BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 513

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Queen Medusa took a deep breath, and immediately the hands were printed quickly.

When a beam of pale red blood energy envelopes Queen Medusa's body.

The emptiness black hole in front of him suddenly turned, and a scarlet ring of light appeared on the edge of the black hole.

next moment, a huge suction surges out violently from the black hole.

Suddenly, Chen Mo's robe was hunting, and his cheeks were shaking because of the suction.

If it weren’t for the preparations already.

In a moment, he was swallowed by the black hole.

But even so, his footsteps are moving towards the black hole a little bit, and the spiritual power in the body is uncontrollably swallowed by the black hole a little bit.

It wasn't until Chen Mo urged Human Sovereign bloodline to temporarily suppress it, but the suction of the black hole could not be stopped.

The floor and walls in the room couldn't bear the huge suction force and were swallowed by the black hole.

You can only forcefully break or attack the person who casts the black hole.

"Okay." Chen Mo said and asked Queen Medusa to stop.


Queen Medusa reversed her handprint, and the emptiness black hole stopped.

But because she also consumed too much blood energy, her face was pale and moved towards the ground.

Chen Mo gave her a hand, put her on the bed, and got her pulse.

The blood energy deficit is too large.

This is not Dou Qi, it is more troublesome to recover, and it takes a long time.

"Open your mouth."

Chen Mo had his nails cut his wrists, then raised his hand to Queen Medusa's mouth, and said with a strong attitude: "Suck."

"Don't." Queen Medusa refused.

"Quickly, if you don't smoke, it will be wasted. Just absorb some. It will not affect me much, and I will recover faster than you." Chen Mo frowned and said solemnly.

Hearing this, Queen Medusa hesitated, then opened her red lips and took it in a small mouth.

After one minute.

Chen Mo wiped the wound in his wrist with his finger, and took out some high-end Medicinal Pills that restore blood energy from the Storage Ring, and started refining.

At the same time, Queen Medusa is also refining the blood energy she has absorbed.


A few hours later.

Chen Mo has almost recovered. The amount of blood drawn by Queen Medusa just now is about three times that of the blood donated in the previous life, which has little effect on Chen Mo.

But looking at Queen Medusa's face, she was still a little pale, and it seemed that the blood was not enough.

"The nine-color source stone obtained at the Space Auction Fair before, take it out and refining it."

Chen Mo thought for a while and said.

"Now?" Queen Medusa startled, and immediately said: "Tomorrow there will be a large force entering the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region, and refining the nine-color source stone, this time is definitely not enough, if they are allowed to get the first The treasure on Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, then we are here for nothing."

"With Dual Cultivation, time is enough." Chen Mo said seriously.

Hearing this, Queen Medusa was taken aback, and then her face flushed instantly, a rare touch of shyness flashed across her eyes, but after thinking that he was for herself, she took out nine colors from Storage Ring source stone, and nodded.

When I saw it, Chen Mo grabbed the Jiucai source stone in his hand and squeezed it gently. The Jiucai source stone is the purest energy.

flicks with the finger, this energy is swept into Queen Medusa's mouth.

Immediately Chen Mo didn't hesitate anymore, he sealed Queen Medusa's red lips and pressed his body up.

Azure Dragon onmyoji works.

The two clasped their fingers together.

The curtain hangs down.

Zhu Huo in the room shook slightly.


Telled a story all night.

The next day.

It's still too late.

The large troops have been gone for a long time.

In the afternoon, the two talents finished refining the energy of Jiucai source stone.

The energy of the nine-color source stone is of great use to Queen Medusa. Chen Mo is only helping to refine. As for the nine-color energy absorbed into the body by himself, Chen Mo gave her back, but he didn’t. How much attracted.

After a while, the two men strayed.

Put on your clothes, while it’s still dark, quickly moved towards Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region.

The savage Ancient Territory described in the original work is extremely dangerous.

And the unusual form of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment hasn't appeared yet.

Chen Mo doesn't believe that the "big force" can approach the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment within a few hours.


It flew by for half an hour.

The two quickly saw the front of the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region.

This is a primitive forest filled with ancient breath. There are several hundred zhang huge trees standing here like giants.

The shade of the trees covering the heavens, shielding the sun, even the rays of light at dusk can’t be irradiated. Looking at it, the depths of the forest are filled with palpitating Darkness.

Occasionally, one after another came out from it. The roar of the beast was full of fierce roars, which made people's hearts chill.

"After entering, directly exert the coercion of the bloodline. With the power of the bloodline of the two of us, the ancient ominous beasts in the forest dare not approach us at all."

Chen Mo tilted his head and said to Queen Medusa next to him.

In the world of Magic Beast, Magic Beast, which has a strong bloodline, has a natural suppressive effect on Magic Beast, which has a weak bloodline.

And Chen Mo's Ancestral Dragon bloodline, Queen Medusa's ancient immortal Dragon Snake bloodline.

It is enough to slap this continent's most powerful bloodline.

"en. ”Queen Medusa nodded.


The speed of the two is very fast, and they soon entered this primitive forest.

Immediately afterwards, a huge smell of blood permeated from the inside of the forest.

It is disgusting.

And judging from the mess on the periphery and some indescribable sludge, a fierce battle must have taken place before.

In the dimly lit forest, Chen Mo's speed slowed down a lot, and the power of soul spread out, but he did not observe how far he was, and was isolated by a strange force. stand up.

"In the depths of the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region, there is a mysterious force preventing me from exploring, clear the ink, and be careful."

Chen Mo raised some vigilance in his heart.


Queen Medusa also understood in her heart, and immediately became vigilant.

But their vigilance only slowed down a lot.

Soon, the two came to the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region.

Some wailing sounds can even be heard faintly in the depths.


Chen Mo stopped and saw the gas all around, frowned, and said: "Poison qi has risen, come in."

Chen Mo condenses out with undying magic flame A protective cover that can accommodate two people.

Queen Medusa Hearing this walked in.

Holding Queen Medusa's thin waist, Chen Mo galloped away with her moved towards the depths.

On the way, Chen Mo saw a black body.

On the face of the corpse, there is still fear and regret.

Among these people, many are Dou Zun powerhouses.

Can still not escape the fate of fall.

And their fingers are empty, presumably the Storage Ring has already been taken away by the people accompanying them.

In one hour.

Get out of the poison zone.

The two Chen Mo finally came to the Core Zone of the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region.

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