BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 528

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Chen Mo froze for a moment, and then took a move with his palm to collect all the twenty Bodhi Seeds that had flown into his bag.

Adding the 24 before, he now has a total of 44 Bodhi Seeds.

The so-called an innocent man treasuring a jade ring becomes a criminal.

Twenty Bodhi Seeds have been collected by Chen Mo. How could others be happy?

They paid man-made material resources, and they came to Bodhi Seed, and some people fell on the way. If they didn't get Bodhi Seed again, they would fight desperately.

Among them, Hun Yu and Jiu Feng have the most opinions.

The former gloomily said: "Chen Mo, don't hesitate to hand over Bodhi Seed soon. If you want to swallow it alone, there is no door."

"So many of us came in together. After so much Multi-level, now you want to swallow it alone, let alone we don't agree, I won't agree to everyone." Jiu Feng is an individual, and immediately involves the interests of the group.

This remark was approved by everyone.

"Yes, 20 Bodhi Seed, don't want to swallow it by yourself."

"Even if there is an Ancient Tree of Enlightenment inside to help you, but when I get outside, I don’t believe it. Ancient Tree of Enlightenment will also help you, don’t hesitate to separate some of the Bodhi Seed."

"Chen Mo, divided into eight Bodhi Seed and my Hun Clan and Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, this matter, you can Skip it. Otherwise, even if Gu Clan helps you, this matter will not be over." Hun Yu said again.

Everyone began to criticize Chen Mo.

Chen Mo glanced at everyone.

Among this group, there are Hun Clan, Heavenly Demon Phoenix and Nine Underworld Python.

There are also the Four Sects Three Valleys.

Even some Sects that don't need these Peak forces.

Maybe people from other tribes of the ancient eight tribes were also hidden.

If Chen Mo really wants to swallow it alone, he will be the enemy of the entire continent.

He is not capable of this now.

Chen Mo laughed, then flicked with his fingers, the Bodhi Seed in his hand flicked over a few, hovering in front of Xun'er, Jiang Qing, Gu Qingyang, Flower Sect, Burning Flame Valley.

Two per person.

As for Queen Medusa as her own woman, it is not so clear for the time being.

"Chen Young Master."

"Chen Chairman."

"Many thanks!"

Part of Bodhi Seed Everyone gave their hands and expressed their gratitude to Chen Mo.

Chen Mo laughed, after dividing these, Chen Mo specially showed the remaining Bodhi Seed in his hand.

Looking at the group of people with fiery eyes not far away, Chen Mo gave Cheng Huai one, and then another shot. Four more flew out, floating in the Death Pavilion, Wan Sword Pavilion, and two Fang didn't know what force was in front of him.

One for each party.

Among these people, there is Ling Kui.

Chen Mo’s sudden move made these people startled, and immediately grabbed Bodhi Seed, a touch of gratitude appeared in his eyes, and he quickly pushed away. They understood that Chen Mo didn’t want them to blend in. The next thing.

Hun Yu and Jiu Feng showed heavy faces, and red glow flickered in their eyes.

"What do you mean?"

Wind and Thunder Pavilion and Star Meteor Pavilion, Sky Abyss Sect, and the Nine Underworld Python family, immediately questioned Chen Mo. .

"I will keep two of them. You can divide the rest by yourself."

Put two Bodhi Seeds into the Storage Ring, and Chen Mo will force the remaining three The Bodhi Seed slammed into the distance, letting them grab it.

This scene not only surprised Hun Yu and the others.

Also surprised Jiang Qing and the others.

After the 20 pieces are divided, I only have two pieces left. This seems so unselfish.

According to the normal logic, at least I have to keep seven or eight.

This makes Jiang Qing and Gu Qingyang and the others very moved.

After all, they also divided two, Gu Clan even has four.

Who is not moved by this change.

And those who got one, naturally also have gratitude in their hearts, after all, Chen Mo and Chen Mo are just strangers.

As a stranger, you can get one.

Naturally, there is nothing to say.

Hun Yu and Jiu Feng, they also understand this truth, they can no longer put the target on Chen Mo, they still set off to grab the three Chen Mo threw away.

Hun Yu has a strong side and directly grabbed two of them.

One piece from the Heavenly Demon Phoenix family.

Nine Underworld Python family and other forces can only watch.

Looked towards Hun Yu and Jiu Feng, there is a hint of hatred in their eyes.

Especially for Hun Yu, you grabbed two of them. It's too shameless...

But the other party has a fighting spirit, what can they do...

So they turned their eyes to Death Pavilion and Wan Sword Pavilion, as well as the forces whose names were unknown to the two parties.

Take these as targets for robbery.

Obviously, these people, in their eyes, are better off than others.

Fighting is about to happen.

People from Flower Sect and Burning Flame Valley came to Chen Mo's side.

After all, it is an alliance.

"weng weng!"

This is the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment that has been standing in the space, suddenly humming, and immediately, this space, There was also fluctuation.

Next moment, there was a flash of green light, and everyone was spit out by the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.



"hua hua!"

On the quiet grassland, suddenly there was a sound of hua hua, which stands in the center of the grassland and has been completely motionless for almost two months. Enlightenment suddenly burst into a dazzling emerald green brilliance, and immediately, one after another silhouette rushed out of that brilliance embarrassingly, and finally landed on the surrounding ground.

"This is..."

Everyone couldn't help but startled.

"It is said that the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment will not always exist in the world. When it spit out the Bodhi Seed, it will dull the earth again, recuperate, and wait until the energy is condensed again. Return to the world. But at that time, I don't know if it was thousands of years or tens of thousands of years..." Jiang Qing said slowly.

"Bodhi Heart is gone."

Suddenly, someone shouted.

Hearing this, countless line of sight moved towards Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, looking at the tree body, there was a wave of beating green brilliance at this location, but at this moment, it is gone.

After a while, a line of sight swept towards Chen Mo.

There is no doubt about it.

The disappearance of Bodhi Heart is definitely related to him.

"Bodhi Heart was definitely taken by him, Chen Mo, don't hesitate to hand over Bodhi Heart."

Hun Yu suddenly pointed the finger at Chen Mo.

Jiu Feng also analyzed for a while: "He is so generous to distribute Bodhi Seed to everyone, then he must get Bodhi Heart, Chen Mo, hand over Bodhi Heart."

No matter how precious Bodhi Seed is, you can get Bodhi Heart.

The former is the probability of breakthrough Half Sage.

The latter is a fighting sage.


When the two people said, everyone looked towards Chen Mo's gaze, which suddenly became hot.

Queen Medusa and they hurry to guard.

"Hun Yu, don't spit, do you have any evidence?" Gu Xun'er yelled at Hun Yu angrily.

"Chen Mo gave you Bodhi Seed for no reason. Don't be ungrateful." Jiang Qing frowned and stared at the neutral forces.

"My soul is not ungrateful. Brother Chen, if you need help, please greet the soul."

The black robed man who called himself Ling said his voice fell into a vigorous voice. His breath swept out of the black robed man with it.

"Dou Sheng..."

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