BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 511

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"It's them..."

Queen Medusa whispered in Chen Mo's ear.

Chen Mo narrowed his eyes and recognized it.

The Half Sage wearing a black robe is the one who bid away the volume of Diamond Body.

Another skinny black robed man obtained the map fragment of the Purifying Lotus Demonic Flame on the trade fair.

Chen Mo raised his eyebrows hidden behind the white jade mask, said with a smile: "Otherwise?"

Hearing this, the leader of the black robe Half Sage Time looked at the two men fiercely. With his ear power, he naturally heard that the person talking to Chen Mo was a woman, and then said gloomily: "Hehe, go to death, kid, if the woman is If you are a beauty, then stay."

"courting death!"

Hearing this, Queen Medusa's eyes suddenly chilled, and a colorful Dou Qi beam slammed at the half Sage old man.

Queen Medusa is just a 9-Star Dou Zun. Although powerful, Chen Mo is far behind, and he is not an opponent of Half Sage.

The Dou Qi beam was easily crushed by the elder Dou.

Glanced at the snow-white beautiful legs that were exposed by mobilizing Dou Technique. The half Sage old man’s eyes were a bit hot. He is the Supreme Elder of Harmonious Bond Sect. From this beautiful leg, I knew that this woman must be a woman. Stunner, said with a smile:

"Still a hot woman, old man likes it."

Queen Medusa's killing intent surged in her eyes.

"Just now I was thinking about taking your Storage Ring or not. Now it seems that there is no need for this."

Chen Mo's eyes were cold, and he immediately turned sideways. Head to Queen Medusa said: "Qingmo, as just said, don't ruin their Storage Ring."

Queen Medusa nodded.

"refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit! If so, then die."

Half Sage The old man licked his lips, simple ordinary punch It detonated at Chen Mo, the terrifying sonic boom formed under the fist, and the bang bang kept ringing in the sky.

The five people behind it also moved accordingly.

"The great day will never die!"

For such goods, Chen Mo is not even in the mood to play with it.

His face was expressionless, and the soles of his feet slammed on the ground, and the sand dunes in front of him burst open.

A golden giant of several hundred zhang appeared behind Chen Mo.

On the Queen Medusa side.

A black hole emerged behind Queen Medusa, and two days of scarlet python of several hundred zhang, a hideous python head emerged from the black hole...

This is a grind. Suppress the game.

If you don't want to ruin their bodies and Storage Ring, you can solve them with a few breaths.

But because of the need to keep these, it took a half of incense time forcibly.

But even so.

The soul of Half Sage powerhouse is still not preserved.

Chen Mo's strength is better than 1-star Fighting Saint.

But the method is still fighting. There is simply no means of injury. In the case of preserving the opponent's body, the soul is also preserved.

Fortunately, the soul and body of the three Douzong Peak are still there.

Queen Medusa over there.

Because the power was not controlled, the two 6-Star Dou Zun and the Storage Ring were all destroyed.

"Sorry, I didn't hold back the power..." Seeing Chen Mo's gaze swept, Queen Medusa quickly admitted her mistake.

"It's okay."

Chen Mo knows that Queen Medusa can't be blamed. She was pregnant and raised her cultivation base to 9-Star Dou Zun. Such a powerful force made her It is normal to be difficult to control.

"Take time, be steady and master your own strength, and stop breaking through in the near future." Chen Mo added.

Queen Medusa nodded.

"Come and see what good things these guys have in their Storage Rings." Chen Mo gave Queen Medusa the Storage Rings of three Dou Zun Peak, and he checked the Half Sage’s. .

Although their soul has not disappeared, there is still their soul mark on the Storage Ring.

But under the burning of undying magic flame, this is not a problem.


It is the Storage Ring of Half Sage powerhouse.

There are so many good things.

Refining the rare medicinal ingredient of Tier Nine Medicinal Pill.

Various Heaven and Earth Treasure.

High-end Medicinal Pill with large and small bottles.

Even Dou Technique of Heaven Class primary level has two copies, one is Wood Attribute and the other is Fire Attribute.

Chen Mo threw the scroll of Diamond Glazed Form to Queen Medusa and said: "Qingmo, do you want to cultivation this?"

Queen Medusa raised his hand to take it He passed, and then immediately refused, and Chen Mo gave Chen Mo a glance: "Have you ever seen a Dou Technique like a woman's cultivation?"

Chen Mo: "Uh..."

"Although I have never seen it, it is not impossible to repair it. Cultivated does not have the large muscles of the Chairman, and it can also enhance the strength of the fleshy body."

Hearing this, Queen Medusa thinks Why did my Husband suddenly feel so confused, and immediately teased: "If you are not afraid of making me a girl, I have no objection." After hearing this, Chen Mo's mind was inexplicable. Nezha among the 100,000 cold jokes appeared, he shivered immediately, and quickly waved his hand: "That... forget it."

Then she finished.

Also snatched the scroll of Diamond Glazed Form from Queen Medusa's hands.

Although Diamond Glazed Form does not become the "Ten Cold" Nezha.

Queen Medusa's mouth curled up slightly, and immediately said: "You can give it to Zi Yan cultivation. I heard that she was not called Brute Force Queen when she was in Jia Nan Academy? It was just right for her to cultivation."

Chen Mo: "..."

Are you serious?

Chen Mo knew that Queen Medusa was not so easy to accept Zi Yan.

You have to plot against her if you put it here.


Continuing the search, Queen Medusa found two map fragments of Purifying Lotus Demonic Flame from the Storage Ring of the skinny black robed man.

Looking at the two map fragments in Queen Medusa's hands, Chen Mo didn't know what to say.

Is this to collect the complete by myself?

Chen Mo doesn't have this idea.


"Let’s go first, there is too much movement here, I am afraid that some powerhouse’s attention will be attracted soon, although we are not afraid, but it is inevitable that we will also provoke Here are some unnecessary troubles."

After packing up, Chen Mo glanced all around, then opened the mouth and said.


Hearing this, Queen Medusa is also nodded.

The two left soon.

Only a huge bunker and a deep gully that do not know how far are left.


Because the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment will be born in about a month.

Chen Mo and Queen Medusa did not return to Pill Tower.

Instead, he wrote a letter by hand, asking Heaven Monster Puppet to bring Pill Tower to Lu Ji.

The letter explained the situation of herself and Queen Medusa, and then some arrangements for the ink studio.

Afterwards, Chen Mo and Queen Medusa went to the wild town.

Wild Town, this is the closest human city to the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region, but not many people usually live here.

After seeing this town, Chen Mo and Queen Medusa set up a restaurant directly in it.


In the room.

The two have finished washing.

Chen Mo sounded the room, and put Queen Medusa on the bed, then leaned close to her, placing his chin on the queen's white and round shoulders.

A big hand fell naturally on her white and smooth thigh.

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