Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 366

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“Yes, what are his requirements? Please say it straight.” Xu Yingwu also said.

“I, Primeval Mountain Daemon, will make a request to you Twin World Island in the future.” Venerable Li Guan said with a smile, “Relax, if you ask, you can’t do it. Give him the secret treasure” Yin and Yang Mirror “to him Enough is enough. “

Xu Yingwu brows slightly wrinkle.

Yin and Yang Mirror?

Although Twin World Island ’s heritage is not deep, it ca n’t be compared with Primeval Mountain and Blacksand Paradise, but after all it is lineage from Yin and Yang Elderly, Yin and Yang Elderly realm is extremely high, and it ’s also a lot to gain when traveling the Space-Time River. Leave a lot of treasure to future generations. Yin and Yang Mirror …… is a quite famous one, and it is an auxiliary treasure that fits ‘Yin and Yang lineage’ very well.

“Okay.” Xu Yingwu quickly made a decision, “A request or a secret treasure ‘Yin and Yang Mirror’, I will follow Twin World Island and we will do our best to meet this Daemon’s request.”

As long as the requirements are met, there is no need to give Yin and Yang Mirror, Twin World Island naturally understands what to do.

“What about us? What do I need to pay?” Bai Yaoyue asked. She was ready for bloodletting. The background of Blacksand Paradise is much deeper than Twin World Island. Emperor has more than one birth. There are more complete 2 foreign territory inheritance.

“The same is a requirement,” Li Guan continued. “The Daemon will also make a request to you Blacksand Paradise. If you can’t do it, you can also give the ‘Transforming Dragon Pond’ to the Daemon.”

“Transforming Dragon Pond?” Bai Yaoyue complexion slightly changed, “That’s the secret that can make the ‘Dragon Divine Body cultivator’ pure Bloodline, used from generation to generation.”

Human 2 Top 1 Ultra-grade Daemon Body, Phoenix Divine Body and Dragon Divine Body, are the most important to Bloodline.

The more pure Bloodline, the greater the potential.

“Transforming Dragon Pond is precious, but the number of ‘Dragon Divine Body’ cultivators born by humans is extremely rare. The average one is only one out of 1000, and it is generally only from the cultivation to the titled Marquis Daemon stage, which can become the” titled King Daemon ” There are very few. ‘Transforming Dragon Pond’ is only used once, and it is not so important for sect. “Li Guan said,” And to be honest, if you ask for the real key treasures of Blacksand lineage, Taiyin lineage, Blade and Spear lineage, you I ’m afraid it ’s not so easy to agree. As for ordinary treasure, does Primeval Mountain care about those ordinary treasures? “

Bai Yaoyue was a little moved.


The key treasure of Blacksand Paradise 3’s inheritance, they are not willing to give up. Transforming Dragon Pond is a bit on the contrary, after all, the utilization rate is low, and the impact on sect forces is also low.

“Transforming Dragon Pond is one of the Supreme Treasures of my Blacksand Paradise and Human World unique and unmatched. I also need to discuss with the other two Venerables …” Bai Yaoyue said, it was not her decision alone.

“OK.” Li Guan is also very patient.

He had to help Meng Chuan to do it, so he did not choose other treasures.

Choose Taiyin lineage treasure? Bai Yaoyue is not the core treasure. The selection requires 3 Venerable discussions to decide, and the special treasure, in the future just for face, Bai Yaoyue cannot convince the other 2 Venerables.

Bai Yaoyue was silent for a moment, and he was in Blacksand Paradise to discuss with two other Venerables. .

Although the three Venerables are very uncomfortable with the unique and unmatched ‘Transforming Dragon Pond’ in the world, but also know that such a sir situation, ordinary treasure can not get on the table, if it can solve the 3 Monster King threat, it is also worth it.

“As long as the 1000000 Monster King threat can be resolved.” Bai Yaoyue said, “We will do our best to meet the request made by the Daemon. If we can’t do it, we will also give Transforming Dragon Pond to thank.”

“Relax, that Daemon has a high level of strength, and perhaps the demand will not be high.” Li Guan said with a smile.

“When did you enter our Blacksand Dynasty territory and start hunting Monster King underground?” Bai Yaoyue asked.

“It should be ours first.” Xu Yingwu said.


