BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 520

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"Damn, this kid is really unreliable."

"It looks good, but it turns out to be a shameless person."

"Damn it, I was fooled."

"Ah, help, who will save me."

At this moment, the alliance is in collapse, and the only thing injured is relative strength. People who are at a low level, and those who are slightly stronger, can completely rush out of this plain with the help of the distraction of their attention and the reduction of pressure.

After Hun Yu said these words, he immediately formed an arrow formation with the many powerhouses of Soul Palace and rushed out of the plain.

As for the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan and Nine Underworld Python clan that he had done before, he also sold them.


Nine Nether immediately burst into a swear word. Although he also had the idea of ​​selling Soul Palace after breaking out of the beast tide, but didn't expect, the other party also Holding this idea, and selling more decisively than him.

"Damn it." The people of Nine Underworld Python were also extremely angry, saying that they should advance and retreat together.

At this moment, the ancient Vajra Green Ape is like a killer god, and he specializes in those Magic Beasts who help mankind.

Soon, a Heavenly Demon Phoenix transformed into the body was forcibly smashed to death by the ancient Vajra Green Ape.

"Feng Xiao."

Jiu Feng roared in anger, and immediately turned heavy, fiercely gritted his teeth: "Go."

Although you can use the powerhouse of the summon family of space scrolls to come, if you use it here, you will lose the wind when you compete for Bodhi Heart and Bodhi Seed later.

People from the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan began to disperse and break through.

The people of the Nine Underworld Python family have everything to learn.

"Hurry up."

As the number of people dispersed, Chen Mo facial expression graved, he could only cut a blood path, and his injuries broke through.

Queen Medusa nodded.

On the other side, Jiang Qing was also escorting the people in Sound Valley to break through. On the way, when she glanced at the ominous beasts and human corpses along the way, she sighed: "It's a pity, these people , I tried my best, but ended up making free wedding dresses for others."

"Let’s be greedy, or they think they won’t be used."

For these people, Chen Mo has no sympathy.

If you can join the big army, the weakest is Dou Zun. No matter how stupid you can be, you have your own selfish calculations in your heart, but you are just plotting against others, not counting yourself.

Or maybe someone can be better.

"xiu xiu!"

Chen Mo moved towards the plains.

"Heaven Swallowing Python?"

Just here, a strong roaring wind hits from the sky, and a dark shadow, horizontally blocking Chen Mo and the others from advancing the way.

Next moment, there was a loud bang, like a giant mountain landing, the ancient Vajra green ape, holding a giant stick made of trees, straddling the middle of the plain and the depths of the wild Ancient Territory, bringing Chen Mo entire The group was stopped.

And its pair of beast pupils stared closely at Queen Medusa.

"That's right, it's the breath of Heaven Swallowing Python. Didn't expect Heaven Swallowing Python still exists in this world, and your bloodline is still rich, let me die!"

The ancient Vajra Green Ape once had a vengeance with Heaven Swallowing Python. At this moment, people who encounter the Heaven Swallowing Python family will naturally not let it go.

Waving a giant stick, moved towards Queen Medusa and the others smashed it together.

Since you are with Heaven Swallowing Python, let's die together.

"Be careful!"

Chen Mo loudly shouted, blocking the front of Queen Medusa, summon out of the nightmare from within, and the spiritual power continuously injected into the nightmare, In the posture of drawing the sword, moved towards The swept giant slashed over.

"Tian Xuan Qin Yin." Chen Mo was identified as his son-in-law in his heart, Jiang Qing also shot, Ming's yellow skirt shook, and an ancient zither made of ice was condensed. In front of her, raising her wrists, the long jade fingers that made the woman jealous flicked on the strings.

The sound of the piano is misty.

Wrapped in the majestic Dou Qi, he swept out, and made a magic weapon in midair, and pounced on the swept giant stick.

Although the ancient Vajra Green Ape is brave, the giant stick is only a common wood after all, how can it withstand two huge impacts.

There was a sudden bang, and it turned into thousands of sawdust in midair.

"Die to me!"

The ancient Vajra green ape hit his chest with a violent hammer, and then jumped so violently that Mount Tai was overwhelmed, moved Towards Chen Mo and the others are suppressed.

When it jumped above Chen Mo's head, it was like covering the heavens, shielding the sun, and the light was blocked by its huge body.

"The First Layer of the Great Sage!"

"The Second Layer of the Great Sage!"

"The Third Stage of the Great Sage!"

"The Fourth Stage of the Great Sage Art!"

Chen Mo's rapid change of fingerprints, as his body soared, his appearance moved towards the beast's body changed, and his breath also soared sharply.

4-Star Dou Zun.

5-Star Dou Zun.

6-Star Dou Zun.

Three levels have been improved.

"Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique!"

Chen Mo once again swung his sword, engulfing his strongest sword intent.

At this moment, the Golden Jianmang has reached several thousand zhang.

Like a sanction blade falling from the sky, it slashed towards the head of the ancient Vajra Green Ape.

People who haven’t escaped from the plain yet, seeing this scene at this moment, are suddenly shocked and exclaimed from their heart: "really strong!"

So are Jiang Qing and Qingmu Surprised, there was a strong shock on the faces of the two people who were like a pair of sisters.

Even the ancient Vajra giant ape, it is also eyes shrank at the moment, and some avoid its edge.

But as the ninth rank Magic Beast, it did not hide. The pressed stature suddenly hovered in the air, raising its fist and moving towards Jianmang and smashed it past.

"Tian Xuan Qin Yin!"


Jiang Qing and Queen Medusa also made moves.

The former activates the piano sound.

The latter summon produced two scarlet pythons of several hundred zhang and attacked the ancient Vajra green ape together.

For this scene, the ancient Vajra green ape seemed to have long been expected. All around its body, a golden energy shield suddenly appeared.

"Let's go!"

Seeing this scene, Jiang Qing suddenly had a foreboding of the danger, and quickly let Qingmu and the others go first.



And in this moment, multiple attacks came with a bang.

The space is shaking.

A powerful energy storm, centered on the ancient Vajra Green Ape, swept towards all around.

Wherever the energy storm passed, the land of the plain was lifted several hundred zhang, and countless creatures were affected and destroyed.

Chen Mo, Jiang Qing, and Queen Medusa were also lifted out.

The relatively far Qingmu and the others were about to be lifted out of the plain by the storm.

"Master." Harimou shouted inside.

next moment, two giant hairy hands, grabbed from the flame storm, went straight to Queen Medusa and Jiang Qing.

Even space, under these two giants, collapsed suddenly.

Chen Mo who just stabilized the stature.

Choose one of the two, and naturally go to Queen Medusa.

When the giant hand was about to catch Queen Medusa, he grabbed Queen Medusa's jade hand, and before he could check her injuries, he moved towards Harumi and threw it away: "Take her away!"

After finishing talking, head to Jiang Qing again.

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