BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 510

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"Is it finally going to start?"

Chen Mo murmured in his heart.

"Ancient Tree of Enlightenment?"

The words of the old man Baoshan are undoubtedly like a nuclear bomb, which instantly shocked all the powerhouses in the entire hall, and then violently Stood up.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, in some ancient books, it is also known as the tree of reincarnation of wisdom. This tree grows once a thousand years, and only matures when it has a hundred reincarnations.

Such a long time is enough for time to corrode anything, but the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is outside of time. It can almost be counted as one of the most ancient species on the continent.

In other words, even Dou Di is nothing in front of it.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment appears once every thousand years, and every time it appears, it will bring a huge sensation on the continent.

In the long river of history, there are even powerhouses of Dousheng ranks that have fallen because of the fight for the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

It is recorded in the ancient book that the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment has its own wisdom. Every time it appears, it hides in the center of the earth, and no one can find it.

Even Dou Di of Far Ancient Era can't find its trace even after it is hidden deep in the center of the earth.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment has three treasures.

One is Bodhi Seed, which can greatly improve the success probability of promotion to Half Sage.

The second is Bodhi Heart.

There is a saying, in the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, there is Bodhi Heart, the one who gets it, the mind transforms Bodhi, Sanctification is just a matter of raising your hand.

In layman's terms, as long as you get Bodhi Heart, future Sanctification is not a problem.

The third is the next comprehend of the Bodhi tree.

Comprehend under the Bodhi tree. If it is a sudden enlightenment, there will be no realm shackles. You can also enter the Hundred Worlds Reincarnation. Seeing your past and present can greatly increase the chance of Sanctification.

In short, these three treasures of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, whichever you get, is a blessing in this life.

This is a blessing that can't be cultivated for several lifetimes.

Combining all these, the attraction of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment to those Peak powerhouses has almost reached a crazy point. It is conceivable that if this news comes out, it will be caused in Central Plain. What a big commotion.


The breathing of everyone in the hall was much quicker at this moment.

At the top of the hall, the old man Baoshan saw everyone who was shocked by his news, and he was also laughed.

This Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, even he is extremely emotional, if it weren't for the place where he was born was too dangerous, he almost couldn't help but want to take people there to hunt for treasure by himself.

"Old Baoshan, I don't know where the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment was born?"

Someone couldn't help but ask.

As someone asked, countless line of sight in the hall gathered on the old man Baoshan, his eyes were extremely fiery.

"Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region."

When someone asked, the old man Baoshan just spit out four words indifferently.

"Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region?"

Hearing this, one after another exclamation immediately sounded in the great hall, even the Half Sage powerhouse, Eye dew terrified look.

Wild Ancient Territory.

It is known as the most dangerous region in the whole continent, and it is also one of the oldest places. There are still many ancient ominous beasts there.

Some of these guys are simply not inferior to any race in the Magic Beast world today except Ancient Void Dragon. That is to say, even if someone from the Heavenly Demon Phoenix race enters, it is a bode ill rather than well.

"Is the Wild Ancient Territory dangerous?"

Queen Medusa asked Chen Mo softly.

Chen Mo nodded.

In the original work, it seems that many saints have been ruined, and there are even Dou Di's negative emotions.

The degree of danger, of course, needless to say.

But Chen Mo didn't talk to Queen Medusa about this.

If she told her, she would be frightened and would not let herself go.

"Brother, my heart is moving, but I tell you, if you don't have the strength above the peak of Dou Zun, then don't go. Do you know why this old fellow releases such a sensational news?"

The person on the left who was originally far away from Chen Mo is now speaking again.

"I know." Chen Mo directly blocked what the person wanted to say any more.

The person: "..."

If Chen Mo could see the person's expression, he would definitely look flat.

"What you know is definitely different from what I know. Brother, I tell you, the reason why he released the news is to attract more people to enter and let these people attract the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland The ominous beasts of the Region, they are good fish in troubled waters."

When the man saw Chen Mo, he didn't ask, he felt like something stuck in his throat, so he didn't vomit, so he must say it.

Chen Mo: "..."

Queen Medusa: "..."


"Ancient Tree of Enlightenment Every birth will provoke World Mysterious Anomaly. Within this month, everyone should feel gradually. Okay, this Space Auction Fair is over now. Many thanks to everyone for your support. See you next time. "

The old man from Baoshan saw the gradually weird atmosphere in the hall and announced the end of this Space Auction Fair.

"Let's go."

Chen Mo watched people get up one after another in the hall, and immediately took Queen Medusa's hand, planning to leave.

"Brother, you have to be careful, a lot of people are already watching you."

That person also stood up, judging from his height, quite higher than Chen Mo, It was almost two meters, and the stature was relatively strong. After a reminder, it opened the distance from Chen Mo again.

Hearing this, Chen Mo squinted his eyes and suddenly felt a lot of gazes around him. It seemed that he immediately laughed, looked towards the person, and said: "You are quite interesting, what is your name? Consider? Now, I plan to accept you as a little brother."

"Bah, whoever wants to be your little brother, I tell you, it’s too late for you to recognize me as a big brother. Don’t say anything, I’m leaving , Ask for more blessings.” The man felt that Chen Mo's words were an insult to himself, and he took a sip. This time, the voice seemed to be his own original sound again, and he left after speaking.

Before leaving, he also said: "My surname is Ling."


Chen Mo muttered, then pulled Queen Medusa moved towards outside the hall without knowing her head.

Out of the town, the two moved all the way towards the northeast and flew towards the northeast. Under the perception of soul power, the people behind kept chasing them.

"I caught up, what should I do?" Queen Medusa's tone was cold, without the slightest worry.

"It seems that we are treated as rich masters who can be manipulated at will. In this case, fulfill them..."

Chen Mo's tone became cold, similar to Queen Medusa After flying a certain distance, it was confirmed that fighting here would not attract the attention of others.

Chen Mo's action paused, and he whispered softly: "Three peaks, one Half Sage, and two 6-Stars. The two 6-Stars will be handed over to you, the others Come on, don’t break their bodies, good demon puppet materials."

"en."Queen Medusa nodded.

Afterwards, Six Paths roaring wind surrounded Chen Mo and the two.

"Boy, hand in everything you photographed at the Space Auction Fair, otherwise, jié jié......"

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