Li Guan said, “He will explore again and again on both sides, so that the monster race is also at a loss. And, from the ground to explore tomorrow.”

“This Daemon didn’t ask for a treasure immediately, but just said a request?” Bai Yaoyue said with emotion, “I’m really curious about which Daemon, the Daemon in the last 2000 years, I should all know.”

Xu Yingwu also said with a smile: “I am also curious, but now it has to be kept secret. The fewer people who know his identity, the safer he is. He was assassinated once before.”

“Yes, you have to keep it confidential.” Li Guan said with a smile. “When the time comes, you will know his identity.”

Xu Yingwu said with a smile: “when the time comes, thank you very much, he has done great things for us humans.”

“I want to see you too.” Bai Yaoyue also smiled.


2nd day.

“Today will go to the other 2 dynasty territory, and hunt down Monster King underground?” Liu Qiyue watched her husband having breakfast.

“En.” Meng Chuan has a mouthful of meat buns. “It is estimated that in 2 years, the Great Yue Dynasty and Blacksand Dynasty should be able to be cleared.”

“King Baiyu is also exploring the ground in Blacksand Dynasty, didn’t it help?” Liu Qiyue asked.

“Helpful, but limited.” Meng Chuan said, “At the speed of King Baiyu, it can only sweep the ground of the Blacksand Dynasty in ten years. And the monster race has 10000 Monster King every year to enter the Human World … estimated to have 10,000-20,000 every year. Going to the territory of Blacksand Dynasty, King Baiyu scanned it in ten years. The area he had originally explored has accumulated more than ten thousand Monster King. “

“If in the future, monster race will send another 1000000 Monster King in large scale. King Baiyu’s efficiency is too low to provide qualitative help. Monster Kings will still attack the city of Blacksand Dynasty again and again, and will hunt the mortal of Blacksand Dynasty.”

Liu Qiyue knew it.

“Okay, let’s go.” Meng Chuan finished another piece of noodles and got up after drinking a big bowl of porridge.

“Be careful.” Liu Qiyue asked, she watched her husband go to slaughter Monster King every day, but the last ambush of the monster race made Liu Qiyue even more nervous.

The harder the husband slaughtered, the more the monster race saw Meng Chuan as a nail in the eye, trying to deal with it.

How terrifying is an ethnic group? Even across a world, it is enough to shock.

“Monster race, but I can’t help but die when I come.” Meng Chuan smiled and disappeared into the sky with a flash.


Quickly entered the ground of the Great Yue Dynasty territory.

Meng Chuan wore a mask on his face, gray hair on his temples, and turned his Bloodblade Plate into a streamer to travel under the ground at high speed and began hunting.

According to the size of the territory and the density of Monster King, Meng Chuan spends more time in the Great Yue Dynasty every day and less time in the Blacksand Dynasty.


Days passed by day by day, and the exploration in the grounds of the Great Yue Dynasty and Blacksand Dynasty also took more than half a month.

“Chi chi chi.”

Found another Monster King lair underground.

True True Thread cooperates with Seamless Domain to easily slaughter every Monster King in this nest **, and the resentment qi and sin gas produced by the slaver are also actively attached to Meng Chuan.

There are too many slaughter, baleful qi resentment qi ridden, naturally fierce 10000 points. The amount of these resentment qi sins is too large, it is more likely to affect the mind, make people sink and become crazy. And Meng Chuan killed not the mortal, but the Monster King! The number of kills is still very exaggerated, and now the murders of thousands of thousands are still slaughtered. What if you take it all by yourself? He has been crazy for a long time.

Therefore, there must be a way to resolve the resentment qi and the gas of sin.

Meng Chuan’s method is Monster-slaying Blade.

The blade handle of the blade has changed camouflage, but the Monster-slaying Blade attached to the waist still trembles. In the blade sheath, it actively attracts the resentment qi of sin. Everything is swallowed. This is what it is. Gourmet.

“铛dang dang! ”

The Monster-slaying Blade trembled violently, hitting the blade sheath and making a noise.

“En?” Meng Chuan complexion slightly changed, “What’s going on with Monster-slaying Blade?”

After swallowing the qi of sin after the deaths of thousands of Monster King, Monster-slaying Blade is undergoing qualitative changes.

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