BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 523

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"soul power?"

"Heaven Stage soul!"

The powerhouse that can come here, the strength is naturally not low. .

I can clearly feel this huge soul power.

And can instantly kill a Dou Zun Peak without a backhand.

Only Heaven Stage Soul can do it.

Heaven Stage soul.

Compared with it, but Tier Nine Alchemist.

And Tier Nine Alchemist, in the entire Dou Qi Continent, does not exceed the number of hands.

The status and status are more noble than the powerhouse.

Everyone looked at Chen Mo in surprise.

Is the black robed man in front of me a Tier Nine Alchemist?

"Let's do it."

Chen Mo ignored everyone's astonished eyes, turned his head and glanced at Jiang Qing and Queen Medusa, and said.

Jiang Qing and Queen Medusa nodded.

“peng peng peng! ”

next moment, on Chen Mo’s side, several extremely powerful Dou Qi beams roared out, and finally heavily blasted into it On the body of a Half Sage puppet, Chen Mo, Jiang Qing and other people joined forces, even if it was a Half Sage puppet, it couldn't catch it.

even more how, this Half Sage puppet is just a dead thing with no life.

Just an instant, this Half Sage puppet was smashed by Chen Mo and the others.

Everyone was shocked again and started in an uproar.

"Beat their heads."

Chen Mo shouted, the puppets have no life, as long as their heads are bombarded, they naturally can't move.

"Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique!"

"Snake Spirit!"

"Sky Xuanqin Sound."

Chen Mo and The others one after another activated the skill, and immediately after the two Half Sage puppets were quickly resolved, they made a way to the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, and the others did not care about the remaining two Half Sage puppets anymore, and quickly moved towards Ancient Tree of Enlightenment rushed away.

Hun Yu and the others have already entered. Although there is a level of Illusory Territory in Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, Chen Mo doesn't know how long this Illusory Territory can trap them.

It's not good if you let them get ahead.

Naturally, time can no longer be delayed.

shua shua Swish!

Several people came to the place at the bottom of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. Standing here, they looked up and looked down. Only then can they feel that this one has survived. How many years old trees are so huge.


When several people arrived at the bottom of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, the tree body of the thousand zhang suddenly exploded with brilliance, turning into one The beam of light directly envelops Chen Mo and the others.

The sudden scene made Queen Medusa and the others shocked. They just wanted to use Dou Qi, but they were shocked to discover that Dou Qi in the body had disappeared at this moment...


Queen Medusa frowned.

With the jade hand being held by a big hand, Queen Medusa was relieved when she tilted her head to see Chen Mo's hand.


next moment, the beam of light shrank rapidly, and with a sound, it retracted into the tree like a lightning, and disappeared at the same time. And Chen Mo and the others.


When Chen Mo opened his eyes again, the white rays of light filled the field of vision, and Chen Mo's eyes were slightly squinted in this white light world. Within the realm, there is no silhouette around.

"Is this the body of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment?"

Chen Mo took one step.

Next moment, the surrounding environment has changed. In the white world, there are suddenly many tall buildings.

Busy and lively streets, many horses and carriages.

"Blue Star..."

The world in front of you is obviously Chen Mo's top ten blue stars.

Chen Mo's body shook suddenly.

"Fuck, what are you doing here? Have you signed up for the computer test?"

At this moment, Chen Mo was patted on the shoulder.

next moment, the time before me has changed again.

Chen Mo appeared on a basketball court.

The surrounding environment.

It is exactly the university he attended in his previous life.

Chen Mo turned his head to look, and there was a smiling girl who patted her on the shoulder.

The girl’s figure is good, because for fitness, the lower part of her body wears a pair of black tight-fitting pants, which wraps a pair of jade legs long and thin, and the upper body wears a sports vest, which wraps the explosion. Like a figure.

"Qing Wu..." Chen Mo muttered in surprise.

The girl is exactly Chen Mo’s girlfriend, Su Qingwu, who was in college in the previous life.

"What's the matter with you?"

The girl raised her hand and wanted to touch Chen Mo's face. Before she could touch it, Chen Mo got excited and wanted to hold her in her arms.

Next moment, the woman in her arms has become a Queen Medusa that has not yet been transformed.

The surrounding environment has also become the bedroom of Snake-People Tribe, Queen Medusa.

"Humans, you are so brave, how dare you hold this king..."

Queen Medusa moved towards Chen Mo with a slap.

But next moment, a jade hand touched Chen Mo's face: "Husband, do you miss me?"

The woman in her arms has become a butterfly again .

Her jade hand reached into Chen Mo's robe, on his skin, gently teasing...

"This is the Illusory of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment Territory?"

Because he knew that the first thing he would face after entering the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment was the Illusory Territory, so Chen Mo had been prepared for a long time.

So when she first saw Su Qingwu, Chen Mo still stunned.

At this time his first love.

I also end up with my first love without a disease.

This love affair only lasted for three months.

Because at that time, he was still ignorant in the face of feelings...

Clearness was restored in Chen Mo's eyes, and the world in front of him became white again. Look like.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Chen Mo muttered: "As expected of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, even such a realistic Illusory Territory can be produced. If I had not dealt with it, I would really fall into it. Go in."

After all, a man can never forget his first love.

"Illusory Territory, then break it..."

Chen Mo screamed, running the chaos meditation technique, the majestic soul power, like a tide, self The gushing out of one after another.

For a while, this piece of Heaven and Earth was also violently distorted, and finally, like a broken mirror, it burst open with a bang.

When this piece of Heaven and Earth burst, Chen Mo’s saw a flash, and when he came back to his senses, he discovered that he was already in a dark green-colored space. In this space, an ancient tree about ten several feet or so, seems to stand erect here.

This tree, which is exactly the same as the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment outside, has shrunk countless times in size.

This is a reduced version of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

In other words, this is the ontology of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

Looking at this small Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, Chen Mo understood that the Illusory Territory just now came out of it.

Under Chen Mo's gaze, the small Ancient Tree of Enlightenment suddenly trembled slightly, and light groups floated out of its body, and finally hovered in front of Chen Mo.

In these light clusters, various images are transmitted.

There are Hun Yu's, Jiu Feng's, and Gu Xun'er and Queen Medusa's.

Among them, the ancient Xun'er didn't know what Illusory Territory he was in, and his complexion was flushed.

The green skirt is also half-undressed.

It seems that these people are all trapped in the Illusory Territory. When they come out, it depends on when they get rid of the Illusory Territory.

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