BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 509

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"Brother, you are fighting for so much by yourself, be careful to provoke the killing disaster."

Seeing Chen Mo is fighting for Diamond Glazed Form again, sitting in Chen The person on Mo's left hand reminded him that he may be too excited. The voice has not been dealt with this time. From the sound, the oldest person is no more than thirty.

Maybe he also noticed this. After the man finished speaking, he immediately silenced his voice.

"It's okay." Chen Mo laughed. Under the investigation of the system, the strongest of the people in this hall was Half Sage. Chen Mo really didn't pay attention to it, so naturally he was not persuaded.

"Ai, brother, you can do it yourself." The man didn't say anything, and he moved a little away from Chen Mo.

Chen Mo laughed, put Queen Medusa's jade hand on my finger, playing with the slender jade finger.

Above, the elderly Baoshan inspected one by one. After touching for about 3 minutes, he flicked continuously with his fingers, and ejected some scrolls and jade bottles back, including Chen Mo's, who said with a smile "After being selected by the master of Dou Technique, this transaction has already resulted..." In the hands of a black robed man, he was included in the Storage Ring in a blink of an eye.

The ones who were not selected, were coldly snorted, and felt somewhat unhappy in their hearts.

But for these voices, the elderly Baoshan did not have the opportunity to continue the next transaction.

Behind, the items that appeared are more and more dazzling, from Dou Technique to Qi Method, from Medicinal Pill to Heaven and Earth Treasure.

Among them, Qi Method and Dou Technique that exceed Heaven Class, as well as some rare medicinal ingredients, Chen Mo will bid for them, so as to enrich the treasure house of Ink Studio.

As for those below Heaven Class, you can buy them without having to be at the Space Auction Fair.

Chen Mo didn't shoot.

Among them, a volume of Poison Scripture called "Heavenly Dark Poison Canon" appeared.

The introduction of the old man Gu Baoshan was created by a powerhouse named Holy Sage Tian You Du in thousands of years. This poison saint loves poison in his life, so he also left a volume. The heavily poisonous refinement method.

Chen Mo naturally did not miss such good things.

Spent two Tier Eight Medicinal Pills from Pill Thunder and took them.

As a Tier Nine Alchemist.

The current Chen Mo is really rich and imposing, not bad for money.

The things that appeared on the Space Auction Fair, even Chen Mo, are eye-opening, because every one of these things, placed outside, can be regarded as rare in the world...

The trade fair lasted for more than an hour, and the transaction was successfully completed with items that are extremely rare in the outside world.

Space Auction Fair has gradually come to an end.

"Next, we will start auctioning the penultimate finale item of this trade fair..."

The Baoshan old man who just completed the transaction with Chen Mo at a high price His face was red light, and he glanced around the hall, laughed, and the rays of light between his fingers lit up, and a piece of yellowed old leather paper suddenly appeared in his hand.

"hehe, this is just a map fragment, there is no special energy on it, but after our research, we came to the final conclusion, this map fragment, and the legendary Purifying Lotus Demonic Flame About..."

The old man Baoshan waved his palm, and the scroll in his hand was spread out and hovered above his head. He didn't seem to be afraid of others from spying on the contents of this map fragment, and continued: "According to our guess, Similar to this kind of map fragment, there should be four copies. Therefore, the value of this map fragment cannot be judged for the time being. According to the request of its owner, the one with the higher price will get it."

Everyone's eyes are focused on this ancient map fragment.

Purifying Lotus Demonic Flame, Heavenly Flame Ranking Ranked 3rd.

For this kind of Heavenly Flame.

Although almost everyone in the lobby has never heard of it, they also understand that it represents Destruction Power.

So even though it is just a map fragment, everyone in the hall is still looking at it, except for Chen Mo.

Because he knows that in the original book, even if there is no Purifying Lotus Demonic Flame, the map fragment is divided into four parts.

Moreover, even if you get it together, you can't swallow Purifying Lotus Demonic Flame alone.

Because even if there is no map, the place where Purifying Lotus Demonic Flame was born will be known to many people.

Just having a complete map can increase the chance of subduing Purifying Lotus Demonic Flame by one point.

Because there seems to be a strand of Demon Sage Jing Lian's Remnant Soul in this map...

Now he doesn't have a map fragment in his hand, so what's the use of asking for it?

It's better to increase your strength. Just go to the Demon Fire plain before the time to grab it...

For not participating in the competition, the old man Baoshan was a little surprised.

The trading items that Chen Mo used to exchange before were all Medicinal Pill, and the old man Baoshan guessed that he should be an Alchemist.

And for Purifying Lotus Demonic Flame this thing, shouldn't he be excited?


Without Chen Mo's competition, the map fragment of Purifying Lotus Demonic Flame was carried to an eight-color Pill Thunder Tier Eight Medicinal Pill.

But this price has not reached the top.

I was called all the way to Tier Eight Medicinal Pill from Pill Thunder.

Just when everyone thought that the price was already the highest.

A skinny black robed man coldly smiled, immediately opened the mouth and said: "A Tier Eight Medicinal Pill with nine-color Pill Thunder, if you can still offer a higher price than this , Then this map fragment belongs to you."


"Is this guy crazy?"

"Tier from Pill Thunder of Nine Colors Eight Medicinal Pill, I’m close to Tier Nine Medicinal Pill."

Seeing that this black robed man actually took out the Medicinal Pill of the nine-color Pill Thunder level, everyone present was sucking Taking a breath, in the heart secretly shook his head.

It's just a map fragment, not worth the price.

So, after the black robed man called the nine-color Pill Thunder level, no one followed.

But judging from the whispered discussion, this matter is obviously endless.

Seems to see the real chapter after the Space Auction Fair is over.

"hehe, this map fragment, the old man laughed."

The thin black robed man gave a smirk, then turned his eyes to the old man Baoshan above the hall with his palm. With a wave, a snow-white rabbit appeared in his hands.

Medicinal Pill at this price can already be transformed into Pill Beast.

Even the Half Sage powerhouse, for such Medicinal Pill, will be moved by it.

The old man Baoshan grabbed it. After putting it away, he laughed, looked at the audience, and said: "Next, it's the last item of this trade fair.

This item is a piece of information. We don’t charge for this information, but plan to tell everyone for free."

Speaking, the old man Baoshan deliberately had a meal and sold it.

Hearing the words of Old Man Baoshan, everyone present was frowned and looked towards the former with some doubts. What kind of information can be put at the end of the trade fair.

So I couldn't help but asked curiously.

The old man from Baoshan was waiting for people to ask. At this time, he was slightly smiled, and immediately glanced at everyone, and the voice sounded slowly in the great hall:

" The Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, which was not enough for Sanctification in the legend, appeared again after ten thousand years..."

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