BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 527

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In the bizarre space, the concept of time has become extremely vague, because this space cannot be broken, so along with the ebbing of time, everyone also enters the cultivation state of cultivation.

The energy in the heart is full of vitality, which is a very good tonic for anyone, and this energy can be used to heal wounds and even remove some bruises hidden deep in the body. .

In this kind of boring cultivation, it is another month of whistled past.

While waiting for a long time, Chen Mo has not been awakened, and Bodhi Seed has not been seen. Some people have become restless and manic.

After all, no one wants to be locked in this kind of space for a lifetime.

It's half a month again. Time passed.

Someone can't sit still.

The mania and anxiety in his heart caused him to fall into madness, and when he was ready to stake all on one throw with the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, the silhouette in the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment was finally It was slightly trembled, and immediately the eyes that had been closed for nearly two months were also slowly opened under the gaze of one after another surprised gaze.

As soon as Chen Mo opened his eyes, this strange space filled with life breath also experienced strange fluctuations.

Everyone looked at Chen Mo's pair of pupils. For a while, everyone seemed to have a vicissitudes of seeing through all things in time. Such vicissitudes need eternal years to possess and cannot pretend.


Queen Medusa is always paying attention to Chen Mo's situation. Seeing him wake up at this moment, the beautiful eyes are full of surprises and love.

"Chen Young Master." Qingmu yelled shyly under Jiang Qing's gaze.

"Chen Mo..." Gu Xun'er was also a little bit excited.

Since the body was given to Chen Mo, although the two did not have much communication, the face of Chen Mo always appeared in Xun'er's mind. Later, Chen Mo was sent to Gu Realm to find father after a showdown In Xun'er's heart, Chen Mo was completely recognized.

"This guy seems to be stronger again..."

Jiu Feng said with a heavy face.

"5-Star Dou Zun..."

Soul Palace’s Great Heavenly Venerate spit out. With his cultivation base, we can naturally see that Chen Mo Time realm.

The whole space, there was a whisper of surprise. Ancient Tree of Enlightenment's comprehend, everyone has only seen it in the ancient book. Therefore, what will happen to Chen Mo after comprehend? They are completely unaware of changes.

As for what Chen Mo can get from it, everyone is wondering, but also curious.

Under the gaze of many gazes, Chen Mo in Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is still a little dazed. After walking through the experience of Hundred Worlds Reincarnation, he can't tell the person in front of him for a while, will it be the same? People in the experience...

Unable to discern the truth.

Until Queen Medusa uttered a Husband call, Chen Mo's eyes began to restore the clear and normal gaze.


Chen Mo slowly opened his mouth, and a coercive but ancient voice of vicissitudes came from his mouth.

Anyone who hears his voice.

All complexion changed.

Because this voice is completely different from Chen Mo's previous voice.

Is it possessed?

Queen Medusa couldn’t help but tremble: "You...who are you?"

"I am who I am."

When After the ancient voice fell, the vicissitudes of Chen Mo's eyes were also a little restrained, and the voice returned to the original voice.

Immediately, he took a long breath and walked out of the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. Then, under the gaze of the line of sight, he stepped and stepped out slowly.

Then I came to Queen Medusa's ear and said something quietly, as a ray of shame flashed in Queen Medusa's eyes, confirming that the person in front of me is his own, whether it is body or soul. After Husband, he threw himself into his arms.

In this scene, I let Jiang Qing, Gu Xun'er and the others relaxed.

Fortunately, it is the original Chen Mo.

Gu Xun'er walked up quickly, beautiful eyes constantly scanning Chen Mo's body, and said in the tone of a big Young Miss: "Bad, long time no see."

In the current environment, Chen Mo naturally can't hug left and right. After releasing Queen Medusa, he smiled and responded to Gu Xun'er.

Then Cheng Huai also walked over and whispered something in Chen Mo's ear.

The general meaning is to fulfill the mission.

The marriage between Ink Studio and Gu Clan has been completed.

However, the Clan Leader of Gu Clan asked him to visit Gu Clan after a while.

Meet the parents.

"Hello." Queen Medusa knows that the woman in front of her is very helpful to her Husband. Although she is also hostile to her as a vixen in her heart, on the surface, she is smiling Yanran.

"You...Hello." Not only later, but with this in-depth idea, coupled with the strong aura of Queen Medusa, Gu Xun'er actually had a hint of panic.

Among them, Jiang Qing also took Qingmu to participate.

This scene envies everyone watching.

Of these few people, which one is not a white and beautiful beauty, but all of them have a close relationship with Chen Mo.

Ling Kui looked at Chen Mo, never daring to treat him and the person sitting next to him at the Space Auction Fair as one person.

Chen Mo also explained to Queen Medusa the reason why the sound is so.

Although in the eyes of everyone, Chen Mo only spent almost two months.

But for Chen Mo, in that comprehend, through Hundred Worlds Reincarnation, under the consciousness of perception, it seems that he has spent tens of thousands of years.

In this century, some people have only a few years, several decades.

There are people, but there are tens of thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, and hundreds of thousands of years.

Although comprehend is over, it is difficult for Chen Mo to return to reality for a while.

But Chen Mo has gained a lot from this experience.

The most intuitive feeling, without the help of Bodhi Heart, allowed him to reach the 5-Star Dou Zun from the Perfection of the 3-Star Dou Zun.

Others, needless to say.

"Many thanks!"

Chen Mo turned around and moved towards Ancient Tree of Enlightenment cupped the hands.

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment has intelligence, and it trembles immediately. Next moment, within the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, suddenly bursts of emerald green glow, faintly, as if something is about to Gushing out in general.

See this scene.

Hun Yu and Jiu Feng are like being bitten by a snake for ten years, fearing the ropes, and hurried back to guard.

When they were on their hind legs, within the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, one after another subtle muffled sound suddenly came out, and immediately one after another emerald green light spot, sprayed out of it, and finally Like a goddess scattered flowers, suspended in this space.

"Bodhi Seed!"

Everyone was shocked.

Although Bodhi Seed is rare, everyone present who is not a distinguished person, as many as they have seen in the ancient book, blurted out:

"One, two...his, whole Twenty Bodhi Seeds, grab them."

Everyone looked at these Bodhi Seeds in shock, and immediately, their eyes became fiery.

Next moment, one after another started to grab.

But at this moment, Bodhi Seed seems to have spirituality, ejecting one after another majestic energy, slipping away from them, moving towards Chen Mo and flying away.

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