BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 507

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It's been a long time since I went out alone with Husband. Queen Medusa enjoyed the warmth very much. She was holding her big hand and a tender smile appeared on her cheek.

On both sides of the street, there are some green stone stage, stone platform, floating scrolls, jade bottles, and even weapons like magic beast core. Indifferently rays of light are from these things. It is pervasive, showing that this is not an ordinary thing.

But even if it is unusual, to Chen Mo, it is still vulgar and invisible.

"Di Class middle level Qi Method."

"Di Class High Level Dou Technique!"

"Tier Eight Medicinal Pill!"

With the continuous beating of eyes, a dazzling array of items flashed into Queen Medusa's eyes, even with her concentration, she was a little surprised.

Di Class High Level Dou Technique, even some Peak forces, are regarded as the existence of Sect Protecting Treasure.

And here, just casually guessed that the street is selling.

There is enough randomness.

"Have you not seen the favorite?"

In the original work, it was Queen Medusa who discovered the treasure about her in the Space Auction Fair.

"No." Queen Medusa shook the head.

Chen Mo startled, the butterfly effect occurs in his head, passed away.

Some regretful sigh, just when Chen Mo was about to take Queen Medusa towards the home court, on the way, Queen Medusa's footsteps suddenly stopped.

Chen Mo was startled at the moment and followed her sight. At a stall not far away, he found a colorful stone. The stone was about half fist sized. The seven extremely clear lines, faintly, some kind of special energy diffused out of them.

"Seven Colored Source Stone..."

Chen Mo said inwardly.

Queen Medusa pulled Chen Mo forward slowly. The stall owner was an old man with a pale yellow complexion. Queen Medusa asked in a cold voice: "Boss, how do I change this stone?"

The Space Auction Fair adopts a barter-for-goods transaction method.

Queen Medusa naturally understands this.

Hearing this, the old man raised his eyes slightly, and there was a glimmer of light in his eyes, but when he caught a glimpse of Chen Mo behind Queen Medusa, the glimmer of light dimmed again, and said slowly: "Three A Tier Eight Medicinal Pill above the three-color Pill Thunder..."

"Is this too expensive?" Although Queen Medusa is not bad for money, but also not taken advantage of, this stone is only for the colorful Heaven Swallowing Python is useful, and the others get worthless. Although it is really valuable, it is definitely not so expensive...

"If it is expensive, don't change it." The old man is quite personal. Then it hung down.

Queen Medusa frowned, her temper is not good, she will only show tenderness that others can’t see in front of Chen Mo. Just when she is getting angry, Chen Mo has fingers He buckled her slender jade finger, and took a step forward: "I want it."

After that, the rays of light flashed between the fingers, and two streams of light shot at the old man, beckoned, that colorful diamond. It appeared in the hand and gave it to Queen Medusa:

"You will treat this trip as a date with me, just have a good time, don't be angry."

After that, I took Queen Medusa away.

On the way, Queen Medusa's cold cheeks showed a cute expression that only a little woman can appear. She held Chen Mo's hand and said, "Husband, do you know what this stone is called?" "

"Talk about it." Chen Mo feigning ignorance's hook the head.

"This is called Seven Colored Source Stone, which is a colorful Heaven Swallowing Python fleshy body Land of the Fallen, a kind of stone with a rare chance to be born..."

Speaking, Queen Medusa Pretending to be a meal, when Chen Mo looked at it, the corner of his mouth was like a hook, and then his nails crossed the finger mother, and a drop of blood dripped on the stone.

After seeing the seventh color pattern on the smooth surface of the stone, it was actually slowly creeping out a color pattern...

"Colorful Heaven Swallowing Python True Peak It is called Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python, but in the Heaven Swallowing Python group, only the ancestor of Heaven Swallowing Python with the strongest bloodline has reached this kind of realm. This is the memory flowing in the Heaven Swallowing Python bloodline inheritance. .

Therefore, this stone is not a Seven Colored Source Stone, but a color that was born with the blood of Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python..."

Speaking of this At that time, after the eighth color pattern, an extremely bright golden pattern appeared silently on the stone...

"gu lu...Nine-color source stone." Even she couldn't help but swallowed the saliva at this moment, and said in shock.

Although there is only one color between Jiucai and Bacai source stone, the energy contained in the two is the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Except for the very low probability of birth of Jiucai source stone.

One of the factors that gave birth to Jiucai source stone, and the most indispensable factor, is that there are more than ten Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python fleshy bodies that fall into one place at the same time. A stone absorbs...

This is almost impossible.

But now, it really happened.

Chen Mo is not surprised, because in the original work, this stone is the nine-color source stone. The only difference is that after being inspired by the blood of Queen Medusa, the ninth color pattern is actually Golden's. .

Is it because of the bloodline?

This thought flashed in his mind, Chen Mo took Queen Medusa into his arms and pecked her red lips, said with a smile: "Hey, Jiucai source stone, that old If fellow knows it, I am afraid he will vomit blood."

"He vomits blood, three Tier Eight Medicinal Pills from Pill Thunder, he has made a lot of money. This stone is only good for Heaven Swallowing Python. It works," Medusa said.

"Let's go, I will take you to meet the core baby."

Scraped Queen Medusa's nose, Chen Mo dragged her towards the town.

The town is not big, only a few ancient streets are intertwined. Chen Mo took Queen Medusa all the way to the end of the town. Here, an ancient pavilion stands here, a kind of vicissitudes. The taste of pavilion diffuses from the pavilion.

Outside this ancient pavilion, there are two old men wearing gray robe, giving people a deep and unmeasurable feeling.

Chen Mo took out the invitation from the Storage Ring and snapped it out.

The two steadily caught them, opened them, and suddenly eyes shrank, raised their eyes to look at Chen Mo and Queen Medusa, and immediately bowed their hands and said: "Please!"

Although the background of the Space Auction Fair is not bad, it is still much worse than the one in front of you.

The words fell, the two old men waved their sleeves, and two black awns swept towards Chen Mo and Queen Medusa. This black awn was a pitch black cloak.

"When entering inside, most of them hide their identities. After all, the wealth is not revealed. This is a cloak specially refined by Tier Eight Alchemist, which can cover the breath to the greatest extent and prevent others from detecting." The old man kindly reminded him.

Chen Mo nodded with a smile, after putting on Queen Medusa, walked into the pavilion.

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