BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 508

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In the pavilion, it is similar to an auction venue with very dark light.

There are a lot of sofa-like chairs inside, even if you lie on it, it’s enough.

And in these seats, there are already a lot of silhouettes. These people are not only covered by the black cloaks, but they also wear a mask to isolate the breath. They will truly be stable. The Tao played vividly and thoroughly.

When Chen Mo and Queen Medusa came in, they also wore a white jade mask on their faces, concealing their faces, came to the back of the hall, and sat down with each other.

The real Space Auction Fair will also be held here.

But the time has not come yet, there is still a while before the beginning.

To do nothing is to put aside the oil of my wife.

Queen Medusa and Chen Mo are sitting on the same chair. They are next to each other. The former has his legs upright, even if his body is wrapped in black robe, on those beautiful legs, in Chen Mo’s eyes Exposed.

Chen Mo directly put his hand on Qingmo's thigh and stroked it lightly, but his eyes were on the high platform ahead, posing like an upright gentleman.

Queen Medusa's face flushed, but after only ranting at Chen Mo, she stopped saying anything, letting him take advantage.

Chen Mo also didn't expect too cheap. Although the light is dark here, he doesn't have that hobby...

Just touch his thighs.

In this ambiguity, nearly two hours passed away quietly. During these two hours, some people wearing black cloaks entered here one after another.

Chen Mo and Queen Medusa did it seriously, because someone sat on the chairs on both sides.


At this moment, a black robed man sitting on the chair on the left hand side of Chen Mo greeted Chen Mo with a clear voice. It was very hoarse.

"Hello." Chen Mo was stunned and then complied back.

After that, this person seemed to be familiar with each other and talked to Chen Mo about what would appear in this trade fair.

I also yelled to Brother one by one, asking Chen Mo to be a brother or something.

"Oh, do you know the inside story, are you from Three Great Sects?"

Chen Mo has met such an interesting person for a long time, and he was also very interested in chatting with him stand up.

As for Three Great Sects, it is the Three Great Influences that held the Space Auction Fair.

Roaming Sect, Black Sky Sect and Mirror Jewel Mountain respectively.

Although the reputation is not as good as the so-called one hall, one tower and two sects Four-Way Pavilion, the foundation is not inferior.

Above the Central Plain, hidden dragons and crouching tigers, some seemingly not showing the mountains and not revealing the water, and low-key sects that have the strength comparable to the Four-Way Pavilion are not a few.

Three Great Sects is.

It's just because of the style of sect, it has not been exposed to the eyes of ordinary powerhouses.

"Hehe, keep it secret." The person laughed, did not say, and immediately said: "Listen to the voice, brother, you should be young, but to participate in the Space Auction Fair, your strength must be extraordinary. If you think If I am a big brother, I can consider telling you in advance the important news to be announced later."

Hearing this, Chen Mo said in a playful tone: "If I want to be my big brother, I have the lowest strength. I need a Dou Di. I don’t know when Brother will be promoted to Dou Di?"

That person:...

"What a big tone, do you know who I am? Let me give you a chance. After I reveal my identity, it will be too late for you to regret." The man said.

Chen Mo laughed, no longer paid attention to, but said in his heart, where is the funny comparison.

The man wants to say something more.

But at this moment.


In this hall, suddenly a melodious and crisp bell rang, and immediately in the center of the great hall, a hair and beard all white, just like walking The old man entering the wood, slowly appeared in the sight of everyone in the distorted space.

"Dou Zun Peak tenth turn, is about to enter the existence of Half Sage." Chen Mo leaned into Queen Medusa's ear and said softly, under the detection of the system, the old man’s cultivation base, In front of Chen Mo, you can see everything.

"Ten Zhuan Dou Zun Peak."

Hearing these words, a dignified look appeared on Queen Medusa's cheeks.

Although it is not a saint yet, this existence has appeared to preside over the trade fair. You can see what the specifications of the Space Auction Fair are.

Full of high-end.

"Hehe, it's another Space Auction Fair, I trust you have been well since we last met, and there are some VIPs who have joined."

The old man is in sight Sweeping around in the great hall, the old voice rang in everyone's ears.

However, for his greet voice, no one in the room responded, and it was still a very quiet weird atmosphere.

For this, the old man seems to be used to it. According to the rules, after the Space Lock was installed, he said a few words that he had said before.

At this moment, Chen Mo noticed that there were several faintly discernable powerful breaths in Darkness.

It seems that this Space Auction Fair is really a crouching tiger hidden dragon.

"Okay, the nonsense is almost done, this Space Auction Fair, then it will start now..."

As the old man said, it was originally very quiet Some lively sounds finally sounded in the lobby.

The funny comparison with Chen Mo before, said again: "brother, do you know who this old man is?"

Chen Mo just wanted to know.

The man each minding their own business said: "This old man is the owner of Baojian Mountain, the old man of Baoshan, who has countless treasures in his life, and his eyesight is quite vicious..."

Chen Mo: "..."

Queen Medusa: "..."


Currently, the ink studio is in the development stage, and the trade fair is not bad. Chen Mo will shoot Qi Method, Dou Technique and Chen Mo.

In just a short time, four items were photographed.

"Here is today's fifth item..."

The old man Baoshan glanced at Chen Mo, then smiled, and something flashed in front of him again.

"Diamond Glazed Form, Heaven Class low-level Dou Technique, this Dou Technique was created by Holy Sage Liu Li a thousand years ago. If it is cultivation to Peak, the physical body is like a Vajra, which is indestructible and can collapse. The heavens, the feet can split the ground, is a powerful Dou Technique that integrates attack and defense..."

Speaking of this, the old man Baoshan spoke deliberately.

Sure enough, a tumult broke out below.

Even Queen Medusa's eyes flickered.

"The owner of Dou Technique wants to exchange for a volume of Heaven Class low-level water element Qi Method. Of course, if you exchange for Medicinal Pill with matching value, it is also feasible."

The old man from Baoshan said with a smile.

"I want it."

As soon as the voice fell, Chen Mo flashed the rays of light between his fingers, and then flicks with the finger, a stream of light shot at the old man Baoshan.

The old man from Baoshan steadily caught it. It was a jade bottle.

He opened his eyes and glanced at it. With a strong pill fragrance spreading out, he raised his brows and said in amazement: "The Tier Eight Medicinal Pill of Pill Thunder is approaching Tier Nine Medicinal. Pill..."

Everyone in the hall was taken aback, and it was him again.

However, this Diamond Glazed Form has attracted many people, and soon someone scrambled for it, scrolls, jade bottles, etc., were thrown to the elderly Baoshan.

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