BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 512

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"Don't use your hands, I'm tired today, don't move."

Queen Medusa pulled Chen Mo's perverted hand away.

Chen Mo continued to put his hands on with perseverance, then turned around and kissed Queen Medusa on the cheek.

Full of collagen.

Queen Medusa pushed Chen Mo's head away, then lay on the back of the bed, closed her eyes, and said: "Don't move."

Chen Mo: "... "

Well, Chen Mo sees she is really tired.

Also, after experiencing a battle and rushing for another day, have endured the hardships of a long journey.

"Let me squeeze your feet."

It's been a long time since I played Queen Medusa's jjojjo, Chen Mo really missed it.

Raise the legs and put the two jade feet of Queen Medusa on his thighs.

The light white toes are quite attractive under the candlelight.

Chen Mo, this damn hobby...

Chen Mo clenched the right hand into a fist and pressed the soles of Queen Medusa jade foot with his elbows to relax her .

In the next second, a shivered from Queen Medusa almost didn't get out of the bed.

"Can you press it well." Queen Medusa turned her head and looked at Chen Mo with a complaining expression on her face.

In the next second, a white jade foot fell on Chen Mo's face and stepped on it gently.

This is really insulting.

Whether it is tolerable or unbearable, Chen Mo opened his mouth and lightly bit the little feet on his face.

Queen Medusa: I'm taking care of it...


Two hours later.

Chen Mo hugged the half-dead Queen Medusa and fell asleep deeply.


The next day.

Queen Medusa opened her beautiful eyes from her sleep, looked at Chen Mo who was sleeping on her conscience, and calmly returned to her senses.

The memory of last night flooded into my mind, Queen Medusa was so angry that she kicked Chen Mo out of bed.

Such a movement, even if Chen Mo slept and died, he would wake up.

Not to mention, as a cultivator, as long as there is a little movement around you, you will be noticed.

It's just that Chen Mo has 100% trust in Queen Medusa, so the body mechanism does not fail to build a defense against Queen Medusa.

He turned his head and glanced at the sky, then touched his nose, pretending to be innocent, and yawned and said, "Why? It's still so early, let me go to bed again."

After that, I want to climb into bed again.

Queen Medusa wants to stretch her legs to stop, but thinks of the lessons learned last night.

Queen Medusa was shocked and shivered, and groaned Chen Mo: "You bastard."

Chen Mo, a cheeky lord, immediately climbed onto the bed. , Hugged Queen Medusa's soft lovable body tightly, and fell asleep.


In the following time, Queen Medusa retreats, intending to master this huge force in the body during the retreat.

Because this power is all given by Zijin, it was stabilized before but was not grasped. If this continues, it is likely that something will happen.

Chen Mo is next to Custodian, dispersing the power of soul and checking the flow of people in Poisonous Desolate Town.

On the tenth day of Queen Medusa’s retreat, Poisonous Desolate Town has many more foreigners. It must be that after the trade fair on that day, more and more people knew that the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment was born. Therefore, this cold and cheerless town has attracted a large number of people recently.

The twentieth day of Queen Medusa's retreat.

The flow of people in Poisonous Desolate Town is increasing. Even Chen Mo has contracted this restaurant and there have been many conflicts.

It turned out that with the increase in the flow of people, the restaurant in Poisonous Desolate Town was almost full. When they came to the restaurant where Chen Mo lived, they found that they had been packaged more than 20 days ago. When there are only two people living there, the noisy people will also have to live in.

In the beginning, Chen Mo was shocked and frightened them back.

But every day after that, someone came to ask, and new conflicts occurred.

There is no way, in order not to cause trouble.

Chen Mo let them live in.

Fortunately, after the house was full, there were fewer conflicts.

However, as the restaurant became full, Chen Mo also heard a lot of news with the help of the power of Heaven Stage Soul.

First of all.

The reason why the Baoshan elderly of the Space Auction Fair knew that there was an Ancient Tree of Enlightenment in the savage Ancient Territory.

Because a group of people in Mirror Jewel Mountain discovered while exploring the Wild Ancient Territory, they were rounded up by the Ancient Territory ominous beast and could not get close to the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, but they brought the news. .


Recently, another group of people entered the Wild Ancient Territory, and news came out recently that those people were all dead, and many of them were powerhouses of the Dou Zun level.


In two days, a Half Sage powerhouse will lead the team to form a five Ten Men Squad team with a powerhouse above the powerhouse and enter the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region again.

These people in the restaurant want to go in with the fifty people behind the powerhouse.

Chen Mo secretly kept these news in his heart.

At the same time, the space of the room was sealed, so as not to wait for Queen Medusa to leave the gate to make any movement and attract some moths.

The next day.

Queen Medusa, who was sitting on the bed, finally opened her eyes. A powerful breath filled her body. At the same time, a scarlet python phantom emerged from Queen Medusa's behind. Spread the wings, covering the heavens, shielding the sun.

"Your ancient immortal Dragon Snake bloodline is getting stronger..."

Chen Mo said with a slight smile.

"I seem to comprehend the bloodline divine ability of the ancient immortal Dragon Snake from this bloodline." Queen Medusa said in surprise.


Chen Mo's pupils were wretched, and said in surprise.

You must know that the acquired bloodline is extremely difficult to obtain bloodline divine ability from the bloodline.

Take Chen Mo himself. Up to now, he has not obtained the bloodline divine ability from the two bloodlines, Human Sovereign bloodline and Ancestral Dragon bloodline.

Of course, it may also be related to the fact that the bloodline has no complete mastery.

Queen Medusa nodded, immediately said: "This divine ability is called a void black hole, which can pull people into an empty space, and this divine ability is performed by blood energy. The intensity is related to the bloodline. The stronger the bloodline , The effect of the divine ability will be stronger."

"Pull into empty space?" Chen Mo was a little bit stunned, because it sounded very awesome, and immediately said: "Qingmo, you can use it. Let me take a look."

Hearing this, Queen Medusa nodded, immediately took a deep breath, billowing gas and blood burned immediately, next moment, a huge black hole appeared in front of Queen Medusa.

Suddenly, a powerful suction force swept out of the black hole.

All the tables, chairs, and vases in the room were swallowed in the black hole.

At the same time, Chen Mo also felt that his spiritual power was being a little bit black hole at the same time.

The robe agitated.

stature moved towards the black hole.

"Qingmo, try to drive it to the maximum."

Chen Mo narrowed his eyes and said again.

"Forget it, I just realized it, and I can't control it. If you swallow the Husband, it will be troublesome." Queen Medusa said solemnly.

"Try it, if you can't resist it, just close it in time."

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