BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 516

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Qingmu cleaned up Zi Xuan's body, put it in the Storage Ring, and bury her after returning to Sound Valley.

"Let's go." Harumi took Chen Mo to the Sky Devil Blood Pond.

At this moment, due to the Sixth Sense of a woman, Queen Medusa has been wary of her eyes.

Because her beauty is not inferior to her own, and when she talks to Chen Mo, her face is still flushed, and her eyes still have an imperceptible panic.

If it weren't for Queen Medusa to check it carefully, you would simply not be able to find it.

Led by Qing Mei, the three moved towards a huge mountain filled with black mist.

This mountain is extremely steep and majestic, but there are no other ominous beasts living in it, and it has obviously been expelled by Ancient Demonic Python.

Soon, the three of them came to the lair of Ancient Demonic Python.

The inside is cold and damp. Inside the white bones, there are also some human bones, and there are faint energy fluctuations coming out from the inside.

The three frowned walked through these bone hills, and finally stopped at the end of the cave.

At the end of the cave, there is a scarlet-colored rocky ground. In the center of the rocky ground, there is a pond about ten zhang wide. Inside the pool, scarlet blood is permeated. , The blood pool will turn over some blood bubbles.

The blood bubble burst and open, and the extremely rich energy diffused from it.

"This is Sky Devil Blood Pond?"

Queen Medusa also saw some white beast bones in the blood pool. Obviously, in order to increase the energy of the blood pool, Ancient Demonic Python also throws some ominous beasts into blood sacrifice.

"It is in line with Ancient Demonic Python's habit of building blood pools, it should be this thing."

Chen Mo slightly nod, the energy in this blood pool is extremely rich, even There is a majestic blood energy, which is of great use to Queen Medusa.

"Qingmo, you go clubbing, I'll Custodian for you."

Chen Mo first used some jars to install some, which can be reserved for Die and Zijian, and then to Queen Medusa said.

Queen Medusa nodded, there is no longer too much hesitation, the tiptoe touches the ground, the stature jumps into the blood pool, and then the body slams into the blood inside the pool.

"chi chi!"

In this brief moment, the blood pool seems to be boiling, constantly bubbling with blood, violent energy, madly whistling in the blood inside the pool Rise.

But for the current Queen Medusa, it can be resisted.

"Where are you?"

Chen Mo glanced at Qingmu.

"Junior Sister went to find the Master and the others, they will come after the Master, and I will go clubbing again." Qing Mi looked directly at Chen Mo's eyes, although her face was flushed, but her eyes But there is no timidity in it.

It was Chen Mo who was staring at her and looked away first.

After nodded, he sat cross-legged on the spot as Queen Medusa Custodian.

After time it takes to burn a stick of incense.

Qingmu suddenly swept outside.

Soon, Chen Mo sensed several breaths and then moved towards the cave approaching, one Half Sage, one 8-Star Dou Zun, and two 3-Star Dou Zun.

xiū xiū xiū! ! !

Soon, a few silhouettes appeared in the cave.

A total of four women, including Harumi.

Two of the women are not covered with veils, and the other two are covered with veils.

"Master, he is my life saving benefactor."

Qingye's voice sounded, and the fragrant wind approached. Chen Mo opened his eyes and soon saw a Heqing A beautiful woman with a similar look appeared in front of Chen Mo.

The beautiful woman is dressed in a yellow skirt, slender and plump, with a green ribbon tied around her waist, which shows her graceful figure and shows her all kinds of styles. The large Harumi.

He said with a sigh of anger, "Sound Valley Valley Master Jiang Qing, many thanks Young Master for saving the little girl’s life, I don’t know how to call Young Master? If it’s useful in the future Sound Valley’s, I will definitely help one or two."

"Sound Valley Valley Master? Little girl?"

Chen Mo was stunned when he heard it, and immediately understood. Jiang Qing is not only the mother of Qingyi, but also the Master of Qingyi.

Also, judging from the faces of the two, the relationship between the two women can also be seen.

Chen Mo stood up and said with a slight smile: "Chen Mo."

"Chen Mo?"

Hearing this, Jiang Qing, Qing Mu, Ruoyu, and another Sound Valley dísciple were all shocked. Jiang Qing said in astonishment: "Are you the Chairman Chen Mo of Pill Competition?"

Chen Mo has long been accustomed to this reaction. , Nodded with a smile.

Seeing Chen Mo's confirmation, Jiang Qing and Qing's eyes flashed with surprise. The former looked at Chen Mo's body for a while, and then whispered: "It's really true."

"It's just a fake name." Chen Mo said.

Jiang Qing laughed softly, and then thanked Chen Mo again, with a more solemn attitude, and said: "If Chen Chairman is useful in Sound Valley in the future, just say it."

Thirty-year-old Tier Nine Alchemist.

The strength is comparable to Peak.

With such an innate talent, the future achievements are absolutely extraordinary.

If Sound Valley can catch up with it, it is also great for Sound Valley.

"Definitely." Chen Mo was not polite and didn't know what he was thinking.

After finishing politely with Chen Mo, Jiang Qing severely rebuked Qingmu: "Let you follow me, who made you mess around? Zi Xuan's death, you have a great responsibility, go back to Sound After Valley, he returned to the penalty hall to be punished by himself."

"Yes." In front of Jiang Qing, Qingmu looked like a good baby.

After rebuking Qingmu, Jiang Qing rebuked Ruoyu.

But after all, there are outsiders, Jiang Qing still controlled it, and there was no flies into a rage.

"You come out with me." After looking at Chen Mo, Jiang Qing called out Qingmu.


Outside the cave.

"Mother." Qingmu said to Jiang Qing.

"I won't say more about the reprimand." Jiang Qing took a deep look at Qing, and then said: "What's your impression of Chen Mo?"

"Also. .. Not bad." Qingmu knew what Jiang Qing was about to ask, and looked a little panicked.

"Then what do you think?" Jiang Qing raised her hand to wipe off the blood spots on Qingmu's face, and said softly.

"What do you think..." Qingmu was pretending to be dumb.

"Have you forgotten the rules of Jiang Family?" Jiang Qing's tone suddenly became serious.

"I...I don't surname Jiang..."


Hearing this, Jiang Qing suddenly stared, Qing He lowered his head instantly.

Jiang Qing said: "This rule was set by Old Ancestor. If Jiang Family has a woman who has not yet come out of the pavilion, they must wear a veil. If their true face is seen by a man, there are only two choices, one Marry him, and second, kill him yourself."

"Obviously, you can't kill him."

"Why do you have to follow the rules? Back then, you and father didn’t No..."

"So he died." Jiang Qing's voice was louder, and Half Sage's breath came out from her body.

Qingmu didn't dare to talk back anymore, and immediately said: "Even if I marry him, I have to be willing, and I heard that he has a lot of women..."


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