BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 526

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Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, known as the tree of reincarnation of wisdom, in legend, it possesses the miraculous miraculous effect that allows people to experience the Hundred Worlds Reincarnation, and those who have experienced such reincarnation have Step into the potential of Dou Di.

Although it is only a legend, there are still countless powerhouses, crazy for this illusory legend.

Only because of the Supreme level that also exists in the legend.

And now this illusory legend is very likely to fall on Chen Mo.

The potential of Dou Di!

Who in the room is not a distinguished person, how can I not understand this.

"How can I let this kid take the lead?"

Jiu Feng's complexion was heavy, and a fire of anger and jealousy ignited in his heart.

The last time he took a sword vengeance on East Dragon Island, he still can't forget it.

"Hun Yu, Chen Mo is the enemy of my Soul Palace. It has damaged our Soul Palace many times."

The great Heavenly Venerate of Soul Palace has a pair of eyes at this moment, dead. Staring at Chen Mo in the tree.

Hearing this, Hun Yu's gaze flickered slightly, and suddenly looked towards Jiu Feng. The two looked at each other, both of them could see a little coldness in each other's eyes, and then his chin was not noticeable. The lightly nodded.


"Heavenly Venerate, you are responsible for taking care of them."

"Feng Huang Elder, you help him."


Following the words of Hun Yu and Jiu Feng, Hun Yu and Jiu Feng suddenly moved their stature, which directly turned into two black lines. The momentum of the ear appeared under the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, fired Dou Technique and swept towards Chen Mo.

"You dare."

Queen Medusa immediately shot, and screamed: "Nothing black hole."

Jiang Qing did not froze, but also offered to help. .

Qingmu, Ruoyu, and Fengyu also shot together.

"courting death."

Feng Huang and Soul Palace's Great Heavenly Venerate moved into action.

Gu Xun'er will naturally not be stunned.

Gu Qingyang and Cheng Huai are both hands-on.

For a while, Shufang started fighting.

No one is idle.

But after all, Hun Yu and Jiu Feng took the first shot. Even if Queen Medusa were immediately prepared, they were a little late.

Just when the attacks of Hun Yu and Jiu Feng were about to fall on Chen Mo, a branch of emerald green flicked and hit them.

"Pu chi!"

In an instant, a terrifying force rushed into the two of them unscrupulously. All Dou Qi defenses were crushed dry weeds and After all the smashing rotten wood was destroyed, the two of them flew out like kites with broken wires.

A mouthful of blood is also spit out from the mouth, drawing a bloody arc in midair.

Seeing this scene, Shufang stopped fighting.

The eyes are all looking at Ancient Tree of Enlightenment in shock.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, actually sheltering Chen Mo.

"This Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is actually protecting that kid. This kid doesn't know what dog shit luck he has gone."

Feng Huang flew to Jiu Feng's side and checked After seeing that Jiu Feng's injury was not a major problem, he looked at Chen Mo in the tree and said with low eyes.

The great Heavenly Venerate of Soul Palace glared at Gu Qingyang directly: "What do you mean by Gu Clan?"

Gu Qingyang's face said in a tranquil voice: "Chen Mo is Young Miss The life saving benefactor is also my Gu Clan's uncle."

"Gu Clan's uncle?"

As soon as this remark came out, everyone in the audience was surprised.

Countless line of sight looked back and forth on the bodies of Gu Xun'er and Chen Mo.

Jiang Qing also raised her eyebrows, even if she frowned, she whispered in her heart: "Gu Clan also likes Chen Mo?"

Qingmu feels a little inexplicable at this moment. After eating, he looked at Gu Xun'er curiously, that beautiful face, even she, was a bit jealous.

Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, all the people here are grimace.

Chen Mo turned out to be Gu Clan's uncle.

This is troublesome.

As for the authenticity of the matter, the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family has no doubt.

Gu Clan is a big family, there is no need to lie about this matter.

What's more, Chen Mo's innate talent is indeed qualified to become Gu Clan's uncle.

Gu Xun'er's face was blood-red, and he laughed at Queen Medusa who was looking at him.

Cheng Huai came to Queen Medusa and explained what happened.

He went to Gu Clan to help the host fix Gu Xun'er's affairs in front of Gu Yuan.

Because Chen Mo's status and innate talent nowadays, when this matter was brought up, there was little resistance in Gu Clan, only a few people refused, and most people agreed.

As for the reasons why those people refused, it was only because Chen Mo had too many women.

Great Heavenly Venerate has a solemn face.

If Chen Mo is really Gu Clan's uncle, then Soul Palace can't move him easily.

Unless it is a war.

"Damn it."

Several people who have enemies with Chen Mo cursed in their hearts.

Now that the strength of the two sides is evenly matched, Chen Mo and the protection of Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, Jiu Feng and Hun Yu obviously cannot move Chen Mo anymore.

When they will not leave dingy.

Bodhi Heart and Bodhi Seed didn't get either, how can they be willing.

"Try to find a way to find Bodhi Seed..."

Multiple forces have taken action. After all, the most important purpose is to come to Bodhi Heart and Bodhi Seed.

Everyone searched around, but no trace of Bodhi Heart or Bodhi Seed was found in this space.

Instead, some other situations were discovered.

"Damn, I can't go out here yet. The old man can't even tear out the space crack, and can't use the space scroll to get in touch with the clan."

As Heavenly Feng Huang, the head of the Demon Phoenix family of three phoenixes, said with a heavy face at this moment.

"The space here is surprisingly strong, I'm afraid I can only wait for the host to come out and take a look."

Cheng Huai also tried Tearing Space, but it didn't work at all.

Queen Medusa nodded, even if she can Tearing Space, she will not abandon Chen Mo and leave, and immediately said: "I can only wait. Fortunately, the life force is very rich here, and the cultivation is also twice the results for half the effort."

Cheng Huai was un'ed.

"But during this time, we have to be careful of those guys." Jiang Qing suddenly intervened.

"en. ”

Everyone is slowly nodded.

Even on the ancient Xun'er side, let Gu Qingyang and the others stare at Soul Palace and Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan.

Under the mutual vigilance of both sides.

One week is slowly passing by in this space, and both sides are in peace.


Chen Mo over there.

He fell into within reincarnation.

The experience of one life after another flashed like a marquee before his eyes.

In these experiences, he is a bystander.

The previous Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing all have his reincarnation silhouette.

There are those who reincarnate as farmers, there are also princes, and there are even cattle.

A short life flashed by.

There is one more life, he is supreme powerhouse.

But it has never been able to climb the ultimate Supreme Realm.

So, he fell into reincarnation.

I wish to use the accumulation of Hundred Worlds Reincarnation to achieve Supreme Realm.

It's just the experience of Supreme powerhouse's life, like a mosaic, like being screened by Heavenly Dao, Chen Mo looked not quite clear.

He doesn't know if this is his own experience or an experience fabricated by Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

Or Zhuang Zhou Dreams of a Butterfly...

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