Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 367

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Meng Chuan looked at the blade sheath around his waist, and could see clearly under the induction of the Seamless Domain. After the Monster-slaying Blade swallowed the resentment qi baleful qi, the blade was trembling constantly, and the interior was undergoing dramatic changes. .

“Monster-slaying Blade, this is a magic blade, easy to backlash master.” Meng Chuan thought, “Since swallowing the Manifestation Realm foreign tribe body, Monster-slaying Blade improved to Manifestation Divine Weapon level, swallow resentment qi baleful qi has always been easy, and now it is finally going to change? “

The last ascension was an ascension from the flesh and blood of Manifestation foreign tribe corpses.

Because the foreign tribe has been dead for a long time, there are not many resentment qi sins. On the ‘baleful qi impact’, Monster-slaying Blade has only reached the peak level in the past history.

“Dang Dang ~~~”

With the sound of the impact of the last blade sheath, Monster-slaying Blade returned to calm, but its dark red blade became dark, as if to swallow all light and all spiritual perception.

Meng Chuan was inexplicably attracted, reaching for the blade and pulling the blade.

“I can seduce me?” Meng Chuan was not afraid. He stretched out his hand to hold the blade handle and pulled the blade. When the blade came out of the sheath, Meng Chuan’s body stiffened.

Endless Blood Sea envelopes Meng Chuan consciousness and drags Meng Chuan consciousness into it.

kill! kill! kill!

The whole person’s consciousness is full of slaughter, to be immersed in this slaughter forever.

The Bloodblade Plate at the foot of Meng Chuan at the moment also slightly releases the rays of light, weakening this spiritual impact, and the primordial spirit of Meng Chuan also protects consciousness. Although Meng Chuan felt the impact, he was completely awake.

“It’s a powerful soul shock.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “Bloodblade Plate greatly weakened this shock, but it is still much stronger than the impact of the Monster-slaying Blade in the past. Without the Bloodblade Plate … I am afraid of Primordial Spirit 4th-layer Spare no effort is also needed. “

Since being attacked by the black robe Bei Jiao’s illusion technique, Meng Chuan discovered that the Bloodblade Plate’s attack on the ‘primordial spirit’ can be greatly weakened, so knowing that Monster-slaying Blade has transformed, he still has the confidence to pull the blade! Of course, it is because he has reached Primordial Spirit 4th-layer for a long time. After all, the spirit shock of Monster-slaying Blade before, Primordial Spirit 3rd-layer can resist it.

“If there is no Bloodblade Plate, Primordial Spirit 4th-layer, you also need strong mental will to resist. For me, the instinct backlash is so strong. If I actively use it against the enemy, the formidable power is several times stronger. “Meng Chuan secretly thought,” It should have influence on Primordial Spirit 5th-layer powerhouse. “

“Today’s Monster-slaying Blade, seems more weird?” Meng Chuan looked at the dark blade body, which was full of weird charms. “The true position of this blade is completely different from that of its appearance. Seamless Domain has explored Can’t figure out the true position of the blade, as if this blade is a small illusion world? “

A wave of blade.

Black’s blade is blurred.

Very peculiar.

Blade, like the incarnation of sin, Meng Chuan, the owner of the blade, can perceive its true position through true yuan. Other means including Primordial Spirit Domain, Thunder-magnetic Domain, and Seamless Domain cannot be detected.

“After going back to study Monster-slaying Blade slowly.” Meng Chuan expects instead, “If it continues to devour sin and continue to grow, it may become an extremely powerful weapon.”

With Tribulation Realm’s Bloodblade Plate, Monster-slaying Blade’s help is limited, and now it is used to swallow resentment qi and sin.

Meng Chuan looks forward to its future.


Monster-slaying Blade has never slaughtered powerhouse life like this.

A Monster King, Life Level is equivalent to a Daemon.

Like Human World, how many Daemons are in an era? Meng Chuan now slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Monster Kings, and all the sin resentment qi were swallowed by Monster-slaying Blade. The sin resentment qi of each Monster King is mortal to 1000 to 10000 times. Naturally, Monster-slaying Blade has been promoted to an unprecedented level. And as the war continues, Meng Chuan slaughter Monster King increase, Monster-slaying Blade will continue to accumulate.

At the time, Meng Chuan chose Monster-slaying Blade at Primeval Mountain Divine Weapon Grotto and changed its name to ‘monster-slaying’. It is to let it drink monster race blood, eat monster race meat, and swallow monster race’s resentment qi sins.

