Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 365

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In the setting sun in autumn, Meng Chuan sat on the top of the mountain, overlooking the common people, holding a jug and drinking happily.

“Happy and happy.”

Meng Chuan threw the empty hip flask violently, flew to the sky, exploded in the distance, the wine splashed, the sunlight refracted, 5 colorful.

“After so many years, I have finally explored all the ground in Great Zhou.” Meng Chuan only felt full of accomplishment. Although he started to investigate very early, since the invasion of 1000000 Monster King, he has to start all over again! Because Monster King is several times more than in the past, the area explored in the past is once again occupied. After refining the Bloodblade Plate, the exploration was the fastest in the past few months, and the remaining area was thoroughly scanned.

“In the daytime, sit here happily, drinking wine, blowing the wind, how long it has not been such a luxury.” Meng Chuan thought the sunshine was so intoxicating.

And for a long time in the past, he was exploring in the dark underground during the day.

“It’s time to report the Venerables.”

Meng Chuan got up and disappeared into the sky in a flash.

Soon, the rolling Primeval Mountain mountain range came into view, and Meng Chuan flew in. Naturally, without being blocked, he went directly to Paradise Pavilion to visit Venerable.

“Venerable.” Meng Chuan bowed saluted.

Li Guan sat in the pavilion, drinking tea, said with a smile: “Meng Chuan, what’s the matter?”

The younger Daemon can rise a ‘Meng Chuan’, Li Guan is very pleased. After all, he is close to the lifespan limit. Even before, he used the “sleep” to delay as much as possible. He is very much looking forward to the emergence of a new powerful Daemon. So, he In order to close your eyes safely.

“Under the Great Zhou territory, the discipline has been explored all over.” Meng Chuan said, “Of course, there is no missing corner, but the monster race under the Great Zhou is definitely very rare and not enough.”

“Good.” Li Guan eyes shined.

“Then the recipe, can we help Twin World Island and Blacksand Paradise?” Meng Chuan asked, and there are a lot of Monster King in other territories, especially in the “Great Yue Dynasty” territory of Twin World Island, Monster King is out Well-known. I searched in the Great Zhou area and slaughtered a lot, and many fled to other dynasties.

Li Guan nodded: “You can help, but you have to tell them in advance and do good deeds … there is no need to sneak in.”

Meng Chuan nodded.

“The scourge of 1000000 Monster King affects my human foundation.” Li Guan looked at Meng Chuan. “You help them solve such a scourge, what kind of benefits do you want to ask them for?”

“Ask for benefits?” Meng Chuan startled.

“Of course.” Li Guan said with a smile. “When you were not good at exploring before, only King Baiyu was good at exploring. The Blacksand Paradise took me to Primeval Mountain and Twin World Island. . “

Meng Chuan said in silence, “I can’t think of Twin World Island, but I want to make a request to Blacksand Paradise.”

“You help them solve the scourge, this is a great kindness.” Li Guan said with a smile, “1000000 Monster King threatens the lives of countless mortals, but also the lives of a large number of Daemons. It shakes the foundation of sect. You help, Do n’t ask for benefits? Then will other Daemons help? Do n’t you want to benefit? Even Twin World Island and Blacksand Paradise are unwilling to owe you such sir feelings. If you do n’t know what you want, Primeval Mountain can help you make requests. ”

Meng Chuan nodded: “Disciple understands, on the Twin World Island side, the recipe really doesn’t know what to ask for. Please sect to decide. As for Blacksand Paradise … I hope they let me mother ‘Bai Nianyun’ come to Great Zhou and father with me Reunion, never stop again. “

With the reunion of his parents, Meng Chuan always wanted it.

The memory of mother is still before 6 years old. Mother ’s gentle smile and teaching herself to paint scenes often appear in dreams in her youth. The hard work of cultivating when I was young was also a strong idea to avenge my mother. It took many years for Daemon to realize that mother is still alive, Taiyin Hall Saintess Bai Nianyun of Blacksand Paradise.

Meng Chuan also knows that father always wanted to reunite with mother, but he couldn’t do it.

I hope that by resolving the grace of 1000000 Monster King, Blacksand Paradise will agree to this.

“It’s not difficult to ask for it. I have a way to get them to agree.” Li Guan said, “But it doesn’t work now, I have to drag it back.”

