BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 524

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Under Chen Mo's gaze, the small Ancient Tree of Enlightenment shook again.

All the light clusters are condensed into a huge light cluster. Within the light cluster, there is an Ancient Tree of Enlightenment with a tall ten thousand zhang, and the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment in the light cluster is more The Ancient Tree of Enlightenment outside is even taller.

Before the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, a silhouette wearing a black jacket stood in the air, a breath like Heaven and Earth Supreme, from this person’s body slowly spreading out, in this breath Below, even the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment of ten thousand zhang.

All seem small.

"Dou Di..."

Chen Mo's gaze was full of horror, this kind of feeling as if Heaven and Earth belonged to that person, only Ancient Times The Dou Di can have it.

Next, the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment dropped a branch and flicked it on the light ball.

next moment, as if playing a slideshow.

All kinds of pictures are presented in front of Chen Mo.

The reason to sum up is that the black clothed Dou Di wanted to capture the tree spirit of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment for treatment.

Another white clothed Dou Di appeared behind.

Then white clothed Dou Di and Ancient Tree of Enlightenment joined forces to kill black clothed Dou Di.

However, is Dou Di so easy to kill?

At the moment before the death of black clothed Dou Di, he injected all his negative emotions into the body of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, making the body of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment permeated with fresh air, and faintly added a subtle touch. Cold...

This black air, like Dou Di's soul power, has always entangled the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

The Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, originally ten thousand zhang, now only has a few thousand zhang.

And under the erosion of the soul power of complete Darkness, the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment has gradually evolved into an evil and cruel side.

"It seems to be the same as the original, and there is no change..."

Chen Mo relaxed, in this way, it is much easier.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment clicked on Chen Mo with his own branches, and then, an additional flow of information appeared in Chen Mo's mind.

The reason why Ancient Tree of Enlightenment pulled Chen Mo in front of it.

It's because of the power that Chen Mo used when he broke the Illusory Territory just now.

That is the chaos meditation technique.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment wants Chen Mo to dispel Dou Di's negative emotions in it.

In the original work, Xiao Yan uses Ancient Tree of Enlightenment's Bodhi Seed to remove the negative emotions of Dou Di on Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

Since Ancient Tree of Enlightenment feels that his chaos meditation can also be removed.

Doesn’t that mean that you can do a business with it?

"Well, it takes a lot of energy to clear it, and it consumes too much soul power, and that is Dou Di's negative emotions, the risk is too great, I...may not be good." Chen Mo said tentatively.


For Chen Mo, the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment suddenly swayed, as if shaking his head, saying Chen Mo is fine.

Chen Mo: "..."

What Chen Mo meant by saying this is to let Ancient Tree of Enlightenment express it.

It seems that Ancient Tree of Enlightenment still doesn't understand Favor's sophistication.

So Chen Mo said again: "I heard that Bodhi Seed and Bodhi Heart can provide me with a lot of energy. If there are these two, I might be able to..."

Speaking directly, I should be able to understand...

As if to understand Chen Mo’s words, the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment shook suddenly, next moment, one by one green light spots from The body floated out, and finally suspended in front of Chen Mo, the rays of light gradually weakened.

Exposing the crystal clear and near-transparent items in rays of light.

"One, two...twenty-four."

Chen Mo counted, a total of twenty-four.

The branch of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is on Chen Mo's body again, and it is injected into his mind with a stream of information.

Chen Mo suddenly understood.

These twenty-four stars are all Bodhi Seed.

And Ancient Tree of Enlightenment also told him.

Just help it to get rid of Dou Di's negative emotions.

Not only will Bodhi Heart be given to him, but he will also be assisted in comprehend.

"gu lu ..."

Chen Mo can't help swallowed saliva and said.

Is this the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment?

It’s really rich and imposing.

"Since this is the case, then I will reluctantly try..."

Chen Mo said so, and then put all Bodhi Seed into the Storage Ring.

"hua hua!"

The branches of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment fluttered, as if they were nodded.

Chen Mo moved towards Ancient Tree of Enlightenment approached, ran the chaos meditation technique, and then touched the black energy on the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment with his hand, and suddenly became refining.

next moment, a fierce and majestic breath, rushed into Chen Mo's mind, and wanted to go deep into Chen Mo's mind.

The Golden Crow mark of Chen Mo between the eyebrows lights up, and Supreme Yang Divine Fire immediately moved towards that fierce breath chasing away.

Together with the chaos meditation technique, refining is carried out.

After all, it’s just Dou Di’s negative emotions, not the real Dou Di. It was suppressed by the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment before, so Chen Mo refining with Supreme Yang Divine Fire and Chaos Meditation is not too much. difficulty.

But in order to fool the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

Each refining trace, Chen Mo will pretend to be gasping for breath.

Then swallowed a Bodhi Seed into the mouth, but it was actually included in the system.


"No way, no way, I have to rest."

A few hours later, Chen Mo wiped the big Khan waved his hand to the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, making a look too tired.

"hua hua!"

When Chen Mo went on strike, Ancient Tree of Enlightenment was a little dissatisfied. At the next moment, the branches shook, and immediately a group of green rays of light came from the tree. Released from the body, an ancient emerald green futon was formed under the ancient Tree of Enlightenment, and then the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment picked up Chen Mo with a branch and placed it on the futon.


As soon as his butt was stained with the ancient futon, Chen Mo's body trembled violently, one after another pure terrifying energy, directly Just like the tide, poured money into Chen Mo's body.

In this instant, Chen Mo's pores all over his body were quietly exploded.

Chen Mo: "..."

I just want to express that I work very hard.

It is not an opportunity to blackmail.

But it feels like this.

It's so cool.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is so awesome.

Chen Mo naturally worked hard.

Refining the negative emotions of Dou Di to Ancient Tree of Enlightenment continuously.

It doesn't stop for a moment.

Finally, I don't know how long it has been refining.

As the last trace of black air dissipated, the small Ancient Tree of Enlightenment suddenly buzzed, and immediately the green light flourished, one after another dazzling green glow, from the tree. It burst out, and finally filled this space, making the already full-bodied vitality here become more full-bodied.

"Is it finally cleared?"

Chen Mo looked at the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, gasping for breath.

Now he is really tired, not pretending.

The branches shook, and Ancient Tree of Enlightenment seemed to be nodded with joy.

next moment, the branch suddenly entangled Chen Mo's whole body and pulled him into his own tree.

At the moment when the two touched, a green brilliance and beating thing escaped into Chen Mo's body.

At the same time, a branch moved towards Chen Mo's head.

Chen Mo fell asleep.

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