BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 515

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"bang bang bang!"

The voice fell, and the actual piano sound moved towards Ancient Demonic Python swept away.

Everywhere I passed, even the air emitted a roaring wind sound of one after another wu wu, huge peaks trembling, and rocks cracked, but when it hit Ancient Demonic Python.

Only black's python dropped a few scales.

"Zixuan Senior Sister, Harumi Senior Sister..."

The woman called Ruo Junior Sister Yu looks at the two Senior Sisters fighting with Ancient Demonic Python , Immediately wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, the silver teeth clenched, hesitated for a while, and left with the ancient zither in his arms.

He said in his heart: "Senior Sister will support you, I will definitely bring the Master to rescue you..."

But she just left soon.


Ancient Demonic Python angry roar, the entire mountain was rumbling and shaking, and finally, only a loud noise was heard, beside the mountain A towering old tree was cut off by a snake's tail.

In the sky, dark clouds suddenly gathered together, and the terrifying black energy was condensed in it by lightning, which was quite powerful.

A section of the tree trunk that was cut off was thrown high up, hitting heavily on the purple veiled woman.

"Pu chi!"

With a low muffled grunt, the woman was smashed and flew out. The ancient zither in her arms was also broken in half, and a mouthful of red blood came from her mouth. The jet left, and immediately fell heavily to the ground, vomiting blood.

"Zixuan Senior Sister." Pink veiled women screamed, their toes lightly stepped in the air, just as they flew over to check Zi Xuan's situation.

A roaring wind moved towards Zixuan hit her face, a giant tail with a thick black mist, heavily patted Zixuan's body.


The latter was directly photographed as a mashed flesh, vanished fragrance and crumbled jade.

"Zixuan Senior Sister..."

Seeing this scene, Ruoyu lost her voice and became painful.

But Ancient Demonic Python simply didn't give Ruoyu any time to be sad. After shooting Zixuan to death, black's giant tail moved towards Ruoyu again.

The strong wind blowing up the huge giant tail in the air blows off the peach red veil on Ruoyu's face, revealing a pitiful, exquisite beauty-like face.

A pair of eyes like Mingyu, with two lines of clear tears hung.

"Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique!"

Just when the giant tail was about to shoot Ruoyu's body, a golden sword light burst into the air, and the surrounding air was covered with Torn, fiercely cut on the giant tail of Ancient Demonic Python.


A wailing sound resounding through the sky came from the mouth of Ancient Demonic Python. With a sound of "peng", its giant tail was forcibly cut off and fell. Falling to the ground, smashed out a giant pit, the blood flowing out will dye the earth red.


But this Ancient Demonic Python is also aggressive, scarlet has huge eyes, and ignores the broken tail, opens the huge tail, moved towards Golden. In the direction of the sky, he swallowed away.

However, at the next moment, a golden sword beam of hundreds of zhangs struck again, directly breaking the Ancient Demonic Python.

The golden sword light, which remained undiminished, slashed to the giant mountain behind.

Even the giant peak was forcibly split in half, The earth shook and the mountain quivered.


The corpse of Ancient Demonic Python fell on the ground, and even the earth moved lightly.

This shows the huge size and weight of Ancient Demonic Python.

The thick and unpleasant smell of blood permeates this mountain forest.

The squally wind screamed.

Ruoyu felt extremely silent, her eyes widened, she couldn't believe what she saw.

My teaming with Senior Sister and Junior Sister is not an opponent of Ancient Demonic Python.

At this time, Ancient Demonic Python stayed like this and was cut by two tricks.


If you don’t think about the trick to save yourself.

In fact, one trick is enough.

Maybe I was too shocked. For a while, I concealed the pain in my heart. The tears on my face were all blown dry by the wind.

It wasn't until two silhouettes appeared in front of her that she woke up from the shock, and then her eyes moved towards Zixuan Senior Sister. The position swept away. After landing, she saw the scene, and she did it immediately. Got vomiting.

At the same time, tears couldn't stop flowing out.

"This... is this your relative?"

After digging out the magic beast core from the head of Ancient Demonic Python, Chen Mo saw Ruoyu’s behind and looked at The beach was in terrible condition, said slightly frowned.

"This...this is my Senior Sister." Ruoyu sobbed. In sect, apart from mother, she has the best relationship with Zi Xuan, not a sister, as close as a sister .

Zixuan's death is a big blow to Ruoyu.


Chen Mo nodded did not ask any more. After saying a word to make her be careful, he was ready to search all around with Queen Medusa.

Ancient Demonic Python has a blood pool hobby, because this blood pool will be the place where their offspring are born and multiply. In order for the offspring to absorb enough energy, they will spend hundreds of years to come. Continuously collect those Heaven and Earth Treasure with strong energy, and then invest in them.

In the end, these energy will be absorbed by the blood, and finally, all of it will be integrated into the body of the offspring born.

This blood pool is not only useful for its offspring, but also for serpent race Magic Beast.

In addition, Chen Mo also plans to pack some of them and give Zijin a bath.

This is a good thing.

At this moment, Ruoyu suddenly turned around and thanked Chen Mo, but she didn’t know what to think of in the middle, and she thanked her, her face flushed: "I’m Sound Valley dísciple, my name is Ruo Rain, many thanks Young Master life-saving grace."

She originally wanted to be Chen Mo senior, but when she looked at Chen Mo, she found that the latter was the same age as herself, so she immediately Change your mouth.

After speaking, he also bowed to Chen Mo.

Chen Mo’s eyes flashed with surprise. At this moment, he finally knew what it meant to be pure and lust, but after all, it was someone with a daughter-in-law by his side. After looking at it, Chen Mo looked at Moved to Queen Medusa and said: "You are welcome."

He said inwardly.

Sound Valley dísciple?

Sound Valley.

This force, which is rarely described in the original work, only briefly explained the background. Later, it was said that Sound Valley has a fighting sage, and there is nothing else.

Don't mention the original work. Even now, Chen Mo hasn't heard anything about the power of Sound Valley in Central Plain.

It is too mysterious.

Mysterious and low-key.

The interaction is very shallow, and there is Queen Medusa next to the big vinegar jar. Chen Mo doesn't talk to the pretty girl much. After nodded, he found the blood pool with Queen Medusa.

From the beginning to the end, Queen Medusa did not say a word, and was very satisfied with Chen Mo's handling.

At this moment, Ruoyu said again: "Are you looking for Sky Devil Blood Pond?"

"Do you know where it is?" Chen Mo glanced at her, some I don't understand, your Senior Sister is dead, what the hell are you blushing?

"en." Ruoyu nodded, immediately said: "It is precisely because of Sky Devil Blood Pond that Senior Sister died."

It turned out that the three of them came here. Later, they accidentally found Sky Devil Blood Pond, and Ancient Demonic Python happened to be absent. Excited, they planned to go to the blood pond for a dip.

Ancient Demonic Python came back on the way.

So there is the previous scene.

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