BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 518

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The other party said this, and Chen Mo naturally couldn't refuse.

Just go with you.

After Queen Medusa is soaked in Sky Devil Blood Pond, the cultivation base has reached Perfection.

In fact, she can break through to the second turn.

But thinking about the breakthrough not long ago, the speed is too fast.

So I intend to slow down, deliberately suppressing no breakthrough.

And Qingmu, from the 3-Star Douzun breakthrough to the 4-Star Douzun.

"Since it's all right, let's go. We have delayed for several days and have to speed up to the Ancient Territory station. Otherwise, it will not be good if we go too late..." Jiang Qing Yu Guang glanced To Queen Medusa, whispered softly.

"Ancient Territory station?" Queen Medusa was a little confused.

"Ancient Territory station, it is said that in ancient times, it used to be an Ancient Battlefield. Many powerful powerhouses have fallen here. Therefore, a strange pressure was formed on the Ancient Territory station. It is precisely because of this pressure that the Ancient Territory station has become a place in the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region where only one ominous beast dare not set foot."

The voice of the clear eyes is soft, and the teeth are light. Answering questions for Queen Medusa.

"Um, thank you."

Queen Medusa nodded for Qingmei's answer, thanked her expressionlessly.

Xindao, is a vixen again.

I want to take this cabbage that belongs to me.

"The approximate location of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is in the northwest region. We have to pass through the Ancient Territory platform, which is the junction of the middle and deep parts of the Wild Ancient Territory. The safest place to stay in China.” Jiang Qing added.

"Let's go then." Feeling the atmosphere is not right, Chen Mo said hurriedly.

Jiang Qing was nodded and immediately opened up a space passage. As a Half Sage, he can naturally arrive at the fastest speed.


The entire group arrived at the Ancient Territory station.

This is a huge square.

Chen Mo and the others When the time comes, this is already a vast crowd.

One hall, one tower, Two Sects, Three Valleys, and four pavilions are almost all here.

Chen Mo also saw people from Flower Sect and Burning Flame Valley.

But I didn't see Tang Zhen and Yun Yun. Obviously they were not leading the team.

Chen Mo didn't come forward to say hello either. Now his reputation is too obvious and he has many enemies. If he is exposed here, he will be targeted 100%.

This will have a big impact on the future plan.

It's better to keep a low profile.

Waiting to get Bodhi Heart or Bodhi Seed, quietly amazed everyone.

Fortunately, Chen Mo and Queen Medusa are both wearing masks and wrapped in black robe, but they are not recognized.

It was Jiang Qing and Qingmu who caused quite a stir.

A beauty?

People like it everywhere.

Even this dangerous place is no exception.

Someone also came up to strike up a conversation, but they were both rejected by the mother and daughter one after another.

The identity of the self-destruct Sound Valley Valley Master behind also shocked some Xiaoxiao, so there was no conflict.

After all, the people who came here were all for the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. Before seeing the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, no one wanted to cause trouble.

Of course, the enemy is an exception.

Chen Mo also met Heavenly Demon Phoenix family, Nine Underworld Python family, Soul Palace...

I’m a good boy, all enemies...

Gu Clan's person, Chen Mo also saw it.

I also saw ancient Xun'er.

Deserves to be described as a Central Plain dísciple beauty in the original book, just a simple blue skirt, standing in the crowd is a crane in a flock of chickens.

Cheng Huai also followed.

Under the detection of system, Gu Xun'er followed two fighting saints by his side.

As expected of Gu Clan, the scene is full.

Chen Mo still didn't come forward to say hello, but he whispered in Queen Medusa's ear to get to know her in advance.

Hearing this, Queen Medusa's gaze immediately moved towards the ancient Xun'er swept away.

Maybe the gaze was too sharp, and it was immediately noticed by Gu Xun'er.


Gu Xun'er's puzzled gaze suddenly swept over.

After discovering that I was enveloped by black robe, I just wanted to use soul power to detect it, but after thinking about it, it was over.

This is impolite behavior, and conflicts are likely to occur.

"It's just that, why does the person next to him make me feel a little familiar..."

This thought flashed through Gu Xun'er's mind.

"Young Miss, what's the matter?" Following Gu Xun'er's gaze, Gu Nan Hai also looked over, but Chen Mo and Queen Medusa have changed positions, so he naturally did not see .

"Nothing, maybe I'm too sensitive." Gu Xun'er whispered.

Gu Nan Hai nodded, immediately looked towards Cheng Huai and said: "Will your host come?"

"The news of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment was such a sensation in Central Plain , The host must have received it. As for whether he will come, Xun'er Young Miss should know." After that, Cheng Huai looked towards Ancient Xun'er with a smile.

Hearing this, Gu Xun'er blushed. Although she was a woman of Chen Mo, she did not have a deep understanding of Chen Mo, so she could only judge with her only understanding:

"Should come, he is very courageous, and the benefits of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment are too many. If he receives the news, he must know it too."

Look Seeing his Young Miss’s expression, Gu Nan Hai thought: “It seems that the relationship between Xun'er Young Miss and Chen Mo is deeper than she explained.”


the other side.

Chen Mo learned from Jiang Qing’s mouth that the reason why this Ancient Territory station has gathered so many people is to attack the animal tide again, reach the depths of the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region, and find the Ancient Tree. of Enlightenment The real location.

Today's square, at least there are thousands of people gathered here, and all of them are not weak in breath, obviously they have not weak forces, these lineups attack together, it is really possible to rush in.

"Everyone, everyone should be very clear about our situation today. Our goal is the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment in the depths of the savage Ancient Territory. As for after arriving there..."

The man who was speaking was a man in a black shirt, giving people a gentle and elegant feeling. This kind of person’s first impression is a very good impression. At this moment, he is smiling and standing on a high place, looking towards all around, doing a general mobilization to impact the tide of beasts, after a lot of eloquence, finally said:

"Our only chance is for everyone to join together to form an alliance team, like an arrow Arrow, fiercely inserted into the beast tide, relying on the strength of all of us, was able to tear the line of defense, otherwise, the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment would be hopeless..."

"Who is he? "Chen Mo asked Jiang Qing.

"He is standing by the forces of Soul Palace. It should be someone from Soul Palace. I don’t know what he is called." Jiang Qing’s thin lips were lightly opened, and the color of the lips was quite thick. It's tempting, and there is a feeling of fascinating.

"He is very inspiring." Chen Mo looked at the man.

Following his voice.

Someone quickly responded. Judging from the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family, Sky Abyss Sect and other forces, these responders are just a support.

Soon, the atmosphere was entrusted to set off.

"Brother Hun Yu is right. My Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan is willing to join forces with Brother Hun Yu."

"Come to the Wild Ancient Territory is to fight the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. Go, what's the point of staying here, I am also willing to go for a break with Hun Yu brother."

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