BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 514

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After walking out of the poison qi area, the two seem to have come to a new Heaven and Earth.

This is a continuous and endless mountain range, these mountain ranges are huge, like giant dragons entrenched, an ancient, wild breath, diffused from it, rippling in this heaven and Earth.

Here is the real wild Ancient Territory.

In this endless mountain range, Chen Mo just looked at it from a distance, and then vaguely saw a few behemoths walking in it, and felt some. In this mountain range, there is still one after Another extremely aggressive breath, these breaths reveal ancient times.

"I heard that the ominous beasts here are isolated from the world. They have been inherited from ancient times. They are terrifying in strength. Although they are too violent, their wisdom is not as good as Magic Beast of the same level. Explosive power, even Peak’s Magic Beast is inferior."

Chen Mo slowly said.

Queen Medusa nodded, looked over, and then sighed softly: "This wild Ancient Territory is extremely vast, and the power of soul will be isolated. If you want to find the location of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, how can you What was the difficulty."

"Like this kind of land treasure, there must be an unusual form at that time, we will just wait. As for us now..."

Chen Mo stared at a huge object in the mountains and forests in the distance, and whispered softly: "Refining Heaven Monster Puppet, currently only beast core is missing. Some ancient ominous beasts are the best choice to provide beast core."

"Let's go."

He made up his mind, Chen Mo didn't stay too much, undying magic flames retracted into his body, his toes touched the ground, and he stepped onto the void with his strength, moved Toward the mountain range in the distance.

Behind it, Queen Medusa followed.

It seems that the previous "big forces" did play a big role. Chen Mo and Chen Mo have come all the way and have not seen the beast tide.

Core Zone deserves to be Core Zone.

The two have just stepped into this mountain range. On the ground, a few beast roars violently sounded, and then a few dark shadows, shaking the wings, with fierceness and a strong and disgusting smell, they were flashing at Chen Mo in midair. People are culled.

"Thunder burst!"

Chen Mo screamed, his eyes turned purple in an instant, and thunder snakes appeared at the corners of his eyes, and several majestic and majestic purple thunders appeared. It shot away from the inside, with the thunder of shaking the sky, smashing the bodies of several dark shadows.

"bang bang bang!"

In a whimper and wailing, a few dark shadows twitched in the air, and instantly turned into black charcoal, falling from the sky. Down.

It's just a few 7th-Rank Magic Beast, Chen Mo didn't even have the idea of ​​going down and checking it.

"It seems that there are a lot of ominous beasts in this area..."

Queen Medusa casually glanced at the black charcoal below her eyes. Judging from the stature, it is a tiger-shaped Magic Beast .

"It seems that I can't fly anymore, so as not to attract attention."

Chen Mo fell from the sky and looked at Queen Medusa following the fall, and said immediately: "Pick a few 8th- Rank high level Magic Beast, the following ones, if you can’t make a move, you can’t make a move."

The strength of the 8th-Rank high level Magic Beast is around the level of human Douzun 9-Star to Douzun Peak.

The magic beast core of Magic Beast below this is used to refine the Heaven Monster Puppet, but it will reduce the quality of the Heaven Monster Puppet.

After all, the body and soul are both Peak partners.

Magic beast core can't be too much of course.

"en. ”

Hearing this, Queen Medusa slightly nod.


In two hours.

The full moon hangs high.

The bright moonlight casts on the earth.

But when it was about to fall in the Wild Ancient Territory, it was isolated by a thin mist, and only a little light was scattered to the mountain range below.


On a hillside with a slightly dim light, an ape fell on it, and its vitality dissipated.

Blood flowed from his chest and sprinkled all over the ground.

"Didn't expect even a low-level co-ape can grow to this point."

Queen Medusa fell next to the co-ape, and glanced at it with disgust.

The reputation of the ape is a symbol of hatred in the Magic Beast world.

"This is not the old ancestor of the ape, but the Old Ancestor of the ape, the ancient sky ape."

Chen Mo skillfully dug out the magic beast core from the head of the ancient sky ape, Use spiritual power to get rid of blood stains on the body, and said: "But it is more color than the ape, no matter male or female, in its hands, the end will be terrible."

Hearing this, Queen Medusa inexplicably hit it. Chills.

"Let's go, go on, there are still three magic beast cores left." Put the magic beast core into the Storage Ring, and Chen Mo continued to move towards the depths.

Queen Medusa followed closely.

Although there are many ominous beasts in this mountain range, not many meet Chen Mo's requirements.

Because of that level of Magic Beast, even if it is placed in the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region, it is also a region's Overlord. It does not mean that you can encounter it when you encounter it.

The two were rushing in the mountain range. Suddenly Chen Mo heard a sound of a piano, which also carried a trace of Dou Qi's attack.

"Soundwave Dou Technique..."

Chen Mo whispered, Sonic Dou Technique, this Dou Technique is relatively rare. His gaze moved towards Southwest. , The sound of the piano came from there.

"Clear the ink, go, go and see!"


This is an extremely steep mountain, like a python that runs through the sky, entrenched On the side of a main road, among the mountains, the black air of one after another continued to diffuse out, covering the sky within a hundred meters.

Below the giant peak, three graceful women wearing white dresses, veils and holding an ancient zither in their arms were trapped by a huge black python full of several hundred zhang .

Facing the siege of the complex python, the three women kept playing the ancient zither, the slender jade fingers twitched on the strings, and the sound of the piano turned into substantial ripples, engulfing the majestic Dou Qi, moved towards black python swept away.

But their piano sounds weakly think of a blank sheet of paper in front of the black python. They have no resistance at all. When they are shaken by the black python, the sound wave dissipates.

Forcibly interrupted, the sound of the piano suddenly stopped, and a sweet throat, a mouthful of blood spit out from their mouths.

The black python opened its huge mouth and moved towards the three women.

"Junior Sister, go quickly and find the Master, I will hold this Ancient Demonic Python first."

Seeing the attack of black python, a tall man wearing a light purple veil Wiping the blood from the corner of the mouth with the back of the hand, holding the ancient zither, to attract the black python, the long jade fingers constantly pluck the ancient zither's strings.

Although the piano sound does not do much harm to the black python, it is very annoying, like a fly, screaming in your ears.

Black python was irritated by the woman and moved towards her swept away.

"Senior Sister." The other two women exclaimed in pain.

"If Junior Sister Yu is leaving, you go to Master, I will help Senior Sister."

The woman with the peach red veil, moved towards the woman who attracted Ancient Demonic Python He swept away, and said in his mouth: "Zixuan Senior Sister, I'll help you."

After speaking, the jade finger plucked the strings, coldly shouted: "Tian Xuan Qin Yin."

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