BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 506

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Eastern domain.

Gu Realm outside.

This is a domineering city, the city is built by azure huge rocks, perhaps due to the erosion of the years, it also makes the city look a bit decayed, but an unusually old breath, from the city It diffuses out of it, giving people a slight taste of ancient times.

Gu Holy City, left over from ancient times, is said to be built by the Dou Di powerhouse of Gu Clan. The entire city is shrouded by magical formation.

And in this magical formation, there is also a trace of Dou Di power.

Custodian with its magical formation, even the powerhouse of Dousheng, can't force it in.

If you want to enter Gu Realm, Gu Holy City is the entrance.

At the gate of Gu Holy City, a group of people lined up to enter the city.

Gu Holy City is forbidden to fly by anyone, no matter what powerhouse you are, you have to line up to enter the city.

And Gu Holy City, not everyone can enter.

Except for Gu Clan's own people, only those who are invited by Gu Clan or Dou Zun or above powerhouse are allowed to enter.

Although the procedures for entering the city are quite cumbersome, but due to Gu Clan's resounding reputation, no one dares to stray here.

At the city gate, nearly a hundred silhouettes in armor holding long spears, standing upright, with sharp and cold eyes, constantly sweeping around, checking their procedures.

Suddenly, everyone's eyes focused on one of the azure clothed old man.

A strong breath comes out from the body of the azure clothed old man.

This is detected by the city’s magical formation, allowing the guards to see the reality of everyone.

And this old man turned out to be a fighting powerhouse.

The guards became vigilant.

Dousheng powerhouse, although it is placed in Gu Clan, it is also a rare existence.

"Who is your Excellency? Can you post me a greeting?"

The third Commander of the Black Pan Army, Yang Hao, who is in charge of the city gate guard, gave a salute and said solemnly.

No matter where the powerhouse is, it is a respectable existence.

"Ink Studio Guest Official Elder, Cheng Huai, came to Gu Clan on behalf of my host, to talk about important matters." Cheng Huai cupped the hands, for a super family like Gu Clan, he dare not show anything She was arrogant, but didn't bow to knees either, but said in a calm tone.

"Ink Studio?"

Hearing this, Yang Hao startedled, as if I heard it somewhere, but I forgot, and said: "Who is your host?"

"My host's name is Chen Mo." Cheng Huai said.

"Chen Mo?"

Yang Hao frowned, immediately said solemnly: "Pill Competition Chairman Chen Mo?"

"Exactly." Cheng Huai nodded with a smile.

Yang Hao's eyes became puzzled. He didn't know about the relationship between Chen Mo and Xun'er. He thought that Gu Clan and Chen Mo had never dealt with each other. Why did Chen Mo send someone over?

The other faction is a fighting saint.

Deserving of the man standing on the cusp of the storm.

"Are there any tokens or worship stickers?" Although the opponent is Dousheng, Yang Hao didn't let him in, but asked about worship stickers.

"There is a token."

Cheng Huai showed a female jade pendant to Yang Hao.

Yang Hao suddenly raised his brows after seeing it: "Young Miss's token?"

He took a deep look at Cheng Huai, and then said: "Come here."


"Three Commanders."

"Take him to see Gu Nan Hai Elder and say he has a token of Young Miss."


Gu Realm.

A pavilion built in the peach blossom forest, a maid holding a jade pendant, quickly moved towards the pavilion.

When I came to the pavilion, my footsteps stopped.

"Young Miss, someone holding your token and saying they want to see you."


"The name of the visitor is Cheng Huai, who is the ink studio The poster was sent by Chen Mo."

"Chen Mo?"

After the words fell, a golden flame suddenly rose up in the void in front of the maid. In the flame, a flame appeared. The devastatingly beautiful woman, with her palm raised, the jade pendant in the hand of the maid arrived in her hand. After a closer look and confirmation, her tone was excitedly said: "Where is the person now?"

" Clan Leader summoned."


Pill Tower.

"Space Auction Fair..."

After hearing the information from his subordinates, Chen Mo muttered in his heart: "Is it finally coming?"

In the original work, the Space Auction Fair is Dou Qi Continent's peak trade fair.

Only powerhouses above Dou Zun or those Peak forces can know some Space Auction Fair information.

In other words, the Space Auction Fair has a very high compulsion, and only people with a certain status can participate.

In the original work, one of the fragments of the Purifying Lotus Demonic Flame map will appear in this trade fair.

There is also news that Ancient Tree of Enlightenment appeared in the Wild Ancient Territory.

Bodhi Seed, Bodhi Heart...

Things stepping out of the realm of the saints are enough for the whole continent to set off a foul wind and bloody rain.

This is the place of chance.

Chen Mo decided to take Queen Medusa there, because this Space Auction Fair has what Queen Medusa needs.


The venue of the Space Auction Fair is located in a barren desert defended from the north and south of the Central Plain. There is nothing here during the ordinary time and wind and sand. It is crowded, and the region is barren, and there is no force that wants to scrape some oil and water.

As Chen Mo, I naturally received an invitation from the Space Auction Fair.

After half a month, I came to this area.


Outside the desert, a roaring wind suddenly sounded on the clear sky, and immediately two fuzzy silhouettes flashed in the sky, and the next moment, they appeared directly To the edge of the desert.

"Is it here?" Queen Medusa frowned, and it took a long time to come out with Chen Mo alone, and finally came to such a place where birds don't shit.

"en." Chen Mo nodded, his gaze swept all around slowly, and then he pointed to a place: "Although it looks like birds don’t lay eggs here, if you feel carefully wherever you go, you will be able to I noticed that there are a lot of powerful breaths in it..."

Hearing Chen Mo's words, Queen Medusa swept the past with suspicion, and it really sensed nearly a hundred breaths.

"Let's go."

Chen Mo grasped the jade hand of Queen Medusa, moved towards, sensing the direction of breath, and flew away.

In a place where a towering sand dune is recessed, a huge spatial black hole full of hundreds of zhangs is spinning slowly, and one after another suction is slowly permeating from it.

It is the entrance of Space Auction Fair.

The two swept in a flash.

Entering the black hole, the eyes of the two of them are black, but only for a moment, the next moment, as the sound enters the ears, the eyes open, and the world in front of them has changed greatly.

This is a small town.

The town is not big, but it feels like nothing is missing.

It is the Small World opened up by one party in the void.

"This is Space Town, where the Space Auction Fair is held."

Chen Mo took the jade hand of Queen Medusa and moved towards the stalls on the side of the street.

In the original book, Xiao Yan found the treasure in one of the small stalls.

The gazes of Chen Mo and Queen Medusa kept sweeping on both sides of the street.

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