BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 525

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Before Chen Mo destroys Illusory Territory.

At the clear head.

The world changed before Qingmu and came to a place where peach blossoms were in full bloom.

This is a peach blossom forest with no end in sight. On the left and right sides, there are huge peaks towering into the clouds. In this peach blossom forest, there are some low and scattered houses.

From these houses, there are bursts of piano sounds.

Here is the place where the ginger people of Sound Valley live.

At this moment, a man in a brocade robe walked out of a pavilion and smiled and moved towards Qingmu.

"Mu'er, why are you here?" the man said softly.

Mu'er is Qingmu's name, and Qingmu's original name is Jiang Mu.

And Qing's father is called Lin Mu.

After the death of father, Harumi changed her current name.


Qingmu was taken aback, why is father here? In her impression, father and mother are not abiding by the rules of Jiang Family and are together Yes, since the existence of father was known by Jiang Family, father knew that Jiang Family did not allow his existence and wanted to kill him.

Father intends to abandon her and mother in order to survive. When Jiang Family powerhouse arrived, in order to save his life, father said that Jiang Qing seduce me, it has nothing to do with me. I don't know anything, please forgive me.

And those words made Jiang Qing at that time like a bolt from the blue.

And this did not allow Jiang Family to forgive father, but accelerated his death.

In this process, father has never resisted and has been begging for mercy...

It also made mother heartbroken...

But Harume didn't know the story about father and mother falling in love.

I only knew that father was good to her, so after father died, she also changed her name in order to protest against Jiang Family.

So seeing father again, Harugo is somewhat absent-minded...

Is this the Illusory Territory?

Harumi guesses again.

"How's your homework review?" Lin Mu walked to Qing Mei, knocked her on the head, and said seriously.


"Is it lazy?"

Lin Mu lightly tapped Qingye's head again and said: "Your mother Let me keep an eye on you to review your homework. If you don’t practice the sound of Tianxuan Qin, you will see it when your mother comes back."

I heard this very familiar voice, and what happened when I was young. Qingmu was stunned involuntarily. At this moment, the father didn't know that the mother was the dísciple of Sound Valley, so the mother had to go out every once in a while and then come back.

The slight pain in his head made Qingmu lost his way in. This is the Illusory Territory. This is obviously reality, and father is not dead.

Qing eyes plunged into Lin Mu's arms, sobbing excitedly: "Father, I want to kill you."

However, at this moment, the picture suddenly changed.

Suddenly red lanterns were hung in the peach blossom forest with no end, and the surrounding area was also full of joy, and the Lin Mu that Qingmu was holding turned into Jiang Qing.

Jiang Qing is also in a festive dress, lightly stroking the tears on Qingmu's face, and said: "I'm such a big person, and I still cry. Okay, the auspicious time has arrived, and it's time to get married. "

"Get married?"

The tears on Qingmu's face suddenly stopped. She looked down and instantly found that she was wearing a red wedding gown, full of joy .

"Qingmu, you are so beautiful!"

Next moment, the scene suddenly changed again. Qingmu appeared in a room, sitting on a bed, and covered it with the light. The red hijab on her head was lifted off, and a familiar face caught her eye.

"Why are you?" Qing said in shock, a blushing inexplicably on her face.

"I just got married with you, who am I?"

Chen Mo smiled and handed Qingmu a glass of wine, and said: "Mother, it's time for a drink." "

"Baitang married? Where did we worship and married? I haven't promised you yet..."

Qingmei didn't finish her words, so Chen Mo continued: "Then This kind of red tape can be completely omitted. From now on, you will be my lady."

After finishing talking, Chen Mo did not drink a cup of wine, bowed his head and kissed Qingjing's thin lips.

Immediately, with a light push on her shoulders, Qingmu immediately lay down on the bed, and Chen Mo pressed it up.

"Lady, the spring night is worth a lot of money, let's enter the bridal chamber first!"


Chen Mo began to untie Qingmu's wedding gown.

Harumi also gradually became immersed in it.


For a long time.

Chen Mo put his arms around Qingmu, and said: "Madam, I will take you to a beautiful place. How about if you can't come out for a lifetime?"

"Then what about Master? ...Is there any other woman from you?"

"As for other women, I only want you in this life, and we only go to places where there are only two of us. Are you okay? "Chen Mo's face twisted, showing an evil smile.

Qingmu nodded, immediately shook his head fiercely: ", I can't abandon...Master because of you..."


The scene changed again, Chen Mo violently pinched Qingye’s neck, and continued to force: "No? Why not, as long as we are in a bad place? Why?"

Just when Qingmu was about to suffocate, the world around him was like a mirror, shattering suddenly, and a green rays of light pulled her in.

When she appeared in a strange space guarding her neck, there were many people around her, and everyone's complexion changed. Many people were still faintly horrified on their faces. Obviously they understood that everything they had experienced before was the Illusory Territory.

"Good terrifying Ancient Tree of Enlightenment..." is stronger than Gu Qingyang and other fighting sages, but weaker Jiang Qing, Queen Medusa, Hun Yu, Gu Xun'er, Jiu Feng and the others, At this moment, I couldn't keep calm. Thinking back to the Illusory Territory before, I couldn't help but have a cold sweat impulse. If it weren't for this sudden change, I'm afraid they would stay in the Illusory Territory for a lifetime.

Everyone cultivation came back to his senses and began to slowly look all around. When their eyes were on the thin silhouette inside the tree, their cheeks changed drastically. Up.

At this moment, the mask on Chen Mo's face has disappeared, his face is displayed in front of everyone, and almost many people recognize it.

"Chen Mo!"

"This kid!"




one after another The sound of horror sounded.

"He...what's wrong with him?" Gu Xun'er wanted to check it out.

Queen Medusa, who had already left, was held by Jiang Qing.

"Don't be impulsive, this may be his great opportunity."

"Great opportunity?"

After hearing Jiang Qing's words, Queen Medusa When I woke up, I remembered what Chen Mo had told her about the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment has three treasures.

One is Bodhi Heart.

The second is Bodhi Seed.

The third is the next comprehend of the Bodhi tree.

The first two are not difficult to explain, and they are both contained in the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

And this Third Type is equivalent to illusory.

The former two are real, while the latter speaking from a certain perspective is imaginary.

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