“Drag it?” Meng Chuan wondered.

“En.” Venerable Li Guan nodded, “At the speed of exploring the Monster King under your ground, enter the Great Yue Dynasty slaughter Monster King, the monster race will definitely find out. And at this time, Bai Nianyun as Taiyin Hall Saintess, but with you The father is together. The news is based on the intelligence capabilities of the monster race, and I am afraid to be able to detect it. “

“Taiyin Hall Saintess, you must guarantee your virginity. Now you have given up your Saintess identity and come to the Great Zhou Realm with me in the ordinary Great Sun Realm Daemon. Monster race must be puzzled, a little investigation, they can find you Parent ’s secret. The sect rules ca n’t be easily broken. Why have n’t Blacksand Paradise made an exception suddenly for so many years? A titled Marquis Daemon is just sent to Great Zhou? Reunited with your father? “

“Plus you just happened to be the Slaughter Monster King in Twin World Island and Blacksand Paradise.”

“Monster race suspects that Bai Nianyun, Meng Dajiang and mysterious Daemon are related. It’s normal.” Li Guan said, “For your safety, you have to drag back. Your safety is related to 1000000 Monster King and the entire war. The situation cannot be tolerated. “

“Yes.” Meng Chuan respectfully said.

“You don’t need to drag it too long,” Li Guan said. “You father and mother are not very old. At the speed of your cultivation, your parents can be reunited in ten years. The latest will not exceed 20 years! Now Great Zhou Within the territory, Monster King is already very scarce. Although your father is a patrolling Daemon, the scarcity of Monster King is greatly reduced, and your father’s strength is also strong enough in the next two years. They can wait for ten years and 2 years. “

Meng Chuan nodded: “Understood.”

He also knew in his heart that Venerable means to wait for himself to be stronger and fear the monster race to ambush.

ten years? 20 years?

“Cultivate hard to make yourself stronger as soon as possible.” Meng Chuan said silently.


Primeval Mountain.

Venerable Li Guan, Qin Wu illusory shadow, Luo Tang illusory shadow sat down and watched the appearance of Bai Yaoyue illusory shadow, Xu Yingwu illusory shadow.

“Congratulations,” Xu Yingwu said with a smile, “I heard that you, Primeval Mountain, the ‘mysterious Daemon’ slaughtered the Monster King too much, causing the monster race to ambush, and finally Qin Wu shot and killed the monster Saint Huang Yao ? This is the first place Monster Saint we have killed since the war. “

“The fleshly body is still at the Monster Saint of the 5th-layer.” Qin Wu said with a smile, “not worth mentioning.”

“What are the important things for the three of you to gather and summon Xu Yingwu and me?” Bai Yaoyue illusory shadow asked directly.

“Our Daemon at Primeval Mountain has cleared the ground in Great Zhou.” Li Guan said, “Now we can help you solve the Monster King in your 2 big sects.”


Xu Yingwu showed excitement.

Bai Yaoyue is also a complex expression, how proud of her? But under the threat of 1000000 Monster King, Blacksand Paradise did lose a lot. A lot of patrolling Daemon died, and the titled Marquis Daemon died a lot. How could she not be in a hurry? Although King Baiyu is also good at underground exploration, he can only slaughter 2 30000 Monster King in a year. It is important to know that Monster World will add in 10000 Monster King every year.

slaughter So that’s not fundamentally helpful to the situation in the Blacksand Dynasty. Monster Kings attacked the siege again and again.

“Don’t tell me what to ask.” Xu Yingwu said sincerely, “I can only help me to solve the scourge of Monster King in Twin World Island. I really don’t have a solution for Twin World Island. I die every day. I don’t know how many mortals. We The territory of the Twin World Island Commander is too large, and the number of patrolling Daemons is relatively small. After so many battles, the remaining patrolling Daemons are not too far away from the city. They can only let Monster Kings hunt wildly and watch a lot of daily mortal When he died, many Daemons were suffocating and angry, but they couldn’t help it. I really need help now.

“Who is this mysterious Daemon?” Bai Yaoyue asked, “What is he asking for? As long as the foundation of the sect is not shaken, I will meet him in Blacksand Paradise.”

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