But so far the murders of thousands of Monster King, which Meng Chuan did not dare to think about.

“Go for it, that Daemon, who is massacring Monster King underground, let’s run away.”

“Ai, was forced to come to Human World, but now he can only escape.”

Monster King escaped underground.

“Emperor Monster Saints, let us escape to the ocean territory, but still not allow us to return to the monster world.”

“Dare to go back to the monster world in violation of the order, there is no doubt that it will die, or live well in Human World.”

“I don’t know what day, in order to kill humans and survive on this earth completely.”

These ordinary Monster Kings are fleeing, fleeing the Great Yue Dynasty, fleeing the Blacksand Dynasty.



In the evening, Meng Chuan returned to Jiang Prefecture City.

“A’Chuan.” Liu Qiyue greeted him, said with a smile, “Did you say recently that there are fewer and fewer Monster Kings discovered underground?”

“Yes, I only explored more than 3 months underground in the Great Yue Dynasty and Blacksand Dynasty. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer Monster Kings detected every day. Today, I only detected more than 30 people. Named Monster King. “Meng Chuan shook his head.

“Letter from Primeval Mountain.”

Liu Qiyue handed it to Meng Chuan, said with a smile, “You will understand after reading it.”

Meng Chuan took the letter and opened it, nodded and said: “Like what I guessed, the monster race cannot tolerate my wanton slaughter like this. Finally let Monster Kings hide in the ocean territory. I said, I am in Great Yue It took more than three months for Dynasty and Blacksand Dynasty to explore. Slaughter Monster King is not much. Monster Kings are not much related to each other. Even if they escape, it will not escape from the overwhelming majority. It is really a unified command of the high level of the monster race. “

“It’s not so easy to escape into the ocean territory and send Monster Kings to attack the city.” Liu Qiyue said with a smile, “It is estimated that the number and frequency of attacks on the city will be greatly reduced.”

“En.” Meng Chuan nodded, “Some cities inland from the ocean, with enough tens of thousands of li. If they all flew from the land … My human patrolling Daemon, plus bird monster servant patrol. Those Monster Kings It ’s easy to expose. If you chase Path from the ground … several tens of thousands of li Chasing Path from the ground, it ’s like flying into the hundred of hundreds of thousands on land. It ’s also very hard for Monster Kings. “

“The number and frequency of attacks will be reduced. But it will continue.” Meng Chuan said, “If you really care about these Monster King’s lives, you should order it and let them all escape to Monster World. World Gate is everywhere in the world. It ’s not difficult to go back to monster world. But did n’t escape? Why? It is to attack the city frequently and force the titled King Daemon to guard the city. “

“What about that?” Liu Qiyue asked.

“The ocean frontier is several times larger than the land.” Meng Chuan shook his head gently. “I need to explore the depths of the ocean floor. It will take more than ten years. But now Monster King will be found on land less and less. The human threat is also greatly reduced. “


A large number of demon Capital fled to the ocean territory, Monster King of the Great Yue Dynasty, Blacksand Dynasty surface hunting is naturally rare, and the pressure of patrolling Daemon is greatly reduced.

At this moment, Twin World Island and Blacksand Dynasty executives are already celebrating! They can clearly judge from the intelligence of all parties that Monster King hunting mortal on the ground is rare, and gradually ‘peace and security’ on land.

This made them quite admired the mysterious Daemon.

Just a few months of hands-on, it affected the situation.

“For so many years, the monster race has not evacuated a large number of Monster Kings to the ocean area, but has been lurking on the ground and slaughter everywhere.” Liu Qiyue said with a smile, “Now it is withdrawn because of A’Chuan you . “

“Now it’s just relief. To get rid of the roots, I have to reach Blood Drop Realm as soon as possible.” Meng Chuan replied, “So, my Magical Power can be greatly increased, and exploration can be faster. They are hidden in the ocean area, and I can also take a short time Sweep the light. Monster race Do n’t want a large number of Monster King to return to the monster world? Then I will force them to go back, if not go, just kill them. “


monster world.

In the dark cave mansion of Monster Saint Qian Qu, suddenly a powerful will comes, and an illusory silhouette appears in the cave mansion. It is Emperor Xinghe.

“Emperor.” Monster Saint Qian Qu respectfully said.

“One year is coming, why haven’t you gone to Human World yet?” Emperor Xinghe looked at Monster Saint Qian Qu coldly. Monster Saint Qian Qu is now Possession, and he has black scales on his face and 2 roots on his head. 3rd-layer Monster King with red tentacles.

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