BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 521

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in midair, the white jade mask on Queen Medusa's face fell off, revealing that fascinating and beautiful face, with a somewhat excited expression Looking at Chen Mo, his eyes were red, but before he finished speaking, a mouthful of blood spouted from his mouth.

Qingmu jumped and caught Queen Medusa from the air.

But she did not leave, but looked towards Jiang Qing.

"Come on, the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment gathers..."

Jiang Qing said without partiality, and immediately fluttered her dress, her beautiful legs raised behind and counted. A golden ribbon of unknown material flew out from the dress, entangled the giant hand that was grabbing at him and the legs of the ancient Vajra Green Ape.

This ribbon is tenacious. The ancient Vajra Green Ape tried to break free, but it hasn't broken free.

Taking this opportunity, Jiang Qing turned his head and looked towards the woman wearing the golden veil, and said: "Fengyu, take them away."

The name is Fengyu Sound Valley dísciple hesitated for a moment, and then nodded, with Qingmu, Ruoyu, and Queen Medusa, it was moved towards the plain and swept away.

And when they just turned around and left, those ribbons burst, and the ancient Vajra Green Ape broke free. After all, the difference was too great. It was just the Power of Qi and Blood produced by breaking free of the ribbon.

It was to blow Jiang Qing away.

On the mature face full of charm and style, a trace of paleness now appears.

"Take it to death! Human!"

The ancient Vajra giant ape moved towards Jiang Qing and stepped on it.

And here it is.

A golden light came through the air, Chen Mo vibrated the wings of Kunpeng, grabbed Jiang Qing's wrist, and then hugged her waist, moved towards the plain and swept away.

While flying, thunder bursts were released to hinder the attack of the ancient Vajra Green Ape.

But after all, it is the ninth rank Magic Beast, not only the skin is rough, flesh is thick, but also the ancient Vajra giant ape that is best at fighting, roaring directly, grabbing the oncoming thunder, and then lifting the one on the ground A piece of boulder, heavily moved towards Chen Mo's direction, smashed in the past.

And it jumped, then stepped on the boulder, and finally with the help of the boulder as the force point, patted the chest, moved towards Chen Mo and Jiang Qing blasted away.

Chen Mo just looked back and felt his scalp numb.

"I fuck..."

Chen Mo clamped Jiang Qing under his armpit, then made a seal with one hand and spit out: "Mysterious Turtle Art! "

Pause time.

A huge azure turtle shell phantom enveloped Chen Mo and Jiang Qing.


The fist like a hill hit the phantom of the azure turtle shell, directly erupting the sound of metal collision, sparks burst!

"hmph …"

Suffering such a heavy blow, although the shell of the tortoise was not broken yet, the huge power also caused Chen Mo to send out a groan from his throat and was smashed into the sky. .

Together with Jiang Qing, the two rolled tens of meters on the plain before they stopped the stature in embarrassment.

ninth rank Magic Beast, really terrifying.

In front of it, Chen Mo can only escape.

Can't he stand up, the ancient Vajra Green Ape saw that a trifling Dou Zun was a bit tricky, so he suddenly got a trace of interest and hit him again.

Jiang Qing complexion was slightly changed, just when she was about to fight hard.

At this moment, Chen Mo stood up and shielded her behind. After shouted away, he greeted her: "The sun will never die!"


Jiang Qing screamed. Just when she thought Chen Mo had sacrificed his life to save her, a golden giant appeared in front of her.

It is larger than the ancient Vajra Green Ape.

The two are shaking together at this moment.

“bang! ”

The terrifying gas burst immediately formed under the punches of the two, and finally turned into a terrifying gas storm, tearing all around the space And open.


The Golden Giant stepped back and fell into a disadvantage.


A weirdness appeared in the pupils of the ancient Vajra green ape beast, and I didn't understand what a ghost was in front of me.

But being able to catch his own this move also caused the ancient Vajra Green Ape to ignite a raging fighting intent in his body, laughed wildly, and moved towards Golden with his fists smashed swiftly.

Even though Chen Mo used the Nine Yang Power, he was still not the opponent of the ancient Vajra Green Ape. He kept his hind legs and his face became more and more strenuous.

"Are you deaf, don't hurry up!"

Seeing Jiang Qing still stunned, Chen Mo was a little angry.

But thinking that she was able to face the ancient Vajra Green Ape just now and did not escape, but also came to help herself, so Chen Mo shook him up again: "Go!"

Although Knowing that Chen Mo is for her own good, but as a descendant of Dou Di and the Master of Sound Valley Valley, she has her own pride: "This palace will not escape on the brink of battle, to die, this palace will accompany you to die together."

"Tian Xuan piano sound."

Jiang Qing once again moved the ancient zither, her ten long fingers moved on the strings.

Chen Mo's face turned dark, but the situation was critical, and he couldn't help scolding her. He just said: "You want to die, I don't want to die."

After speaking, he roared: "Open ten suns!"

The words fell.

Suddenly, nine golden light wheels like a big sun hovered behind the Golden Giant, and then they gathered together to form a huge light wheel.

Suddenly, a huge golden beam of light sprayed from the light wheel and hit the chest of the ancient Vajra Green Ape.

"Burning Heaven Array picture." Chen Mo's handprint moved, and a stream of light moved towards the ancient Vajra giant ape shot over.

At this moment, Chen Mo's face is slightly white.

He knew that this could only hold the ancient Vajra giant ape, and could not defeat it at all.

So, there is no more manipulation of the immortal sun.

The wings shook, and he turned and moved towards Jiang Qing and flew away.

"Stop playing."

After finishing speaking, he hugged her waist and flew out of the plain.

I lost the Great Sun Immortal Body and Burning Heaven Array figure manipulated by Chen Mo, both of which only supported a few breaths, and were broken open by the ancient Vajra giant ape.

Burning Heaven Array turned into a stream of light moved towards Chen Mo.

While the ancient Vajra Green Ape saw Chen Mo and Chen Mo already flying away, he was immediately furious. After smashing his chest a few times, he leaped and collapsed as the ground under his feet collapsed like a mountain. , Moved towards Chen Mo and the two chased them.

I was held by Chen Mo twice, looking at his handsome and masculine side face, Jiang Qing's face blushed inexplicably, and the heart that was originally broken by the man was beating strangely. For a moment.

But because of the ancient Vajra Green Ape chasing after him, Jiang Qing didn't think too much.

Moreover, he is his own predetermined future son-in-law...

Seeing that he is chasing tightly, but he is still a little away from the plain, he immediately took out Lu past as cannon fodder.

There was also a jade bottle smashed, moved towards the ancient Vajra, the green ape threw it over.

In the jade bottle, there is a soul from Peak powerhouse.

He used it as a bomb at the moment.

Soon, Chen Mo took Jiang Qing and swept out of the plain.

In the place outside his hundred zhang, countless ominous beasts wrapped in the ancient Vajra green ape, staring scarlet eyes, screaming frantically at him and Jiang Qing.

Like the original, outside the plain is the site of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. They dare not come over.

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