Sect.

Sect Master peak.

Since becoming the Sect Master of Flower Sect, with Flower Sect Great Elder as the endorsement and Chen Mo as the background, Yun Yun has mastered Flower Sect in just a few months.

Just waiting for the matter at hand to be dealt with, Yun Yun planned to go out for out traveling reasons, and return to Pill Tower to reunite with Chen Mo.

Yun Yun wears a snow-white Sect Master dress gown, with a string of necklaces rubbed in his hand, looking out at the moonlight, with longing in his eyes.

At this moment, a "Teacher" interrupted Yun Yun's thoughts.

"Yanran, you are here." Yun Yun turned around and looked at the retreat for several years. After leaving the customs, it was already the Douzong powerhouse, and the beautiful and beautiful Nalan Yanran appeared on the face. A smile appeared.

Nalan Yanran smiled and walked in front of Yun Yun, his hands were twisted together behind the back, blinked, and said: "Is Teacher thinking about the host?"

This It is not a shameful thing, and Nalan Yanran has known the relationship between the two for a long time. Yun Yun has not concealed it, so please be gentle.

Nalan Yanran said: "Teacher, now I am a finished apprenticeship."

"en." Yun Yun smiled and touched Nalan Yanran's head.

"Then can I stop calling you Teacher?"


"Teacher, you look younger than me, you I look like sisters. From now on, we will not be commensurate with master and disciple. How about changing sisters?" Nalan Yanran boldly said.

Hearing this, Yun Yun frowned: "Definitely not, this is against etiquette, how decent it is."

"I just think it's called Teacher, I feel like Teacher... You are a bit old..." Nalan Yanran said again.

"Yanran, what's wrong with you? Why don't you want to call Teacher?"

Yun Yun put his hands on Nalan Yanran's shoulders, with concern in his eyes.

"No...what, I just think it’s kinder to be called sister than...Teacher, since Teacher won’t let you, then...just forget it."

Nalan Yanran also felt that this proposal was a bit too rash, and after thinking about it, he dispelled the idea.

"Also, Misty Cloud Sect is gone, and the etiquette does not need to be so deep, since you like to call your sister. It's just the master and disciple friendship between you and me, don't treat it as a sisterhood. Now." Yun Yun also said jokingly.

"Thank you...sister."

"It sounds weird."



On a cliff.

A beautiful woman wearing a purple palace dress with a slightly raised belly, standing here, looking at the full moon above the sky, jade hand gently stroking her belly, muttered:

"What kind of existence are you? I have been pregnant with you for more than a year. Not only did I succeed in Human Transformation, I was promoted to Douzong, but there is also an evolutionary trend recently..."

"Commander Yue Mei, the medicinal bath is ready."

Behind, the silhouette of a snake girl sounded.

"Got it."


In the room.

The entangled water vapor filled the room. In the barrel, Chen Mo lay lazily in it, with his hands spread out on the edge of the barrel, his head resting on it.

The two sisters Han Yue Han Xue rubbed Chen Mo's back at the back.


Suddenly, tenderly shouted, Chen Mo's arm moved, he swept back and locked Han Xue's waist, with a gentle force. As the water splashed from the barrel, Han Xue fell into the barrel and fell into Chen Mo's arms.

Han Xue wants to get up, her red lips are kissed by Chen Mo.

Chen Mo said with a smile: "Serve me for so long. Seeing you are sweating too, let’s wash it together."

After that, I also glanced behind: "Together ?"

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