BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 522

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When Chen Mo and Jiang Qing saw this, they lay down on the spot, panting for breath.

At this moment, the Burning Heaven Array picture also returns to Chen Mo's body.

The two are close to each other, and a breeze blows, Chen Mo can even smell the fragrance of Jiang Qing's body.

"She, she still has body fragrance..."

Chen Mo tilted his head and glanced at Jiang Qing curiously.

At this moment, Jiang Qing is peeking at her.

For a time, the two looked at each other.

Extremely embarrassing.

Unfortunately, the two of them are close to each other, exhaling, and they can spray on each other's face.

Chen Mo blushed first, because he actually had the idea of ​​wanting to kiss him.

Dead Cao thief.

Chen Mo scolded himself.

I have a daughter who is about the same age as me.

Thinking wildly.

Crimes, sins.

Jiang Qing's face was also blushing when he peeked and was caught on the spot.

So the two turned around at the same time.

Jiang Qing said hurriedly: "I just want to remind you that we will come and take care of it, and go to the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment to find them together."

At this moment, Chen Mo's heart also recovered. Calm, nodded, and sat up on the spot. When it was about to adjust, I found that Jiang Qing’s Medicinal Pill was only Tier Seven Medicinal Pill, and he immediately took out a bottle of Tier Eight Medicinal Pill from the Storage Ring and gave her a bottle of Tier Eight Medicinal Pill from Pill Thunder. .

"Use mine, the recovery will be faster."

After speaking, Chen Mo closed his eyes and adjusted his movement.

Looking at the jade bottle in her hand, and then at her Medicinal Pill, for a moment, she actually felt like she didn't dislike it.

When I opened the jade bottle and found that they were all Tier Eight Medicinal Pills, Jiang Qing's face blushed again.

It is a feeling of shame.

So too.

Although she is the Valley Master of Sound Valley, but the valley lacks Alchemist, the cost of hiring a high-level Alchemist is too high, so in her eyes, Tier Eight Medicinal Pill is already very rare Medicinal Pill.

But remembering that Chen Mo was Tier Nine Alchemist or the Chairman of Pill Tower, Jiang Qing opened her red lips slightly.

It's impossible to compare.

Alchemist is a big dog...


Chen Mo was injured and consumed a lot, so the conditioning time is relatively Longer.

After a few hours, he felt it was almost done, and Jiang Qing searched for the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

At this moment, Ancient Tree of Enlightenment has been born.

The World Mysterious Anomaly produced can make people feel where it is.

Chen Mo and Jiang Qing traveled across the mountains and finally came to a plain.

Compared with the plain before, the plain this time is a blood-colored plain. The two of them looked into the depths, and they saw that outside of the vast zhang, a tree was extremely shaded. The huge ancient tree is standing alone on this vast plain, a breath of fresh air rippling over the ancient tree, changing into various shapes from time to time, it seems mysterious and unpredictable.

"Is that the legendary Ancient Tree of Enlightenment..."

As the leader of Sound Valley, Jiang Qing came to the Poisonous Ancient Wasteland Region in person. I don't want to use Bodhi Seed or Bodhi Heart, or comprehend, to let her step into the real battle.

At this moment, looking at the ancient scent from a distance, like an ancient tree standing between Heaven and Earth, her heart is also beating violently with peng peng.

"Such a huge tree, breath is also emitted from this tree, it should be."

Even if it is far apart, Chen Mo can still feel the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment The hugeness and the bizarre breath are like the distant Ancient Holy things standing between Heaven and Earth, filled with ancient and vicissitudes of life.

"Hurry up, people from other forces may have arrived."

Faced with the temptation of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, Jiang Qing couldn't keep calm.

"Hmm. Let's go."

Compared to Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, Chen Mo wants to know how Queen Medusa is going.

The two moved towards the ancient giant tree standing between Heaven and Earth in the distance, and flew away.


You can follow them.

But it was discovered that before the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, there was another battle.

The five have no vitality, but Half Sage, who can explode before being born, fought with some powerhouses.


At this moment, a red glow moved towards Chen Mo swept over, and then plunged into Chen Mo's arms.

This person is not Queen Medusa, who else!

Queen Medusa did not approach the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, even facing the temptation of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, still waiting for Chen Mo.

On the Sound Valley side, only Qingmu is there.

At this moment, Jiang Qing asked about Qingmu's situation: "Where are Fengyu and Ruoyu?"

"Already entered the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment." Qingmu said.

If she hadn't cultivated the Qi Method of meditation, facing the temptation of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, she couldn't help breaking in.

"What's the matter with these?"

Jiang Qing asked, looking at both sides of the battle.

"I also not quite clear, Senior Sister and Junior Sister and the previous group have entered the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, this group of people arrived later, and then the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment trembled. Five Half Sages appeared."

Chen Mo.

After inquiring about each other's situation, the two of them were satisfied that the other party was okay, they kissed once again under the influence, and even looked towards the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

Watching the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment up close is undoubtedly another shocking sight.

There are thousands of zhang huge torso, like a Propping Up The Heavens Pillar-like connecting Heaven and Earth. On that torso, the ancient breath is densely covered, and the shade of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is extremely It is huge and spreads, it can cover a city for a half, one after another extremely rich fresh air, diffused from the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, rippling in the sky, making the sky change from time to time All kinds of magical elephants.

"Look at it, see you, don’t hurry up and help, if we don’t kill these five Half Sages, we won’t be able to get in."

At this moment, A scolding sound interrupted Chen Mo's thoughts before he could sigh.

Looking at Chen Mo's gaze, I saw that the person who was scolded was a middle aged big man wearing a brocade robe. The cultivation base was in Dou Zun Peak. At this moment, he was fighting against the three Dou Zun Peak. One Half Sage.

Chen Mo's eyes narrowed.

If I remember correctly, these five Half Sages are puppets controlled by Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

The vitality of that opponent has long been swallowed by the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

The reason why Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is so cruel is that in the original book, it was infected by Dou Di's negative emotions.

Chen Mo glanced at the center of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. There is a bright brilliance. This brilliance, like a huge heart about one zhang, faintly bursts out powerful The beating heart.

It is Bodhi Heart.

"Look at your mother! I can't help but believing or not I will kill you first."

Seeing Chen Mo still staring blankly, that Jinpao Great Han suddenly roared again.

Hearing this, a deep chill burst out of Chen Mo's body.


Chen Mo's lips lightly opened, and an invisible energy passed by, and the man in brocade had already fallen to his head.

The blood, like a fountain, gushes from the neck and becomes the nourishment of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.


Everyone present was shocked.

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